Best apps that make money

17 Best Apps that Make Money (For Free)

Can Apps help you make money? No doubt they do and here we would explain what are those apps and how can they reward you for just doing casual activities daily.

Hola, You keep your smartphone with you all the time doing varieties of stuff from watching movies, shopping, chatting with your friends, or booking your favorite movie.

It has become such an important thing you can’t afford to miss it carrying.

Now it has become more impactful to your daily living because it can help you winning rewards and earning money while you work from home or anyother place.

And all for just doing stuff you do every day. Not only this you would also enjoy doing the stuff and earning money for your time.

There are hundreds of apps that promise to pay you for your time doing small but entertaining activities on your smartphone.
But, do you think that you need so many apps? The simple answer is no. Just a couple of good and legitimate apps can serve your purpose. More of anything is bad and confusing.

We have here shortlisted 30 best apps that make money without even paying for anything. What you need to do is just download those apps in mobile, become a member and start earning for the activities you usually do on your mobiles. So, let us start with the first app and that is;

1. SB Answer

SB Answer is one of the most popular apps where you can make money for sharing your opinions.

Here you get rewarded for participating and completing small but entertaining activities like telling about yourself, completing surveys, answering daily polls, and even shopping with your preferred retailers.

All those activities are easy to do and can reward you points called SB which can be redeemed for gift cards or even for cash in your PayPal account.
SB Anwer app enables you to earn gift cards of Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, and Target.

Over 18 million happy users have already been rewarded and the community of happy users is growing every day.
You can even learn more about the app and how it can benefit you for activities at SB answer app.
The app is available for Android devices and iOS users. The SB Answer app ensures you don’t miss earning even while you’re traveling or out of the desk. So stay focused and keep on earning wherever you go through SB Answer.

2. Survey Junkie App

With a community of over 11 million people, Survey Junkie is one of the most favored apps of earning money in your free time. If you are older than 13 years and is a US citizen you can start earning through Survey Junkie App right now.

Here, you would earn points for participating and completing activities like answering surveys, writing profile questionnaires, etc.

If a particular activity is rewardable, it would show up with points within the green button in your app.

Once you have accumulated 1000 or more points, you can redeem your points for the following awards: Gift cards of branded retailers like Amazon, Walmart, etc, or cash in your PayPal account. You can also request for direct bank transfer.

Your opinions can help in making better products or improving the existing one, Your opinion matters a lot and this is the only reason, Survey junkie rewards you for your time and opinions.

Survey Junkie app is available for android and iOS users. So, what is keeping you away from this opportunity to earn while you enjoy working on your phone? Get your smartphone loaded with this App and start earning and influencing the World.

3. cashKarma App

Apps can make you more productive and efficient. They can even help you get paid for your free time with fun. This is why cashKarma app is becoming more popular day by day. With over a million installs and 4.5 stars out of 5-star ratings, it becomes a legitimate and rewarding way to earn money online from home.
CashKarma app enables you to earn gift cards of Amazon, Walmart, Target, Starbucks, iTunes, etc.
You can also enjoy location-based rewards like Lowes, Walgreens, etc.
Leveling up and achievement badges can also help you earn more for your time.

4. I-Say Rewards

I-Say is yet another way to add more income to your earnings every month by doing basic entertaining activities on your mobile. With a growing community of over 10 million happy people, I-Say becomes a favorite place of the hangout in your leisure time.

I-Say app is very flexible and easy to use. Here you get survey notifications on your dashboard which by basic setting can be configured for an instant, daily, or weekly basis. You earn points for your online activities which can be redeemed for rewards. You can check the balance of your points and redeem them whenever you want.

I-Say app is available for download at iOS and Android devices on the following links.

So, get up and start making the best use of your leisure time by earning rewards and having more fun.

The app is rated by 4.3 stars on Android and 3.7 stars on iOS. There are many testimonials and reviews are available  about the i-Say Rewards where you can learn more about the app and its many features.

5. Toluna

It does not need any formal introduction. Anybody who has been using smartphones or surfing online might have heard about it. You could join it in no time and start sharing your important and thoughtful opinions to shape the products we’re going to have in the future or improvement in products and services we’re even using now.

Not only this, but you would also be rewarded with points for your time and opinions which later can be redeemed for gift cards/vouchers or even for cash.

You can learn more here about Toluna and how your opinions can shape a better future.

You can download the app for android devices and for iOS devices you can visit this link.

6. Ibotta

Ibotta is an app that can help you get cashback on every purchase you make. You can even earn a joining bonus of $20 if you got lucky. So make your shopping more fun with the Ibotta app.

The app is available for down for iOS and Android devices.

7. Foap

Do you love photography? If you do have and have been pretty good at it you can turn your hobby to income-generating activities. A picture is worth a thousand words is a great adage and meaningful. This app enables you to earn money by selling your photos.

It is free to join and you get 50% of the photo or video sale value. You can also earn a minimum of $50 if you’re rewarded for a mission.

You can download the Foap app for Android and iOS devices.

Isn't it one of the most enticing and motivating ways of doing the things you love and earning at the same time?
Star ratings at Android: 3.6/5

8. Twenty20

Like the Foap app, it is also another way to get paid for your photography activities. The best thing about the Twenty20 app is you have ownership of all your photos.

The app is available for free download at Google Play and App Store. It has 4.5/5 ratings at App Store.

Twenty20 app not only helps you earn money for your hobby but also it uncovers your true potential among the designers and popular photographers which can be highly rewarding for your photography career.

9. HealthyWage

You can’t imagine you even earn cash and rewards for participating in weight loss and fitness challenges. You earn money for losing weight. Does not it sound crazy? But, it is true and the reward money is up to $10000, which is a significant amount. 

Some of the best features of HealthyWage are given below.

You can post before and after photos after joining the challenge

You can record your weight at the beginning and ending for proof

You can always track how you’re performing in comparison to other participants

Keep track of your progress

There are four challenges you can join through the HealthyWage app, the 

HealthyWager, the $10000 team challenge, the jackpot challenge, and the step challenge.

The app is available for download for iOS and Android devices.

The app is popular among the participants and rated 4.8 out of five stars at Google Play and App store. One of the best things about this cash earning app is that more than 78% of users have reported weight loss after joining the app, with an average payout prize of $1228. You can say HealthWage is an app with health, wealth, and lots of fun.

“ Nina who had joined the app in July 2019 lost 25lbs in just four months and the journey is still running.” Do not testimonials like this motivate you to take action in getting fit and earning rewards? 

10. iPoll

When Heather joined the iPoll, she did not have any idea how entertaining and rewarding this could be. And now after using it for a while, she acknowledges that she is cashing out more at iPoll than any other app she has ever used. There are thousands of other users like Heather who have been benefited from the iPoll app.

With over 4 star ratings at Google play, it is one of the most popular apps to earn rewards for doing online activities at your smartphone.

You can earn gift cards, airline credits, and many more lucrative rewards for just sharing your opinion about the products you buy and the places you visit.

You also earn for small activities like completing the iPoll mission in which you share your experience of visiting a store, taking pictures, and testing products. The more missions you complete the more you earn.

Your account is credited after the activity is completed by you. You can redeem your rewards at the iPoll website.
You can download the app here: Android, iOS.

11. Surveys On The Go®

How much your opinion can impact the products can be learned from this that hundreds of companies are here to award you for your opinions. Surveys on the Go is one such app.

With many Fortune 500 companies waiting for opinions to learn more about their products, the chances of you earning reasonable for doing common stuff online increases.

Surveys on the Go app uses location services, and whenever you’re near a business that needs your opinion you get an alert at your smartphone. Complete the survey, test the product, and earn your cash.

The biggest advantage of using this app is that you don’t earn points which you redeem later but you earn cash when the survey is complete and that can be cashed out when the value reaches over $10.

The app is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars at Google Play and App store.

12. InboxDollar

InboxDollar enables you to earn cash and rewards for doing surveys, reading emails, playing games, doing shopping online, and completing offers. Since its inception in 2000, Inboxdollar has already awarded gifts and cash of $57 million to its loyal users.

It is free to join and you can start earning immediately. Once your account reaches $30, you can get it cashed out for a check or gift card.

The app is rated 4.1 stars out of 5 at Google Play and 4.6 stars at App Store. You can download the app for the android and iOS devices.

13. Rewardable

Rewardable is an easy and reliable way to get paid for your online activities through your smartphone. You can get paid for your shopping activities or leaving feedback for a service or product you have used.
The Rewardable app can add a few extra dollars every month to your earnings.

It is rated 4.4 stars out of 5 at Google Play. It makes sense to try it.

14. AttaPoll

AttaPoll surveys are short and you can complete them in no time. So, download it and start helping companies in developing great products for us or help them in improving the existing products.
The app is rated 4.1 stars and 4.5 stars at Google Play and App store.

15. Cash Alarm

If you love playing games, you can’t miss the Cash Alarm app. So, download the completely free app, look at the games list and download and install the favorite game you like, and earn rewards for every minute you play the game.

16. Poll Pay

It could be your favorite app if you shop at branded places and want to earn gift cards. Here you have chances to earn gift cards of Amazon, Netflix, Xbox, and Google Play. You can also get paid cash in your PayPal account.

Joining and earning at Poll Pay is easy, Just register at Poll Pay, Complete surveys and earn credits, you can exchange credits for gift cards and cash.

It is rated 4.5 Stars at Google Play and 4.8 stars at App Store.

17. appKarma

With appKarma, You can earn unlimited rewards playing with apps you have downloaded. You can even become a VIP member and earn more if you have social media presence or blogging or have a website. There are multiple options to increase your income at appKarma like Karma Plays, Karma quizzes, Daily check-ins, Invite rewards, Achievement badges, etc. 

appKarma app is rated 4.5 stars at Google Play.


Technology has become an important part of our life and we see its presence everywhere now. It has not only improved our lives by making the toughest task easy but also it has opened new doors of opportunities and innovations.

Earlier you were using your phone just for communicating but now it has more amazing things to do with.
You can earn money and rewards for doing common stuff online which you had never imagined.
It is not a device anymore but a medium to connect to the world with tremendous learning and growth opportunities.

Now students, work from home moms and elders who can’t join a regular office, can earn money working from home.

You can choose a few of the above 17 apps and start getting more of your time and effort.

You can also leave your thoughts and comments for any of the above apps if you have ever used them.

Your opinions and thoughts matter a lot and can help lots of people who visit us for work from home opportunities.

You can also share here the reviews (positive or negative, anything which is real and trustworthy) of apps you’re using which are not listed above. This would add another opportunity for fellow visitors.