18 high paying jobs you can work from home

18 High Paying Jobs for Working from Home Which Are Legitimate

Jobs which can be done from home have been quite popular now because of the internet. As the popularity of the Internet is growing, more and more opportunities to work from home are surfacing.

The days are gone when the person was going early in the morning to attend his 9 to 5 chores. And coming back fully tired and exhausted, having no time for family and him.

But here is a common doubt and that is:

Are works from home jobs legitimate and equally rewarding?

Not all the jobs where you can work from home are indeed legitimate and worth your time. You need to be careful in selecting working from home jobs so that you could be fully compensated for the time and effort you put in.

One of the best things about working from home jobs is independence. Here you’re your boss. You work when you want because you can schedule your work. Also when you work on a job you can do from home, you feel more comfortable and cherished

18 high paying jobs you can work from home

Who doesn’t want to stay home, working on sitting on the couch comfortably and even getting paid?

And when you’re cherished and confident you dramatically improve your productivity. And when you become more productive, you do more at any given time. Not only this you enjoy what you do, gain more respect, earn well in monetary terms, and even earn an employee of the year award.

The surveys and studies from various agencies also confirm that people prefer working from home.

One of the greatest advantages of work from home jobs is they are open to all people irrespective of their age, gender, location, or work experience. If you have knowledge and skills to complete, you are probably the most suitable candidate to get the job.

And if you think that you’re not the right candidate to secure work from home jobs, you need to change your opinion. You can learn anything now and become confident and deliver the best of you.

Anyway, this article enlists the best jobs for working from home which are legit and can help you earn good money from the comfort of your home. You would learn here how much you can earn from working from home jobs, how you can learn the required skills to get those jobs, and many more things.

1. Become a content marketer and earn the most of your skill and hard work

When people think about working from home jobs, they first think about freelance writing. Writing could be a great way to earn some serious money if you’re interested in it and have a passion to do it. Many reputed writers are making a living by writing. In reality, there are a few who are making millions writing about the things they love.

If you want to earn some great cash writing from the comfort of your home, you can join a content marketing career course from none other than Jon Morrow himself.

Jon Morrow does not need any introduction if you want to learn writing. You can make a great content marketing career attending his course and get an immediate assignment from industry leaders who follow Jon.

If you’re already familiar with writing and have done some assignments there is no dearth of online jobs for writing. You can start with I-writer, freelancer.com, and establish yourself a well known content marketer. You can also run your content marketing agencies and can get good assignments from local and small scale businesses.

2. Start working on Fiverr.com, a great start for beginners.

You can find any type of job you have ever imagined at fiverr.com. This could also be a great place for you for developing your own portfolio of completed assignments.

I have earned pretty much pocket money working at fiverr.com. So, if you’re reading it and searching for ways to earn some online money then you must visit fiverr.com now. It is time to be there and find some immediate assignments.

3. Start your own web designing company

Nowadays, even a small shop on the corner wants to advertise its services and needs a website. You could help them out.

How can you do it?

Simple and easy: either you learn some web designing skills or you can hire a team of people who have experience of web designing. There is another option which I think is much better than the other two; you can get some affordable WordPress themes for their websites.

You can get a responsive and professional WordPress theme for as low as $19 from mythemeshop.com. You have always an option to negotiate for an even better price if you visit them regularly and purchase themes often. I am recommending mythemeshop.com themes because the article you’re reading is also published on a mythemeshop theme.

You can also look at other options like themify and themeforest for the latest, responsive, and affordable WordPress themes.
This has been a very lucrative business now and lots of people are earning some good money there.

4. Start your blog

If you love writing and have something to share that could solve the problems of others, you can start blogging. Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts along with earning some real money. It is also one of the best ways to earn online from the comfort of your home.

There are also some very good courses and mentors available that could help you out.
Blogging can make you even popular in your domain and can help you get other opportunities to earn money like speaking assignments, consulting services, etc.

You can also be motivated and learn from highly successful bloggers who have struggled earlier but now making money blogging online.

5. Kindle self-publishing, a great way to earn money online

The days are gone when people have to write thousands of drafts of their stories without any success. Nowadays, you can become an author and self publish your books at kindle.
If you love writing and have a passion to write about something people love to know about, this could be a great way to earn real money working online.

Is there any course available that could help? 

Yes, there are many courses available. But, I would like to recommend the course by James Altucher because he has already self-published a book which has been New York Times bestseller.
However, you’re not going to become a popular writer overnight, but trying and publishing can help you to learn and improve further along with earning money.

How much can I earn by kindle self-publishing?
This depends on how good a writer you’re and how you’re writing is performing. But, on average you could earn nearly $10-100/day. Many are making over $3000/day.

6. Selling expired domains

Every day lots of domains expire. Some are renewed and kept by their owners but a few of them are left.

Finding good quality expired domains is not an easy task. But, if you work on it seriously it could result in a gold mine. There are lots of webmasters who want to buy established domains for their business which have expired.

These domains have a good backlink profile and are expected to get a good ranking in search engines. An expired domain with a good backlink profile can be sold for as little as $100. No doubt, they can also be sold for higher sums.

How can I find the expired domains?

There are mainly two ways to find expired domains that could be sold for profit.

The first one is, buy the expired domains from the trusted resources and then sell them for profit. If you go by this route you have to spend money to buy the domains.

The second route is time taking but does not require money to invest in finding expired domains:

Find any big and old website that has many articles.

Use any broken link checker and find the domains which show 404 errors.

Make the list of those domains and check the backlink profile of those domains. You can use SmallSeoTools for checking the backlink profile of the domains.

Select the domains that have good backlink profile and avoid domains which have spammy link profile.

7. Become an online tutor and start teaching the subject you know

Many people think that they don’t have any skill which they can teach others. It is wrong. We all have something special in ourselves which even we don’t know.

Try introspection and you would find soon what you love and are eager to teach others. Even if you still doubt yourself for skills. You can even learn new skills in pretty less time than you think.

According to Josh Kaufman who authored the popular book” The Personal MBA”, you could learn anything in less than 20 hours. So, if you just dedicatedly put just one of your days, you could learn a new skill in just 20 days.

You can even learn anything in less than a week if you just work for 3 hours daily.

Once you are skilled enough, you can start teaching the same to other people.

You can now make your course through video recording or screen recording and launch it at teachable.com, udemy.com, etc.

You can repeat the process and develop as many courses as you want and earn money. This is not one of the part-time stays at home jobs that you can do but it could be a serious business that could earn some real big money.

How much can I earn as an online tutor?

As an online tutor, you can earn anything from $10/day to $1000/day or more based on your popularity and methods of teaching.

8. Start selling on Amazon.com, one of the best stay at home jobs for serious people

Nowadays, there are so many online earning opportunities available that you can’t even count them. 

And FBA business at amazon.com could be one of a great way to earn serious money if you can put some extra effort and time.

How to start on amazon.com FBA business?

You earn a profit when you sell the item at the price more than the buying price.

And when you can get the material at a huge discount?

Simple, when you buy the material when it is not in so much demand.

And when it is out of demand?

The answer is simple; when it is selling out of season.

You can also get some high selling materials from Wal-Mart and sell them on amazon.com for a good profit.

You can also buy the material from private labels and sell them with your brands.

Would it not be a good idea to buy Christmas decorative items in July and selling them at a good profit at the time of Christmas?

9. Become an SEO expert, one of the best working from home jobs that pay well

Nowadays, every local business has a website. And every website needs some search engine optimization to get more business.

You can help those businesses in getting more exposure by providing your SEO services.

You can learn search engine optimization in not more than 30 days and become an expert in 6 months.

This is one of the best part-time jobs you can do from home and earn some good money along with feeling confidant and independent.

How can I learn SEO?

There are multiple courses available that can help you achieve the necessary skills in performing SEO services.

10. Provide consulting services for the things you know well

This is an information age, and everybody needs some type of information for making better decisions.

If you are an expert on anything you can start consulting people and helping them in achieving them what they want.

You can be an expert in engineering, photography, blogging, SEO services, writing, customer acquisition, relationship building, etc. The list is endless. And believe it or not, everybody needs some time of help and for that, they always searching for the right people.

Even if you think you’re not an expert on anything. You can easily learn new skills in a couple of weeks, as stated above.

11. Start your digital marketing agency and start fulfilling your dreams from home

Since the internet has evolved, it has created endless opportunities for everyone. Even companies that were lesser-known a few years back are now well-known and have become giant organizations because of the Internet.

You can start small and grow once you start getting bigger assignments.

How to start a digital marketing agency for a newbie?

The job of a digital marketer is to build brand awareness of a company or product through online marketing. They can use video marketing of products, content marketing, social media exposure, etc.

Learning all those things is not that easy but it is not tough also.

Once you have built the confidence you can start advertising your services.

Start with small companies who have recently secured funding.

Get the websites of those businesses and contact them and tell them about your services. Prepare a pitch that could help you out in successful outreaching.

You can also work for any digital marketing agency near you and get experience before starting your own. This I think is the best way to expect faster success in your digital marketing business.

12. Become a logo designer and start participating full time or part-time for online logo designing jobs from home

Like every small business needs websites for their business. They also want some other website accessories like logo designs.

How to earn designing website logos at home?

First, learn logo designing: You can make a website logo in Adobe Photoshop.

Don’t have experience in Photoshop?

You can learn Photoshop for as little as $7 at Udemy.com in 8 hours only.

The 2nd best option is canva.com. At Canva.com, you can design a professional website logo without having any knowledge of drawing.

Once you have done enough practice you can start offering your freelancing services of logo design at fiverr.com, upwork.com, or 99designs.com.

Once you have accumulated enough experience in logo designing and graphics, you can secure more opportunities online.

So when next time this question comes in your mind” Are the work at home jobs legitimate?” Say it loud” Absolutely”

How much I can earn designing logos and providing graphic designing online?

This all depends on your portfolio, experience, and client base.

You can earn anything from $2000 to $5000/month if you have enough experience and a modest client base.

Is not it one of the best stay at home jobs?

13. Become a Virtual assistant and start enjoying your job from the comfort of your home

You can become a virtual assistant for a large company and get paid well like other 9-5 jobs.

Even many large organizations and successful individuals or teams hire virtual assistants for their daily jobs.

What does a virtual assistant do?

A virtual assistant is a part-time or full-time employee of a company or an individual who helps in achieving the goals while working remotely.

A virtual assistant or VA can provide services on the following things:

Social media management

Article writing/content marketing/proofreader/editor

Link building

Influencer outreach campaign

As a personal secretary and working on tasks like appointment fixing, remote calling, following up for emails, etc. The above virtual assistant job description is not fixed. The job profile of a VA is versatile.

Is there any course for virtual assistants that could hone their skills?

Yes, you can always find resources that could help you in sharpening your skills. For learning, the

How much can a virtual assistant make?

The pay for virtual assistants is not fixed. They can earn money based on their job experiences and the types of jobs they do. If they are doing some common or entry-level jobs like data entry they can make as little as $12/hour.

If they have been assigned technical assignments or skillful executive jobs then they can make $38-50/hour or even more.

When it comes to compensation, the virtual assistant salary is not fixed.

However, they can also be hired as a full-time employee for remote jobs, and salary and perks could be very lucrative.

How to find virtual assistants work from home jobs that are legit?

You can get virtual assistant remote jobs from freelance websites. Wide varieties of VA jobs are posted regularly on freelancing websites like upwork.com.

You can also get virtual assistant online jobs from the websites which provide VA services. Just visit their websites, get the contact address, and start pitching your services through an enticing cover letter.

14. Become an affiliate marketer and start earning money from home

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways of earning money from home without having your product.

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

Affiliate marketing is a program where you advertise products of others and get paid a commission when someone buys the products through your link.

For example, the Amazon associates program is an affiliate program. In this program, you get an affiliate ID when you sign up and your application is approved. Your affiliate ID is embedded in product links. When someone arrives at amazon.com through your referral ID and buys something, you get paid based on prefixed commission rates.

Is there any affiliate marketing training course?

Yes, there are many affiliate marketing training courses that could help you learn the basics of this business.

After the completion of any good affiliate marketing training course, you learn the skills required, and your confidence level increases.

How much an affiliate can earn?

The earning potential of affiliates depends on the following things:

The traffic they drive to the website, commission rate, and the conversion rate.

If they drive more traffic to the website they can earn some good money. Many affiliates are earning above $100000/annum from affiliate marketing.

15. Become a web developer

The job of a web developer is challenging yet highly rewarding. If you’re creative and enjoy tackling complicated coding you’re best suited for this home-based job.

What does a web developer do?

Web developers are responsible for designing layouts of websites and the integration of various applications in websites for a user-friendly experience. They make the websites looking good and provide a rich user experience.

What requires being a web developer?

A bachelor’s degree in computer science or related fields is required to become a web developer. There are also certification courses where you can earn a web developer certificates if you have 2-3 years of relevant work experience and pass the certification examination like Microsoft Certified Professional Developer certification.

Is there any training course for web developers?

Yes, many training courses could help you out in learning the required skills to become a proficient web developer. Here are the best training courses for web developers.

How much a web developer can earn?

 Like other jobs, the salary and perks of web developers depend on the experience they have. If they have good experience working on big projects they can earn a handsome package. Rough estimates suggest a web developer can earn anything in the range of $45000-55000 annually working from home.

16. Become a transcriptionist, and start earning online now.

A transcriptionist is a typist who converts recorded voice or live audio file into text.

And there is no dearth of transcriptionist work from home jobs if you have enough experience and confidence to carry on what you promise.

How much a transcriptionist can earn working from home?

A transcriptionist can earn anything from $30000-45000 working at home. The pay could increase as you become more skilled in transcription and accumulate positive feedback. A transcriptionist can find assignments at freelancing websites. 

Is there any training course available for transcription?

Yes, many training courses could help you in becoming a transcriptionist e.g.

How to become a confidant transcriptionist?

You can become a professional and successful transcriptionist if you have developed the following key skills along with the basic prerequisites of becoming a transcriptionist.

1. Fond of vast researching and critical thinking

2. Being accurate and precise in data presenting and formatting

3. Concentrating on a single project at a time with dedication

17. Swagbucks, earn the money online just doing surveys

Swagbucks is a unique online platform that could pay you for what you love doing online like

Watching your favorite videos,

Doing online surveys,

Playing your favorite games,

Shopping at your retailers and even surfing the internet.

You would earn rewards points for all those activities which you could redeem for Amazon/Walmart/Target/Starbucks gift cards or cash back in your PayPal account.

And the biggest advantage is all you can do it join the platform and start participating without even paying any membership fees.

You can also download the mobile app of Swagbucks and start earning while on go. This is one of the best stays at home job opportunities that keep you productive and pay for your time.

How much I can earn through Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a great platform to make money online working from home. Here is a breakup of earning potential for all the activities which Swagbucks offer to its users.

1. Getting paid for participating in online surveys: You can earn $0.05-$2.5 for completing a survey. The pay can also be as high as $35 for some surveys.

2. Get paid for trying products and services: Here you can earn cash backs and discounted trials of products and services you use like Dollar Shave Club, Hulu, Bluehost, etc.

3. Earn money online for reviewing content and watching videos. You can consistently earn up to $5/day watching videos at Swagbucks. Here videos on entertainment, food, and health, travel, and technology are available. What a great thing it is?

4. Get cash back for shopping online

5. Get paid even for dining out.

 Is Swagbucks a legitimate platform?

With so many enticing online earning opportunities associated with Swagbucks, it becomes so good to be true. However, Swagbucks is a completely legitimate website that pays. With so many positive reviews, Swagbucks become one of the best work from home jobs which are legit and trustworthy.

18. Become a proofreader

Is not it a good idea to become a proofreader and earning money from home? It is one of the easiest ways of earning money online from home.

What does a proofreader do?

The job of a proofreader is to make the content free from grammatical and syntax errors. If you love reading you can easily do such easy jobs.

How to become a proofreader?

A proofreader must have good command over the languages. So, you need to work on improving your grammatical skills. Any bachelors’ degree in English language or Journalism can be an added advantage.

Once you have worked out and feel confident in working on assignments, you can search for opportunities that are in abundance.

How to get work from home jobs for a proofreader?

You can search for your local digital marketing agencies and contact them if they have proofreading assignments. You can also get jobs on various freelancing websites.

How much does a proofreader make?

As per salary.com, a proofreader can earn anything in the range of $45000 to $58957 annually. The salary may be slightly higher or lower for a proofreader who works from home and manages larger or smaller assignments.


With the advancement of technologies and requirement in multiple job profiles, working from home jobs have been common nowadays.

Also, many mid-size and small businesses prefer to hire staff that is engaged in working online. This not only makes the employees more productive but also reduces the office expenses of the organizations.

If not people would prefer working part-time remotely and enjoying their lives. No doubt working from home jobs may not have as good a package as regular jobs. But, if you compare the comfort and freedom, the jobs which can be done from home provide more leisure and satisfaction than those which require presence in the office.