5 People Who Had Proved Your Disabilities Are Your Biggest Assets

If you don't know your strengths then know your weaknesses.

Yes, you got it right. Nobody is a born genius. When it comes to achieving something, the only thing that matters is starting and moving forward in the direction of your goal.

When you know your weaknesses, you know where you have to work more. You're already steps ahead.

Just do a little every day, and you have got everything you ever dreamed of.

However, it will take time, and you will experience failures and humiliations, but it worths it.

And here we are portraying five such people who were born with disabilities, but they rose to fame because they don't let their disabilities control them.

In fact, the disabilities have motivated them and they are now sources of motivation for all of us.

Yes You Can

1. Demosthenes

I can't speak.
I am not good looking.
I can't face the crowd.
People don't like me.
Hell, I can't do this. Let me live as I am.

These could be common excuses for people if they were born with the same difficulties as Demosthenes.

But, Demosthenes was just like the opposite of them. He was born with speech difficulties, but he wanted to be one of the best orators of Greece. He wanted to give anything for his goal. He was so committed. 

While he was born into a wealthy family, he lost his parents at the age of seven. While his opulent parent left everything for successful bringing of his child but the deceiving and greedy guardians left Demosthenes alone starving and struggling.

Demosthenes started learning rhetoric because he wanted to get his legal guardians into the court to get justice. Demosthenes had stammering and inarticulate pronunciation, but he did not let these difficulties stop him from approaching his goal.

And he did it by putting himself in an isolated place, clearing hair of his half head to not go to public places and started practising speaking putting pebbles in his mouth.

Who can make such efforts will surely succeed? Does not it look like that?

His strong yet beautiful efforts had made him one of the best orators of ancient Athens. He is remembered, referred to often and is one of the prominent figures of ancient times.

The baseline is "if you want to succeed then you have to work hard. You have to find ways to get what you want."