Benefits of reading books

Benefits of Reading Books: Live Longer and Be Wise

Reading books is wonderful. Many of us read books to be entertained; some read to learn, and some read to write a book. I do read books for all of these reasons. Books are also great friends because they give me more wisdom and help satisfy my curiosity.

But have you heard or read anywhere that one of the benefits of reading books is increased longevity?

Well, guess what? You live longer if you read books. Science has confirmed that book readers can live longer than those who don't read.

According to this study, if you read books, your mortality rate decreases by 20% compared to those who do not read books.

So, if you like to live longer? Read more books!

I discussed the importance of reading books in one of my articles. Add to it the numerous benefits of reading, the fact that it adds more years to your life, there is no reason why you should not buy a book today.

Summary Of The Study

This study's total number of participants were 3635 males and over 50 females. For 12 years, the study monitored all the groups who read books and those who didn't read books. The study revealed mind-blowing findings,

The group who read 3.5 hours or more a week lived 23 months more than those who did not read. This study also comes with other remarkable findings like reading periodicals has no significant benefits in survival advantages.

According to a study by the Department of Experimental Psychology, Ghent University, Belgium, an average person can read 238-260 words per minute or a page in a minute.

At the above rate, any average person can complete a book within a week.

Can you imagine how much knowledge you can accumulate over a year? Even if you can't read fast, you can still complete more than enough books a year than you think.

Doing the above will make you more knowledgeable, having different perspectives about anything that will enhance decision-making. And with good decisions comes improved life for you and those around you. Add to this more years, and you have all to gain as a reader.

Most people need to learn about this benefit of reading as it would be an incentive to exchange time used for gossiping or watching TV for reading. According to reports, people spend more than 140 minutes a day on social media. What if just a fraction of it could be spent on reading books? Will that not improve their lives and knowledge?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average 65-year-old spends close to 4.4 hours daily watching Television. It seems as though they are waiting to die sooner. Can't they have some time for reading; Say only 30 minutes a day.

Thirty minutes is relatively easy to spare for reading if it adds so much to our lives and knowledge. Anybody can do it without any hardships.

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How Reading Adds More Years To A Reader’s Life

The study explains that reading books involves two cognitive processes that add to our lives. 

First is Deep Learning: when we read books, we're immersed, almost like being in a meditative state.

And the second is that book reading helps improve our engagement and empathy, enhancing our life expectancy or survival benefits. Additionally, the more time we spend thinking and reading, we run out of daily blurbs.

Reading is also one of the easiest ways to concentrate on just one task. When we read, the chances of distractions also come to minimum. This is why great personalities often read and recommend reading to everyone.

I have significantly improved as a reader in the last few years (since 2020). Before 2020, I had only read my course books.

Truly, if you're not reading, you're missing a lot.

I am more confident and more energetic as a result of reading. Beyond increasing my knowledge about things, it kicks loneliness out the door. I now want to spend more time with books than meeting friends or attending that weekend party. Not surprisingly, a lot of readers share the same experience

What should I read; How do I choose books?

What things interest you?

What would you like to know more about it?

These can be anything from starting a business to fishing and traveling. It could be history, psychology, or cosmology.

There are two classifications of books, Fiction and Non-fiction, and under them can be tens or even hundreds of genres. There are books on any topic. Amazon has over 32.8 million published titles. And this number grows daily, if not hour by hour.

It is rare not to find a book on a subject you want. However, if that is the case, you can write one because someone will search for it sooner or later, and you have an excellent opportunity to become a published author. If you still need clarification and help to figure out where to start, experts can help you.

Do you have any person of influence you admire? You can easily find a list of books they have read. With the list, you have a great place to start from. And once you read a few of these books, you begin to know what interests you.

Alternatively, you can visit Goodreads and get the best books based on the readers' reviews.

You can also see Amazon and search for the best sellers in the categories of your interest. There are several ways to get your best book. You only need to get up and search for it.

What Next

The old excuse of no time for reading isn’t valid.

We have 1440 minutes daily and somehow squeeze in time for many frivolities. You can dedicate just 2% of each day to reading and will be happy you did when you get to live the extra years you get.
So, what are you interested in reading today?