What I have Learnt After Running Daily for 2 Years

Running is a good exercise because it promotes good health. We all know it. It is a habit we all want to have in our life. But, we don't practice it. And the reason is, it is a tough exercise.

I tried to have this in my life for a long time.
I once planned to run daily when I was in 2nd year of engineering college. It was in 2003, and I was 21 then.

Even one day, I woke up early in the morning, wore my shoes and went running. When I reached the ground, there was nobody around. With excitement, I started running and ended up before completing even one round.
I could not run even 100 meters. I was exhausted and sweating heavily. I hated it.

It seemed to me that my heart will not be normal again.
I never went to the ground again for running. I chose to live as I was.
And every time, I met someone talking about running and its benefits, I just avoided it. I never believed that anybody would like it. 

Benefits of Running