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101 Enticing Deals for College Students That Work

Here's something I learned as a student and which wasn't on the faculty course. College isn't cheap! Even if you try to stay within a reasonable budget, even if you don't take out student loans, and even if you get a job to help you make extra money, you will still find that this is one of the most expensive experiences you will ever go through.

But since I've already faced all this, I'm here to help. When I was in college, I found the best discounts for students which practically saved my life. And my pockets! I have now done my research and updated the info.

So, I have put together for you a list of the most enticing deals for college students that you can use right now to save money and still enjoy university life.

Let's start scrolling and saving!

I have divided the deals for college students in this list into a few main categories such as food, travel, finance, education, and more. This will make it easier for you to go through them and find the ones that interest you most. You're welcome!

deals for college students

Best Discounts for Students – Food

There are plenty of places that offer student discounts. After you've bookmarked this article, make sure to keep an eye on your favorite restaurants’ websites for updated promotions and sales.

1. DogHaus - this is a hot dog chain that knocks $5 or $15 off your order if you have the Student Beans membership. 
2. Freshly - a meal kit service that offers 15% off your first order if you have a Student Beans membership. 

3. Grubhub - a food delivery service that offers to take $10 or 20% off your order if you sign up for UNIDAYS. 

4Illy - a chain of coffee shops that offers a 25% online discount through Student Beans. 

5. Home Chef – a meal kit service that will take 55% off your first order. 

6Seamless - a food delivery service that promises to take $20 off your first two orders through UNIDAYS. 

7. Arby's – the iconic restaurant featured in so many movies and sitcoms has a 10% discount if you show your college ID. 

8. Burger King - if you're into fast food, show your college ID at this famous restaurant chain to get 10% off your order. 

9. Dairy Queen – if you have a sweet tooth or you crave ice cream, Dairy Queen will also give you 10% off if you can show them a valid college ID. 

10Chipotle – if you're just like me, then sometimes you have a craving for a gigantic Chipotle burrito. But if you're also a college student, this restaurant will throw in a free drink! 

Discount for College Students – Health and Beauty

Wellness is a major point when you're in college and I know that better than anyone else. So, here's a list of health and beauty websites and shops that have benefits for students.

11. MAC Makeup – you can join UNIDAYS and get a 10% off promo code for any order placed on the MAC website.

12. BioClarity – a vegan skincare line that will give you 15% off your first order if you enter the code STUDENT15.

13. Sigma – if you're looking for some new makeup products, Sigma will be more than happy to provide you with a 10% discount code or a unique student code for discounts. 

14. Trust & Will – All their services come with a 10% discount if you enter this code – STUDENTLIFE10.

15. Objective Wellness – a company that sells supplements. They promise to enhance your daily lifestyle by giving you more energy, helping you sleep better, and allowing you to focus. If you email them at, they will send you a unique student discount code that will guarantee you a 25% discount on all products. 

16. MILK Makeup - they will give you a 10% discount if you are a member of UNIDAYS. Please note that this discount for college students only applies to selected products. 

17. PureFormulas – another 10% discount for you if you use your college ID when purchasing selected products with this beauty brand. 

18. Look Fantastic – use your Student Beans membership to get 20% off on some of the products offered by this brand. 

19. Gymshark – you can stay in shape for a smaller price if you sign in using your Student Beans account. Then you will get a 10% discount. 

20. Dragonfly Hot Yoga – If you are a student, you can sign up for a discounted 10-session bundle that costs $150 or for a $99 membership.  

Best Discounts for Students – Clothes

If you want to learn how to get a student discount when it comes to retail, you have definitely come to the right place. There are hundreds of stores that offer deals for college students and I have listed the best for you right here.

21. Anthropologie – the famous brand is willing to give you a 20% student discount if you sign in on their website and can verify using SheerID. If you want to shop directly in their stores, you will need an educator ID. 

22. ChiChi London – get 15% off any purchase if you sign up using your Student Beans account. 

23. Hello Molly – get a 10% discount for women's accessories and clothing to make sure you look your best every single day by using your UNIDAYS account when you shop. 

24. Hollister - if you need some jeans, Hollister is ready to make you an offer. Sign in using your UNIDAYS account and get 10% off on any order.

25. Katy Perry Collections – are you a fan of this famous songstress? So am I! She provides 15% off restricted items if you shop using your Student Beans membership. 

26. MIA Shoes – you will get a 15% discount code if you are a Student Beans member and you want to shop for regular items.  

27. ModCloth – this brand offers one of the biggest student discounts in stores available. You can get 25% off your purchase if you sign in and can verify your account via UNIDAYS. However, please keep in mind that this student discount only applies to selected items. 

28. Public Desire – another bigger than regular discount comes from clothing and footwear shop Public Desire. They are willing to give you 15% off if you have a UNIDAYS account.  

29. Puma – one of the trendiest and most famous brands in the world also has websites with student discounts. So, you can look Instagram trendy while saving money! Puma offers a 10% discount for UNIDAYS members. 

30. Rag & Bone – this brand has a bigger discount for students. You can get 15% off of selected items if you are a UNIDAYS member.

Best Discounts for Students – Entertainment

As you might have imagined, these deals for college students will depend on the place you are currently located. As a result, you will need to keep an eye out for local deals and sales.

Still, I have here a list of the best places that offer student discounts where you can go and have a good time with your friends.

31. Museums – this can easily be your number one source of entertainment as a college student. Not only do museums offer cheaper entrance fees for you, but they can actually be free if you have a valid college ID. Apart from that, museums also often organize special events that you can go to for a special evening out. Check out your local museums to find out more! 

32. AMC Theatres – If you want to know how to get a student discount, use your valid college ID at any AMC Theatre location. They will give you a discount on special tickets. 

33. Angelika Film Center – if you are a student, you can get in to see a movie every Tuesday for only $11.50. Make sure to show your college ID right at the box office and they will also give you a free bag of popcorn. 

34. Shindigz – When it comes to benefits for students, you will enjoy Shindigz, which offers 20% off on all party supplies for students through Student Beans. 

35. Straz Center – as a student, you can buy two tickets for a lower price as long as you show them your valid college ID. Please note that you cannot purchase their tickets online or via phone call. 

Benefits for Students – Technology Discounts 

Since I know that technology is one of the things you are most interested in, I've compiled the best websites with student discounts that will make your college life so much easier. Everything from laptops to VPNs to cable is right here!

36Adobe – the famous provider offers a 60% discount for students if you sign up for their monthly plan. This discount applies to the first year of usage and it is meant for their Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Plan. You will need to provide proof of enrolment in college or your valid school email address.  

37. Apple – is there anything that college students love more than Apple products? If you present proof of enrolment, you can get a special price for certain products such as iPads and MacBooks. 

38. Audible - let's talk about websites with student discounts. Audible is a website that hosts and sells audiobooks. If you register via UNIDAYS and then verify your student status with Audible, they will give you 30% off your first month plus a gift card valued at $10 that you can spend on Amazon. 

39. Evernote - This is a software app that allows you to get discounts with edu email. You will get 50% off if you opt for one year membership of their Evernote Premium service. In this way, you can have access to file attachments, formatting, sharing, and organizing. 

40. Dell – They have an Advantage Loyalty Program which offers deals for college students as well as a percentage back in the shape of rewards. You can also get free shipping and more special discounts when you opt for these online discounts for students. 

41. GoPro – who exactly doesn't want a GoPro? There are so many exciting things to film when you're in college! You're in luck because the brand is offering 20% off all their products if you are willing to sign in via UNIDAYS. 

42. Lenovo - if you're in the market for a new laptop, Lenovo is offering 5% off if you sign in on their official website and verify. Please note that you have to use 

43. Lomography - I know just how important it is to take photos and keep your Instagram well supplied. And so does Lomo. As a result, they are offering a great discount of 35% for these selected products: the Spinner, the Diana+, the Sprocket, and the Diana F+. They will also allow you to download photography resources for free. 

44. PureVPN – they have a 15% discount going on for all students who have a valid Student Beans account. 

45. Microsoft - This is one of the best deals I found for you. Microsoft offers you their Office 365 for free as well as many sizeable discounts for a series of accessories and laptops. You can use these student discounts in stores all over the US or online using the Microsoft official website. 

46. Samsung – Since I've already spoken about Apple, I also have to provide a deal for Samsung lovers as well. So, here it is. You can sign up for a program the brand has, called the Samsung Student & Educator Discount Program and you will get a 10% discount. Please note that Samsung also provides discounts with edu email. As a result, you will need a valid email address with a .edu extension. 

47. SquareSpace – a platform where you can take any kind of online classes you want, which can prove a valuable addition to your college education. SquareSpace is aware of this and is offering you a fantastic 50% discount if you sign up using a .edu email for a one-year membership. 

48. Instaread - a platform that offers you summaries of books as well as audiobooks in case you simply don’t have time for all your college curricula. You get a 10% discount if you use a special code from their website.

49. SkillShare - one of the most famous platforms for online course in the world. It offers major discounts for students who can provide a valid ID.  

Best Discounts for Students – Traveling 

One of the things I loved to do the most as a student was to pack up my bags and escape from the city for a weekend with my friends. Sometimes, if the budget allowed, maybe a whole week. But that's the keyword here. The budget. Here are some student discounts in stores and online that will allow you to travel in style but still on a budget.

50Caesar's Palace – If you fancy a stay at one of the most famous hotels in the world, Caesar's Palace is ready to give you a 10% discount. You will have to sign in and then verify using Alternatively, you can also use EESSW as a discount code.  

51. Dollar Flight Club – These online deals for students also apply to individuals who have graduated in the past two years. You can get a whopping 75% off their Premium Account if you provide them with a photo of your college ID when your register.  

52. Lonely Planet – If you're a member of Student Beans, Lonely Planet offers you 20% off their guide books as well as their special traveling reading materials. 

53. Red Roof Inn – this beautiful hotel will give you a 25% discount if you present them with your valid college ID. At the same time, you can use the following discount code – 627535. Not only that but when it comes to benefits for students, your pet is allowed to stay for free. 

54Travelosophy – This service will provide you with special flight tickets as well as group travel discounts if you are a student. However, you will need to call their offices and ask for these special offers. 

55. MyFlightSearch – Get 15% off all international flights as a student. Go to their official website and use the special discount code FLIGHT15.  

56Genius Pack - If you are a member of UNIDAYS, Genius Pack will give you a 10% discount on certain pieces of luggage. 

57. - this service has lower rates for students when it comes to special international and domestic flights. This discount only applies to US students. 

58. Last Minute Travel – If you apply for a membership to their Last Minute Travel Club, you can get a 65% discount. Please note that the membership is free for students, even though originally it is priced at $50.  

59. BagsAway – get 10% off on luggage storage if you use the discount code bagsaway10dh. This will require you to make an online reservation. 

Online Discounts for Students – Mobile Services

From Verizon Wireless discounts for students to AT&T, I have everything you need to know for a cheap phone bill. Keep scrolling to find out!

60. US Mobile – this provider will give you a free GSM card if you are a student at one of the participating universities. You will need a valid college email address to apply for this discount. 

61. Verizon wireless discounts for students – this is one particular discount that will serve international students. They can save big on wireless plans and phones as long as they provide their passports and their visas. 

62. AT&T – if you register as a student using your .edu email address, this phone provider will give you discounts for both phones and services. Make sure to have a valid college ID. 

Discount for College Students - Finance 

One of the most important pieces of advice I can give you is to take care of your finance while you are in college. Start as early as possible and use one of the following tips I have prepared for you:

63. Chase – they will give a reward, which means $100 if you want to open a Checking Account with them. Please be aware that some restrictions apply here. 

64. US Bank – You can open up a Student Checking Account with this bank completely free of charge. This means you won’t have to pay maintenance fees every month and that you will get 50% off your custom check designs as a student. 

65. Esurance – Good news for students who are under 25 and have a 3.0 GPA or a grade average of straight Bs. Esurance will give you 10% off. 

66. Country Financial – They also have a program for students who have a 3.0 GPA. However, the discount Country Financial offers is higher. You can get 30% off on the insurance for your car. Please be aware that you will have to contact your local representative to get this discount. 

67. Discover – if you are looking to get a loan, Discover can offer it to you with no supplementary fees, as long as you are a student in graduate or undergraduate school. Please know that there are some restrictions to this discount. 

Best Discounts - Sports  

Whether you support your local team or you’re a fan of the big league, everyone loves sports. Did you know that they offer special discounts for students? I have all the links right here for you.

68. New York Knicks – the historical team offers discounts for last-minute events on some home games. If you are a student, use your .edu email address and get email updates on these discounts from Student Pass. 

69. Chicago Bulls – sign up for the Chicago Bulls Student Pass. It's completely free and it will get you discounts on certain games. 

70. Los Angeles Clippers – for this particular discount, you will have to download an app. It's the LA Clippers TicketUp, and you can apply for discounts via your Student Pass. 

71. Dallas Mavericks – If you sign up for a Fan Pass, the organization can get you some pretty good deals on last-minute seats. The registration for this one is free. 

72. Washington Wizards – you will absolutely love this discount. The Wizards organization offers discounts on last-minute games combined with Chick-fil-A sales if you register for what they call the Wizards Student Rush Program. 

How to Get the Best Deals - Education

Since I know how expensive books and courses are, I have prepared a list of discount sources where you can get extra materials for your college education.

73. Real Vision – If you are interested in educational videos on financial advice and are a student, Real Vision will give you a massive 50% discount as long as you have a valid .edu email address. 

74. Kobo Rakuten – the website hosts and sells ebooks. You can get $8 off the first ebook you buy as well as 30% off the second ebook your purchase off their website. You will need to sign in via UNIDAYS. 

75. Amazon – of course, this giant retailer offers discounts for students! They have a program called Amazon Prime Student. If you register using your .edu email address, you are entitled to 6 months free, which is considered a trial period. At the same time, if you purchase your textbooks on Amazon, they will offer you Two-day shipping for free. 

76. Chick-fil-A – this fast-food chain has a wonderful program for all its employees who are currently studying at a university. They get discounts on their tuition fee as well as different types of scholarships. 

77. Book Outlet – as the name suggests, you can get a 10% discount for selected books if you are a member of Student Beans. 

78Grammarly - An excellent tool if you need to proofread important papers before you turn them in. Grammarly offers significant discounts for all college students.

79. McGraw Hill - An online platform that offers textbooks for students as well as many other study materials. Get a discount using your college ID.

Best Discounts for Students - School Supplies

Even in the digital age, as a college student you will still need a vast array of school supplies. But I know very well just how expensive they can be. So here are my top picks for online discounts for students when it comes to school supplies.

80. Erin Condren - You can get 40% off notebooks, school planners, and accessories by using their unique discount code.

81. AT-A-GLANCE - offers a 50% discount to all college students who shop on their website.

82. Discount School Supply - as the name suggests, when they organize a sale, you can save up to 80% on supplies.

83. Alphabetdeal - you will get a deal indeed as well as benefits for students if you choose this supplier and save 50% for an 18-piece school kit. 

84. Blick Art Materials - offers a whopping 80% discount on sharpies and pens for all college students.

85FiveStar - You can get a 50% deal on notebooks, folders, erasers, pencils, binders, planners, and calendars. 

86. Knock Knock - this one of a kind supplier offers a 40% discount on list notepads and funny sticky notes.

87. - If you’re looking for websites with discounts for students, this one will get you 60% off for notebooks, scissors, glue, binders, pencils, erasers, calculators, and more.

88. Target - how can you go wrong with a backpack that costs as low as $10? This is the place to go if you need very cheap school supplies all year round. The store offers even more discounts for students. 

89. - all their clearance items are 50% off and they include notebooks, pencils, erasers, calculators, bulletin boards, and more. 

Deals for College Students - Digital Subscriptions

How much time do you spend streaming? Or listening to music? Almost all of it? Yes, me too. Then you will absolutely love these deals on digital subscriptions I’ve compiled for you below!

90. Chirp - all the best audiobooks you could dream off at a 95% discount. You don’t have to get a subscription and you get to keep the books! The platform allows you to download your favorite books, so you can listen to them while offline.

91. Apple Music - use your .edu email to sign up and then you will only have to pay $4.99 per month and not $9.99 as you would normally do. The streaming service has a gigantic database which covers millions of popular songs.

92. Treehouse - an online platform that offers amazing courses on every topic. They specialize in programming, which is great for those interested. College students only have to pay $25 per month with a discount.

93. The New York Times - The first month is entirely free, after which you will only have to pay $1 per week as a student.

94. YouTube Premium - A great deal at only $4.99 per month for students, when normally it costs $9.99. You can also try it one month for free. YouTube also allows you to download all the videos you want to watch them offline.

95. Amazon Music Unlimited - this is the absolute cheapest music streaming service in the world. If you are a student, it will only cost you $0.99 per month. 

96. Spotify Premium + Hulu and Showtime - could there be a better deal than this? Normally, non-students need to dish out a whopping $27 for all three services. However, you will only have to pay $4.99 for the pack. 

97. The Washington Post - The first month of your subscription to The Post only costs $1. After that, each month is 50% off. 

98. The Wall Street Journal - If you choose a digital pack of newspapers, you get a special student discount that brings the total cost down to only $52 for 13 months. 

99. The Economist - The first month of your subscription is 50% off. Packs and bundles will also get a discount if you’re a student.

100. Bloomberg Businessweek - as a college student who is over the age of 18, this iconic publication offers you a great deal. The subscription-only costs $9.99 per month. 

What do you think? 

Are you ready to start saving and enjoying college life even more?

These amazing deals for college students will allow you to stretch your budget, while still being able to do all the things that give you pleasure – travel, watch a baseball game, eat your favorite food, and buy all the books and courses you need.

Let me know which of these deals you cannot wait to try!