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10 Best Way to Start Investing With Little or No Money

You don't need a lot of money for making money by investing. If you have the necessary skills, desire to learn, and will to succeed then none can stop you from making money with small investments. The only thing that matters is starting and moving ahead to live your life of dreams, love and peace.

And here we will discuss 10 best ways of investing money even if you have a little money.

When people start investing the first question that comes in their minds is where I should invest my money.

However, this question seems very basic and many people would even laugh if someone asks them this question but those who know the answer are the people who will be truly doing good financially.

Many people even take it as a hobby and lose all their money. If you don't want to be like them then the best thing you can do is learn about; how to get started on investing, how does investing work; what are different ways of investing? 

You can invest in stocks, mutual funds, you can even invest in yourself. Investing is not limited to only stocks and mutual funds, bonds, etc.
Investing is not an easy thing. It takes time to learn to invest. You have to take it seriously and learn it.

And it is highly recommended that without having sufficient knowledge about investing you must not invest your hard-earned money.

Those who don't know investing but put invest their money are sure going to lose it all.

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1. Invest in yourself;

Yes, you got it right. This is my personal favorite. The best investment you can do now is investing in improving your skills.

You can improve yourself and become more valuable to the marketplace. You can learn any skill. You can do anything if you have faith in you and you are eager to do it.

You can read books on the subject you want to improve. You can join mentors. You can attend the classes. You can join a new course that teaches you what you want to learn. You have got everything you want. You just need to use it for the betterment of yourself. It does not take a lot of money for attending a course, buying a book on productivity, or even joining a mentor.
You only need to start. You only need to take that baby step. If you don't start you're not going anywhere. You're the biggest obstacle on your way to success. You can change yourself.

If you can improve yourself on any one thing you can improve yourself on any other thing you want.
If you have got your finances out of control; you can start with this book.
You want to improve your productivity; you can read this book or attend this class;
If you're feeling low, demotivated; you can recharge yourself
If your diet is not good; you can learn more about diet, eating habits and how you can improve it here;
You're never too young or too old to start improving yourself. What you need to do is; "No Second Thought" Just do it. No doubt, investing in yourself is the best thing to invest in.

2. Start investing in mutual funds;

Investing in mutual funds is a good way to see your money growing without stressing over the ups and downs of the stock market.
Also, this is the best way for investing money in equity markets if you don't have ample time and knowledge to find out what stocks are good for investing.
Through mutual funds you can invest your money for your retirement, long term goals like for the education of your children, buying your dream house, etc.
You can also learn how the equity works and later can shift from mutual fund investing to stock investing. Opportunities are unlimited and you have only to see them.

3. Increase your savings rate;

You can't invest until you have money to invest. And you can't have money if you don't have a budget to keep an eye on the earnings and the spendings.

Findings suggest that people spend more when they don't have any budget. Such people always left with no money at the end of the month. However, those people can also save money and let it grow by investing in different assets that appreciate as time passes away.

And no matter what you're earning now because you can always save some money. What you need to do is do some homework on your expenditures, and find where most of the money is going. You need discipline here and you can only succeed if you truly want to see something changing.

Once you have saved money you can always put it in savings accounts, invest in low-cost mutual funds, invest in yourself, and improve your skills or develop new skills.

There are many ways to save money and you can always find some that would really work for you. You must have weekly savings goals and count how many times you achieve your goals. This is only starting and it is what that matters the most. You should also have a proper plan to invest the money saved to get most of it.

4. Start doing affiliate marketing;

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn some serious money by investing a little money. But, you need to work hard here.
Affiliate marketing is selling other products for a commission. Whenever you sell a product you earn money based on the fixed commission structure. There are many ways you can sell products like; promoting the product on your website; promoting the product on your social media account, etc.

Affiliate marketing is very rewarding if you put your time and effort into it.

You can learn more about affiliate marketing and how to do it here. Some of the most popular affiliate programs are; Amazon Affiliate, Commission Junction, and Click Bank.

Once you gain confidence after selling the products of others, you can always develop and launch your products improving your profit margin.

You can also learn it from the people who're already doing good with affiliate marketing like Pat Flynn, Adam Enfroy, etc. You can check how much they are making through affiliate marketing and what are those products which are paying them the most.

 You can replicate their processes and check whether it can work for you too. The successful affiliate marketers make a lot of money doing it in the best possible way.
You can succeed here if you give time and put effort.
There is no cost involved in joining affiliate programs if you meet their other requirements.

5. Pay off your debt and have an emergency fund;

The Holy Bible says" The borrower is the slave of the lender".

This is the advice you must take seriously and commit yourself that you would never live with debt. Debt is evil. Debt not only deteriorates your financial well being but also deteriorates your emotional well being. You're sick and fearful of it. If you have any debt I am doubtful if you're happy.

So, if you have any debt then your first goal is to get rid of it as early as possible.
You got into debt because of your poor spending habits or due to an emergency, you could not avoid. Anyway, improve yourself and get out of it.

You also must have an emergency fund where you could put 6 months of your total expenses. If you're not ready with an emergency fund then it is your priority to get one at the earliest.

You can start saving for your emergency fund just now and make a goal of putting as little as $1000 in the next 6 months. Anyway, you have to start now and keep adding some money every month until you find an emergency corpus which can last for 6 months. Once you have an emergency fund ready, you can start investing in other appreciating assets that grow with time. An emergency corpus can turn to a sigh of relief in situations like; You lose your job, You or any of your family member get hurt in an accident; You are fighting with instant gratification and you can't hold it anymore; you get a huge car repair bill or anything which is not anticipated but may cost you some money out of your budget. If you're not ready with the emergency money, you have to interrupt compounding of your other investments which are planned for other important goals.
You should also ensure that your emergency fund is very liquid so you can withdraw money whenever you want and you have invested in safe assets. This money is only meant to meet an urgent demand so you must avoid putting it in volatile assets like in stocks or equity diversified mutual funds or anywhere that fluctuates with ups and downs of the market.
Some of the good investment products where you can put your emergency money are;
Certificates of deposits;
Money market accounts;
High yield savings account;
Bank savings account etc;

6. Invest with Stash App;

We have now more options to earn money without even investing any money.
Now you can get paid for playing video games on your phone.
You can get paid for writing your feedback about a product you have used for a while.
You can get paid for answering surveys.
You can even get paid for writing about your family and yourself.
The advanced technology has opened more options to earn for our time and efforts than ever existed. And it is only the beginning.
And Stash App is one such medium that can help you out in making some money in your free time. And this also does not require any such huge investment which you can't do. And if you're reading this then you have already got all the things required to earn from this wonderful thing.
You also don't need to be a tech genie to use all this. You have all the things in you to master over it and gain the most of it.

7. Invest with your employer's retirement account;

If you're employed then you may know the benefits of the retirement account and how beneficial they can be in accumulating serious corpus with a little investment in a long period. This can even help you in retiring as a millionaire if you take it seriously and take the necessary steps to reap the rewards of it. 

8. Swagbucks;

Can you live without a smartphone now? No. It has been very essential now. Along with being a wonderful way of communicating with anyone, it has now a lot of other good things to do.
It is an integral part of your life.
You can now even use it for earning money by using your time more effectively.
You can get paid for doing your everyday things here.

And Swagbucks is one such platform that can enable you to get paid for your time while you're busy with your mobile doing everyday things.

What you need to do is just install the Swagbucks Answer or SB Answer app on your mobile and become a member of a large community whose members are doing all the good things here and getting paid and earning rewards for their time.
Swagbucks has paid over $150 million to its 18 million members in forms of free gift cards.
At SB Answer app you earn points which are called SB by doing amusing activities. Once you have gotten enough SB then you can redeem them and get gift cards of Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. You can get paid in cash in your PayPal account.
Swagbucks enables you to participate in follow activities and earn SB;
Answering Surveys;
Participating in daily polls and answering some of the easiest questions like "Telling us about yourself".
Participating in SB Answer and earning rewards for your time is one of the best ways of earning money without even investing anything. Does not it look like the most fun thing?
SB Answer app is available for free down for iOS and Android users.

9. Start reading about your favorite investor;

You can learn anything from the people who have already done it. So, if you want to be a successful investor you can learn it from a successful investor. When you read you can learn a lot of things about them like;
How did they become successful?
What challenges did they face from nothing to great?
How did they fight the obscurity?
How did they fight with setbacks?
How did they all make it?
You can learn many things if you read biographies of popular investors.
Can you imagine how much you can learn from an investor who lost all his wealth in the early years of his life but through knowledge and attitude he got it all again? Yes, I am talking about Ray Dalio. Even if you don't meet him you can learn great life lessons from him if you read the well-known book:" The Principles of Success".
Ray Dalio lost everything in 1981 due to some bad decisions. But, he did not lose hope and made it all again. Even after that fall, he learned many things, gained experience, and got ready with all vigor and enthusiasm to become one of the richest people in the world.
You can learn value investing if you read the books; " Intelligent Investor" and "Security Analysis" by Benjamin Graham, the Guru of Warren Buffet.
You can learn how Peter Lynch bought stocks for his Magellan Fund, Once the largest actively managed fund that earned 28% returns in the 13 years if you read "Beat The Street by Peter Lynch".
There is so much valuable information available in books that we always underestimate. I think investing money in good books is the best way you can invest with little or no money. Is not it?
If you want to learn how to write good and flourish as a writer you can read books on writing by Stephen King, one of the well-known writers on the planet.
You can join courses that can help you improve your writing by Jon Morrow, another well-known figure in self-improvement and writing niche.
Once you gain confidence, you can always start your own courses and help others who're struggling.

10. Start Investing in the stock market;

You can invest in the stock market with a little money if you have a brokerage account that costs a little money to open.

People make money in the stock market and sometimes they make so much you can't even believe in it.

However, if you're starting investing in the market, you first need to know basic things about the stock market investing, and once you have gained some knowledge and expertise only then you must invest your money.

Don't confuse investing with trading because both are totally different. When you're investing you may be holding the stock for a long time. But, in trading, you may be holding them only for a few seconds.
Trading is exciting but may make you poor in a few seconds. Investing is boring but very rewarding if it is done following the principles of investing.
It is so rewarding that even an investor has gotten over 65% returns compounded annually for 35 years.
Many successful investors have beaten stock market indices in returns.

Walter Schloss had got 15.3% compounded annual growth on his investments for over four and a half decades leaving behind S&P 500 Index which only grew by 10% compounded annually in the same period.

There are so many stories of successful investors who have beaten the stock indices on returns on their investments. So, it is quite possible to become a successful investor.
If someone comes and argues with you that investing in the stock market is gambling then you have gotten enough evidence to prove that you're right.

But, it all takes time, effort, dedication, and will to going forward even when everything is moving against you.

So, rather wasting your another minute, get up and get going and focus on success as an investor.


We always underestimate our strength and overestimate obstacles. And this is the reason we always move roundabout and never get solutions. However, if we focus on solutions we could easily find many that could change our life for good. You have always something different from others that are always working for you and you have to just focus on it. If you're living a miserable life then you have to just find out what is going wrong and work for it. You can get financial freedom and live your life of dream. All these above tips would help you out in making most of your resources.