easy ways of making money

115 Incredible Easy Ways of Making Money on the Side

I bet that, by now, you've read plenty of articles, watched tens of YouTube videos, and listened to about a dozen podcasts on the best ways of making money from home. But let me ask you one question. How many have actually worked for you? 

I'm guessing none since you're reading this. But you know what? You have finally come to the right place. I've been working and making money online for over eight years and I'm ready to share all my secrets with you. Here is a list of more than 100 ways of making money from home that will pave your way to a regualr online income! 

easy ways of making money

1. Sign up for a research

Earn between $75 and $450 using companies like User Interviews who works for clients like Pinterest and Spotify.

2. Take surveys in your free time

Taking surveys is the easiest way of making money. Try well-known survey sites such as Survey Junkie and Swagbucks

3. Shop around for a living

Use Instacart and make as much as $25 per hour to shop for groceries for people who don't have time. 

4. Watch videos on your phone

The site is called InboxDollars and it pays you to watch celebrity videos on your phone or laptop.  

5. Sell your art on Etsy 

Who hasn’t heard of Etsy? Join the famous community now and start selling your arts and crafts! 

6. Install the Nielsen App on your phone

If you do this, the company collects data through you and then pays you $50 per year if you live in the US. 

7. Get the UpVoice Edge Extension 

UpVoice will pay you $75 consisting of Amazon gift cards if you browse Twitter, YouTube, and, of course, Amazon

8. Start walking and sweating

Have you ever heard of Sweatcoin? They will give a reward for every single step you take outside.  

9. Start a career as a virtual assistant 

One of the ways of making money from home is to help a business or an influencer as their personal assistant. 

10. Earn incredible sums for answering questions 

This means you can make up to $100,000 every year on platforms like JustAnswer if you have the right skills. 

11.Start your freelancing career online 

Choose your favourite platform to work on. Examples include FlexJobs, Remote.co, or Weworkremotely.com. 

12. Use your car and become a driver 

You already know what this means. The best services out there are Lyft and Uber, ready to make you $100 per day. 

13. Use your car to deliver food 

There are plenty of services for that as well. They include UberEats, Postmates, and DoorDash.  

14. Make deliveries for Amazon Flex 

The easiest way of making money by using your car is to deliver for Amazon Flex. Win $25 per hour. 

15. Get cash back for your online shopping 

Use the Fetch Rewards App to scan a grocery receipt and save tons of money after your shop.  

16. Start testing new apps and websites 

The website called UserTesting.com will pay you via PayPal a total of $10 per test. Work as much as you want. 

17. Work as a copywriter from home 

Use your talent and your portfolio on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, ProBlogger, or Freelance Writers Den.  

18. Make money with your own blog 

If you're looking for ways of making money from home, start a blog. Pay only for hosting and make $100 every day. 

19. Cash in on affiliate marketing

 This is one of the ways of making money on the side that people love to take advantage of all the time. 

20. Start your own online store

According to this study from the official website statista.com, over 2 billion people will online shop in 2021.

21. Teach an online course for people in need 

One of the ways of making money from home is by using the SkillShareTeachable, or Udemy platforms. 

22. Run errands for other people 

This can earn you extra money on the side, depending on how much you are willing to work every day.

 23. Sell your old phone or laptop 

Check out sites like Whistle that will tell you just how much you can get for the stuff you have lying around.  

24. Make money off items you don't use 

This includes everything, from old Lego sets to makeup. Visit websites like declutrr.com to learn more and earn more for your time.

25. Turn your home into an Airbnb 

If you have an extra room, why not rent it out? Check out Airbnb to see how much money you can make. 

26. Make money by selling your photos 

Try websites like iStockShutterstock, or Adobe Stock that pay for the pictures you take with a professional camera. 

27. Sell all your old clothes online 

If you're looking for ways of making money on the side, try selling your clothes on eBayCraigslist, and Poshmark

28. Teach English to foreign children 

The VIP Kid online platform allows you to teach English to Chinese children and is endorsed by Forbes

29. Start your own YouTube channel 

This is where the big bucks are! If you want to find the easiest way of making money, this is it. Start right now! 

30. Listen to your favourite music and get paid 

Websites like slicethepie.com allow you to listen to music and reward you in money if you leave a review. 

31. Become a professional babysitter 

Browse platforms like care.com and urbansitters.com to find out how you can get into the babysitters’ club. 

32. Start your career as an Instagram influencer 

Apart from money, you will also receive free products, paid holidays everywhere in the world, and free meals.

33. Become famous as a Twitch streamer 

As Twitch is getting more and more popular, you stand to make thousands of dollars if you stream on the platform. 

34. Join Wall Street and invest in stocks 

This is the easiest way of making money online. Invest in stocks. It has super high rewards very fast.

 35. Start extreme couponing to earn money 

Different websites such as Coupon Chief will pay you 2-3% to share some coupons on their platform. 

36. Share your experience in the Tik Tok world 

This means becoming a Tik Tok consultant and advises companies on how to market on this social media platform. 

37. Provide consumer feedback and get paid 

Join platforms such as Fabletics that will pay you in credit to share your consumer feedback for different businesses. 

38. Rent your electronics by the hour

There are some websites like Rent-A-Center and Aarons where you can rent your gadgets by the hour and get paid for them. 

39. Work as a data entry clerk 

You can earn as much as $30 per hour if you add data to platforms online. It all depends on how much you want to work, how fast you work and  how many assignments you complete.

40. Test products and new inventions 

Earn $20 by working for companies like Pinecone Research, Toluna, or Nielsen who need you to test their products.

41. Become a home-based chef or baker 

Most people earn as much as $400 every month by working 20 hours as a private chef or baker. 

42. Produce transcribed copies of podcasts 

Work as a transcriber of podcasts and YouTube videos and you can make $30 per hour and more if you know a second language. 

43. Sell the produce from your garden 

Market your own products on your social media pages and get paid every season depending on what you grow.  

44. Rent your clothes online 

Platforms such as Loanables, StyleLand, or RentNotBuy allow you to rent your best clothes and make money every month. 

45. Play games online for money 

Log on to App like, Cash Crate, or Appcent and start playing games. Soon enough, the money will roll in as well! 

46. Create candy bouquets for special events 

Charge up to $40 for every bouquet and sell it via your social media pages. It can add up quickly to a pretty penny. 

47. Teach music lessons online

 If you're looking for ways of making money from home and you know how to play an instrument, teach music lessons. 

48. Pet sit if you love animals 

And, of course, if they love you back. You can earn $15 per hour for just hanging out with puppies. 

49. House sit for owners who are on holiday

This little side gig pays as much as $45 an hour, depending on how big the house is and what you have to do. 

50. Become a social media consultant 

Charge new businesses and influencers for your advice on how to manage their social media accounts daily. 

51. Start planning trips for busy people 

Or for people who don't know how to travel. This will require skill and responsibility, so think about it! 

52. Do online research for companies 

Join websites like TaskRabbit.com and perform online research for companies. It pays according to the hours you spend. 

53. Join Patreon and make money 

If you have a lot of followers already, this is the easiest way of making money. They will pay you for exclusive content. 

54. Rent your car to other people 

The platform called Turo allows you to rent your car for $1000 per month to people who don't own a vehicle. 

55. Write resumes online for money 

If you are skilled at writing resumes, people will pay to help them get a job. These are very creative ways of making money from home.  

56. Join a catering company as your side hustle 

If you have Friday and Saturday nights free, join a catering company. They are always looking for staff. 

57. Get a part-time job with a cleaning service 

Amazon has launched the Amazon Home Services platform that makes it super easy for you to find gigs like this. 

58. Work from home as a bookkeeper 

All you need is a program such as Bookkeepers and you're good to go. This side job will make you lots of money! 

59. Start recycling for extra money

 Talk to your neighbours and ask for their bottles and cans. Take them to a recycling centre and get money in return. This is a wondeful way to get paid for things that matter for nature.

60.Take up dog walking 

Join different platforms such as Rover or Care.com and find people in your area who need dog walking services. 

61. Work as a movie extra on a set

If you're interested in ways of making money on the side, star as an extra in a movie or TV show. They pay very well. 

62. Work as a mystery shopper 

Certain companies hire mystery shoppers to go into their stores and test how the employees are acting. 

63. Work as someone's friend for money 

There is a platform called RentAFriend through which people pay you to see movies or just hang out with them. 

64. Shovel snow in your local area 

The website you need for this side gig is called Shoveler and it will show you different people who need this kind of service. 

65. Sell all your old books 

Get rid of the old books you have already read. They can fetch up to thousands of dollars on Amazon and Craigslist. It is a good way to help you and others too. Hey they will get books on cheaper rates than new books.

66. Donate blood for money 

The easiest way of making money very fast is to donate blood. You will get $50 for every donation. Hey, I don't do it but in case you really need money you can do it. 

67. Decorate houses for the holidays 

If you have an artistic flair, people can hire you to decorate their houses for the holidays and pay you for it.

68. Organize a webinar for quick cash 

Two platforms you can use for this are Webinar Jam and GoToWebinar. If you have great content, you can earn thousands of dollars. 

69. Offer tours in your home town 

You don't have to be a local guide or historian for this. Organize walking tours for interested people who want to pay. 

70. Organize virtual tours of your local area

Take advantage of the pandemic and organize virtual tours for people who want to travel but can't do it right now. 

71. Record walking tours of your city 

If you live in a beautiful city like New York or Los Angeles, film a walking tour and post it on YouTube. If it has lots of views, you will make money. However before making any money, you need to fulfill the requirements of the platform to earn money.

72. Switch to a credit card that pays you 

Some credit cards give you a percentage back each time you use them. You can save hundreds of dollars. However, the credit card is not a playing device. Use it responsibly.

73. Enter all the competitions you can 

This is one of the ways of making money from home that pays off. Go to Magic Freebies and enter competitions. 

74. Get paid to open emails 

Sites such as Qmee will pay you to open emails and visit certain websites as long as you're online. 

75. Earn money for clicking on adverts 

I know you hate ads, but they can make you money. Inboxpounds will pay you to click on ads. You can try and test it now. And don't forget to share your experience here.

 76.Take a foreign student in 

This means getting rent from a foreign student who can live in one of your spare bedrooms. You also get a companion for free.

77. Rent your living room as a movie set 

If you have a nice house, movie producers can pay you to use it as a set for their next film. Pretty good option. However, you need to work for it.

78. Earn money from photoshoots in your house 

Influencers often rent houses to take photoshoots in. Advertise your beautiful house on social media and make money if you can attract the people. 

79. Rent your parking space out 

Use websites such as YourParkingSpace or JustPark and earn money by renting your driveway to different people. 

80. Rent your extra storage space  

One of the ways of making money from home is by renting any extra storage space you have. 

81. Sell your old Lego bricks 

Websites such as Zapper and Brick Owl specialize in Lego marketplaces. You can make lots of money if you have enough bricks. 

82.Recycle and sell printer cartridges 

Take your old printer cartridges to Tesco. They have a program called The Recycling Factory which pays money. 

83. Use a health app and earn money

It's called AchieveMint and it will give you 10,000 points, meaning $10 for eating healthy food and walking. There are many money making apps you can try.

84. Rate your favourite pizzas for food and money 

One of the ways of making money from home involves joining Trendsource. You have to rate pizzas for $5 and a free pizza. 

85. Review businesses and win big 

I'm sure you've heard about Yelp. But did you know they also pay? You can get $50 per review. 

86. Stop using your default search engine 

If you switch to Bing, they will give you credits which you can turn into $5 to $10 every month. 

87. Perform micro tasks for Amazon 

Amazon's Mechanical Turk is the easiest way of making money. They need human interaction services and pay by the hour. 

88. Sell your lesson plans online 

If you are a student or teacher, Teachers Pay Teachers will buy your lesson plans for a fixed price. 

89. Manage celebrity fan pages 

This is a growing gig that happens on Instagram and Twitter. People will pay you to maintain their celebrity fan pages. 

90. Fix search mistakes in engines 

Join Lionbridge and Appen to get paid to fix Google's search result mistakes. This is a job that pays by the hour. 

91. Share your skills in calligraphy 

If you have beautiful penmanship, people will pay you to write their wedding invitations. Join Etsy Calligraphy. 

92. Show off the contents of your fridge 

Start an account with Nielsen. They pay you to scan all the items in your fridge and send them your barcodes. 

93. Give your junk mail away 

The Small Business Knowledge Center will buy all your junk mail in exchange for a prepaid Visa credit card. 

94. Sell empty boxes for high prices 

There are plenty of ways of making money on the side. For example, many people want to buy luxury brand boxes that they can use in photos. If you have Gucci or Prada boxes, sell them online. 

95. Make money off your garbage 

Go to Flog Your Rubbish for Cash and find people who are doing arts and crafts and need the stuff you normally throw away. 

96. Get rid of your old wedding dress for the money 

You can sell your wedding dress on websites like Preloved or The Dressmarket, where you can fetch a pretty price for it. 

97. Sell your stories for lots of money 

If you have interesting or funny stories, sell them to writers or content creators. They will pay you hundreds of dollars. 

98. Send your photos to online publications 

Beautiful or funny pictures will get you up to $50 if you send them to famous magazines. Try Reader's Digest. 

99. Sell pictures of celebrities online 

If you've snapped a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio eating ice cream, it could fetch you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. 

100. Buy lost luggage and flip it 

Join auctions for lost luggage as the easiest way of making money. Flip what's inside for more cash. 

101. Reclaim your money off delayed flights 

If your flight was delayed for more than three hours, you might be entitled to a discount. 

102. Become a life coach 

Start a blog, an Instagram page, or a YouTube channel as a life coach and make money off your advice. 

103. Charge scooters overnight 

Uber, Lime, and Bird will allow you to act as a charger and earn $5 per scooter. This is a sweet deal! 

104. Narrate your favourite books 

If you have a pleasant voice and good diction, you can make hundreds of dollars a month from the narration. 

105. Work as a voice-over person 

Buy a high-quality microphone and join The Voice Realm to share your skills. 

106. Write music and sell it online 

Depending on how much the songs will be used, you stand to make up to a few thousand dollars every month. 

107. Get rid of all your unused gift cards 

If you have received gift cards for your birthday, sell them for a profit and make money online. 

108. Sell your notes from college 

Join platforms like Nexus Notes and Course Hero and make money off your old college notes. 

109. Act as an online juror for college students 

People who study law use mock online jurors to test and see what real-life cases will be like. 

110. Place ads on your car 

Simple ways of making money from home ask you to place ads on your car for different companies. 

111. Sell your biological waste for research 

If you join OpenBiome, you will see that each stool sample you give them will get you $40. 

112. Make hundreds of dollars by selling your hair 

Wig shops will pay you up to $150 for each set of locks you are willing to sell. 

113. Become a brand ambassador 

If you have a massive social media following, brands can pay you thousands of dollars to advertise for them. This requires serious work and is highly rewarding.

114. Flip bottled water at festivals 

Buy as much bottled water as you can for a low price. Sell it for much more at festivals and concerts. 

115. Re-sell tickets for a profit 

If you can buy sports and concert tickets below the average price, go to Craigslist or StubHub.com and re-sell them to make a profit. 

What will you do? 

There is no doubt that all of these ways of making money on the side are easy and fast. Of course, they depend on how much time and effort you want to put in. That means you stand to make as little as $5 and as much as $5,000. Which one of these are you ready to try? Your experience matters alot, and don't forget to share it here.