Reading List: Greatest Self Development Books

I often meet lots of people who don't read books. Upon asking why they don’t read, I get almost the same response from them: “ Reading requires time, and they do not have enough time to dedicate a portion to reading.

Unfortunately, the test of the pudding is in eating. Until you begin reading books, you will never understand the benefits of reading book.

And this explains why people- even those who should know better, skip on one of the most powerful habits any successful person can have: reading. the truth is, there is no substituting of reading!

I love reading- it is both a hobby and a duty. The insights and knowledge you find on my website is the result from my extensive reading. I am as knowledgeable as the number of books I read; this is a universal principle. Anyone can improve their knowledge of any given subject through reading books.

The good news is that reading lets you become who and what you want. All successful people have one thing in common: they are extensive readers. Imagine what we can do with this secret. Imagine the power of reading unleashed!

We can make a better society. We can create a better environment around us. We can raise our income. We can motivate and teach others, who will inspire and motivate many others, and this chain will continue for all good.

To start off the chain, or better yet, to continue the chain of readership, I have shared a couple of books you should read. The list below is not final. I will keep on updating this from time to time. So, ensure to return to this article as much as possible.

A word of caution: never buy to boast or simply decorate your bookshelf. Always buy to read. Make the best use of your books, read them, and learn from them. That said,

Here is my curated list of some of the best self development books available now to enrich your knowledge.

Greatest Self Development Books

It would be an injustice not to put this amazing book at the top of my list. This short and graphical guide by Nigel Benson will tell you what psychology is.

Concepts, theories, and principles of psychology are presented concisely and can be easily understood. You will learn a lot about Psychology by reading this book.

The entire reading time is not more than 3 hours. I suggest you read it at least three times, and you will know more about Psychology than most.

This book is about the co-founder of AngelList, Naval Ravikant, a serial entrepreneur.

Reading this book, you will be exposed to a great source of information about the life of one of the greatest men to grace the earth. The book exposes you to a ton of proven advice that works.

You will get new ideas on how to be productive, build a business from scratch, and improve your outcome in life. I often go through this amazing book when I am stuck and need guidance.

It is short and easy to read for anyone from beginner to pro. Read this book for free HERE. however, I recommend you buy, keep, and go through it often. One of my best quotes in this book is, " Intentions don't matter. Actions do"

Life is full of struggle, and there is a limit to what we can control. Therefore, every individual's goal is to take responsibility for that which they have control over and unburden themselves of all things beyond their control.

Doing this gives us the grace to live our lives without pressure. In essence, we love ourselves more.

Above is what I gleaned from this book. The message of this book is easy to understand because the author has lived the truth he shares. Hence he speaks from a place of truth. An amazing read and easy to understand- I advise you to read this book if you are depressed or feel delusional about life.

We often live with self-doubts that control the way we work. We don't start that morning routine because we don't think it will help us. The worst of us are never sure of what to do- always in between the decisions and never taking any action.

There is also the issue of distraction. Friends, family, and a billion other things consistently viewing for our attention. 

The answer to this question is provided in this book in the most empathetic way.
It is a book that I often go through. And whenever I go through it, I learn new things. Another short read full of helpful advice.

Another great book written by a Nobel Laureate, Daniel. This book teaches you how to hack your mind to make better decisions. You will be surprised that most daily decisions are predestined by conditions you are oblivious. This book, therefore, brings to the forefront these conditions and teaches you how to manage them to make better decisions in your life.

Distractions negatively impact our productivity. Unfortunately, we live in a world and in a time of abundant distraction and noise.

So, how do you cope with distraction, so you can give your best to the things that matter the most? This and more is discussed in this amazing book by Carl Newport, who teaches how to get the most out of our time.

This is another masterpiece. I have learned a lot from it. It has not only improved my productivity but also it has helped me learn new things faster. The principles of ultra-learning are easy to follow with dedication.

In this book, Scott Young proved that anything is possible to do. He self-studied and passed the CS course at MIT, and through this book, he teaches you how any of us can learn anything and do better.