READ Before Investing in HDFC Midcap Opportunities Fund

HDFC Midcap Opportunities fund is one of the top performing mutual funds of HDFC Asset Management Company.
It is an open-ended diversified equity mutual fund scheme which mostly invests in midcap stocks. The fund was launched on June 25, 2007.
The current fund manager of HDFC Midcap Opportunities Fund is Mr. Chirag Setalvad and Mr. Amar Kalkundrikar.
Mr. Chirag has been associated with the fund since its inception. Mr. Amar Kalkundrikar has been associated with the fund since Jan 10, 2019.
Since the inception of the fund to 2nd April 2019, the fund has delivered 15.81% returns.

Expense Ratio


Index Vs. Fund

How Hdfc Mid cap Opportunities Fund Has Performed In 2008-09 Market Meltdowns?

During 2008-9, the fund had given negative returns of 38.1% and the benchmark index was dropped by 44.5%. In 2009-10, the fund went upside by 122.8% and The Benchmark Index went up by 129.4%.

What Is The Investment Objective Of The Fund?

The fund aims to provide capital growth in the long term by investing mainly in mid-cap companies which are available at a reasonable price, have a business model that is sustainable, are financially strong, and have reasonable future growth potential.

Is The Fund Suitable For You?

If you’re looking for long term wealth creation investing predominantly in midcap companies and you have a moderate risk profile then the fund is suitable for you. No money must be invested here which you require in the next 3 to 5 years.

How Can You Invest In This Fund?

There are many ways to invest in this fund. You can invest online through HDFC fund website or you can invest in visiting nearby HDFC mutual fund or CAMS branches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About HDFC MidCap Opportunities Fund

1. What Is The Benchmark Index Of The Fund?
The benchmark index of the fund is Nifty Midcap 100 (TRI).
2. What Is The Category Of The Fund?
The HDFC midcap opportunity fund is a diversified equity mutual fund that predominantly invests in mid-cap companies.
3. Can We Invest Through SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) In This Fund?
Yes, you can start a SIP in this fund and invest as long as you want. The minimum SIP amount is 500 Rs. And a minimum one-time investment amount is 5000 Rs.
4. What Is The Risk Return Profile Of HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund?
The fund is suitable for investors who belong to moderately high-risk profile.
5. What Is The Lock-In Period Of The Fund?
There is no locking period in this fund. This is an open-ended scheme and you can invest and redeem anytime. However, the exit load is applied if the fund is redeemed within 365 days of investing.
6. What Is the Exit Load of HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund?
If the investment is redeemed within 365 days of investing, 1% exit load is applied. There is no charge of exit if the fund units are redeemed after one year of investment.
7. What Is Total Expense Ratio Of The Fund?
The expense ratio is 2.15% for regular plans and 1.22% for direct plans.
8. What Are the Investment Options of HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund?
There are two types of investment options; Direct and Regular. An investor can choose any of the plans for investing in this fund.
9. How Is The Portfolio Of The Fund?
The HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund invests at least 65% in midcap companies and remaining in a mix of small and large-cap companies. The portfolio of the fund is well diversified.
10. Can We Invest In This Fund For My Child Education?
Yes, you can invest in this fund for your child’s education. But you are advised not to invest in any equity fund if your goal is in the short term. Invest in equities only if you could wait for a minimum of 10 years to reap the real benefits of equity investing.
For the short term, investing in equities is risky and you may even lose some of your principal capital.
11. How To Get HDFC Midcap Opportunities Fund NAV (Net Asset Value)?
The net asset value or NAV of HDFC midcap opportunities fund can be found at the Website of HDFC asset management company or at AMFI.
12. Should You Be Investing In This Fund?
If you compare the performance of HDFC midcap opportunity fund with its benchmark index, it has not really done so well. The NIFTY midcap 100 TRI has performed really very well. Also investing in an index fund is more cost effective and less risky than investing in a mutual fund scheme that tracks the index.
13. What Could Be An Alternative For This Fund?
If you don’t want to track performance regularly, and want to grow your money with lower expenses, you could invest in JUNIORBeES. JUNIORBeES is an index fund that tracks NIFTY NEXT 50 Index.
JUNIORBeES has an expense ratio of 0.23%, and it has delivered 20.87% returns since its launch in Feb 2003.

Have you invested in this fund? How long have you been investing in this fund? How is the performance?  You can share your views in comments.