How to Earn Real Money from Swagbucks: Swagbucks Review

Reviews of Swagbucks can help you out in learning more about this online platform to work from home and how can you use this online tool to get paid for doing things you daily do. As the Internet has become more popular, many things are getting in the light which seems to change the whole thing around. They are enticing, luring but not all are legitimate. And here the reviews can help you.
If you read reviews of any product then you can know more about them even without buying and using them. And this article would inform you everything you must know about Swagbucks before using it.

Everyday we are busy with our smartphone doing some usual things. We love doing those things and forget that we're wasting our time. But, here Swagbucks can help you out. You could never have gotten something like Swagbucks in today's era. It is a popular and legitimate medium to earn money online and all through your smartphone doing things of your choice.
So, before using this online platform let us first dive deeply to know it better and clear some of the basic questions about this wonderful opportunity.

Why are we talking about Swagbucks?
Is it only a platform that can help you earn money online through your smartphone?
Is it legitimate and your time and efforts would be properly compensated?
Do people like it?
How much we can earn at Swagbucks?
And many such things that matter and you must know before you believe in it.
So let us start with?
What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is an online platform that provides you an opportunity to earn gift cards and cash for doing the common things online. It is a popular and legitimate way of earning for your leisure time and efforts.
If you just figure out how much time you waste online doing the daily things you would surprise and now you can even get paid for those things.
You earn SB points for all your online activities and once you have enough SB points then you can redeem them for gift cards, cash in your PayPal account. It is that easy.
Swagbucks has millions of customers who use it and admire it for a friendly platform and online earning facilities.

Is Swagbucks legitimate and pay on time?

With so many happy customers (over 100 million as on date), it is sure it is something we can trust. However, you're not going to be rich quickly but you're going to enjoy your time here earning something for the things you like to do.
Since Swagbucks has started, it has paid over $400 million to its happy customers. Swagbucks is a great way of making money online for doing multiple online activities.
Also if you want to know more about it you can read user' reviews. There are Swagbucks apps for every activity and you can read reviews from real users about the apps. This way you can know better about the app.

You can learn the pros and cons of the app. You can know many more things there like how does it pay, how much time it would take to complete the activity, is it user friendly, and similar other useful information.

As far as my experience, I can trust on Swagbucks because it does what it promises to do so you can trust it. And as it is precisely said, for every pros, there are some cons so it applies to the Swagbucks app too.

How can you earn at Swagbucks?

There are many ways you can use Swagbucks and earn cash and gift cards for example;

1. You can shop online;

You have several options to earn than you think and with over 1500 retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Starbucks you not only get the things you want but also earn SB points for every dollar you spend. You also got a ton of varieties to choose from.
SB point is the currency of Swagbucks.

You can redeem those SB points for gift cards and cash once you have accumulated them enough to redeem.

2. You can earn SB points for participating in surveys;

Yes, you earn SB points for sharing your opinions. This is one of the best ways to get paid working from home and enjoy doing things you like.

At Swagbucks, you have got the opportunity to earn 40 SB to 200 SB per survey and an occasional opportunity to earn even more.

At the last what you earn depends on the time you spent on completing surveys and how many surveys you have completed. So, if you're participating in surveys daily and complete them you can earn more.
Is not it exciting to get paid for things you enjoy doing and helping others to improve the products and services?

3. You can be rewarded at Swagbucks even for watching videos; 

There are a number of things to do at Swagbucks that are entertaining and help you earn cash and rewards. Would not you like to watch entertaining videos and earning SB points for even this activity?
You can make over $5 every day for watching videos if you're consistent and love doing it.
You got a big list of categories to choose videos for your next watch list.

So, the next time when you need to watch something you must not forget it because with it you not only enjoy your favorite videos but also earn the money too. Here is a great tip for people who love watching videos; download the Swagbucks watch mobile apps and start watching your cool videos while you're traveling or just want to have a quick refresh of your mood.

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4. You even compensated here for looking out deals and offers; 

There are a number of deals and offers available at Swagbucks which you might be searching for and here your search just got the end. You can earn SB points for signing up for the services, trying free samples of the products.

Some of the great deals available at Swagbucks are;
Hulu; You can try this video streaming service for just $5.99 and get the cashback of more than the trial cost itself.
Dollar Shave Club and many other such products and services are available for trial that we need.
Swagbucks deals and offers make the life easy because here you get the things you need on discounted prices and earn the points which you can later redeem for further benefits.

5. The game lovers would cherish at Swagbucks;

You would not believe but even playing the games can help you earn cash and gift cards and Swagbucks is such a facility that takes this to you.

Here you can earn SB points for playing free available games and also when you do in-game purchases.

There are a number of games available in different categories and also the list is updated regularly so you would find many games that you like to play.

6. You earn SB points for searching the Web;

We can't wait for even a few moments without watching our smartphone.

We are either busy chatting with our friends on social media, or WhatsApp or searching for new information. And here you can enhance your chances of increasing your earnings at Swagbucks by using more of the search facilities of Swagbucks.

If you're using a desktop then you can install the chrome extension of Swagbucks Search and start earning even searching for something at Swagbucks.
You can earn SB points daily while you're searching for something you care or need. And the more you search, the more you can earn at Swagbucks. The Swagbucks search is powered by Yahoo so you're closer in getting what you're searching for.

7. Hey, you can earn 55 SB on your birthdays;

If you're a teenager you can earn at Swagbucks; Not everywhere a teenager is eligible to participate in surveys and online earning facilities but Swagbucks is an exception because anyone who is more than 13 years of age can join Swagbucks and earn gift cards, cash, and other rewards.

8. You can earn SB points for referring Swagbucks to your friends;

You can be rewarded at Swagbucks even for helping your friends in earning gift cards and other rewards by using Swagbucks. When your friends' signup Swagbucks through your referral like you're eligible to earn 10% of what they earn for a lifetime.
So, why do you not refer it to your friends, they would thank you for this and you would even earn more SB points which would increase your passive income.

9. You can earn 25 SB by just adding the Swagbucks button to google chrome.

So, there are multiple activities at Swagbucks where you can participate and earn SB points which can later be redeemed for rewards.

How much we can earn at Swagbucks?

Truly, you're not going to be rich using Swagbucks but your efforts and time are well compensated here.

Swagbucks claims that you can earn $547 in a year with minimal effort if you use Swagbucks regularly but not daily. A daily user can even earn more than that.

If you want to earn consistently you can set a goal to earn $1-2 per day and that is easily achievable. You will not find many people who are earning $1000 or more at Swagbucks.

How can we increase our earning at Swagbucks?

If you participate and complete the following activities then you can earn $1.96 a day or $715.4 a year;
Answering the daily poll can help you earn 1 SB
If you made an online or in-store purchase and upload it then you can add 4 SB
You can earn 153 SB if you attempt 3 online surveys
You can earn 3 SB if you complete your daily earning goal
You can add up 30 SB to your account if you look at daily offers, deals, and signup for free trials
You can earn 5 SB if you watch 3 short videos on current events and entertainment
So if you're a regular Swagbucks user then you can easily earn 196 SB a day. So, you can earn every day at Swagbucks if you use it daily for doing common online activities which you were already doing.

Frequently asked questions about Swagbucks:

What are SB points?

When you complete an online activity at Swagbucks you earn SB points also called Swagbucks. Each set of 100 Swagbucks or SB points is equal to $1.

So, if you have earned 1000 Swagbucks means you have earned $10. 

The more you're active on Swagbucks, the more you earn SB points, and the more you earn cash and rewards.

Is there a Swagbucks app available for mobile devices?

Yes, the Swagbucks app is available for Android and iOS devices.

There is a Swagbucks app for any activity like Swagbucks Watch for watching online videos, SB Answer for participating and answering online surveys, Shoply to earn cashback on shopping, and for daily trivia, Swagbucks live.

So, you would not confuse using them because you have gotten an app for an activity. 

Who can participate in Swagbucks and earn?

If you have completed 13 years of age and Swagbucks is available for your country then you can join and start earning from Swagbucks.

How can I claim Swagbucks rewards?

Swagbucks sends emails when you have become eligible for earning rewards. Once you confirm your reward visiting the link you receive rewards within 1-2 days.

What if Swagbucks is open to my country?

No doubt Swagbucks is a great online platform to earn for your free time and usual online activities.

But, its services are not available for every country. So, if your country is not on the list you can still join similar platforms and earn.

Some of the similar, legitimate, and popular alternatives to Swagbucks are; Inbox Dollar; Survey Junkie, Toluna, etc.

Can we earn cash at Swagbucks?

Yes, you can earn cash at Swagbucks and that can be directly transferred to your PayPal account once you have enough SB points which you can redeem for cash payment.

How much time does it take to complete surveys at Swagbucks?

Swagbucks has a different set of surveys that may take 1-3 minutes to up to 20 minutes or more.

The rewards points are also more for longer surveys so if you complete some lengthy surveys you earn more SB points.


Swagbucks is a great platform for everything which also enables you in earning the cash and rewards for different things you usually do online.

Swagbucks has changed the way we use our time on the web.

Earlier, the things which you're were doing online without noticing how much time they're eating up. Now they are enabling you to earn.
You must try it. It is easy to join.