How to Get Amazon Gift Cards: 10 Free Ways

Amazon gift cards are fun for shopping on Amazon. Here in this article, we will explore how to get free Amazon gift cards.

But first, let us know why are they so valuable ?

The importance of Amazon gift cards is tied to the importance of Amazon itself: the world's largest and most popular online storehouse of merchandise. You can purchase almost anything on it.

Also, being worldwide, Amazon serves a vast customer base that cuts across nations. It operates 13 (and expanding) country-specific websites and is also the most visited website of the United States. 

So, hunting for free Amazon gift cards makes total sense. 

In compiling the platforms where you can get these Amazon cards freely, we focused on legitimacy and payment. Platforms that fall short of these two parameters where screened out.

Also, note that you can also get Walmart gift cards from these platforms. 

Amazon Gift Cards

Writing and answering surveys online

Have you tried surveys? They are fun trying and can help you earn extra cash and rewards like Amazon gift cards. They are pretty easy to do in your spare time and can be rewarding and lots of fun.
This is also one of the best ways to earn cash and gift cards working from home.

There are a few best survey sites that are legitimate and value your opinion. Below is the list of top 5 survey websites you can start with.

1. Opinion Outpost:

Opinion outpost is an admired survey website that helps you earn money by answering surveys and sharing your opinions.

Along with earning free Amazon gift cards, you can also earn extra cash and other lucrative rewards (iTunes gift cards) for just doing usual things online.

Joining Opinion Outpost is pretty easy and flexible. Once you become a registered member you can start answering the survey and earning free Amazon gift cards and other rewards.

So why do you not become part of the community and start earning great rewards and help in shaping a better tomorrow by helping the companies sharing your views and feedback on the products?

2. Toluna: 

If you use the internet, you might know about Toluna. Toluna is a great platform to help companies who are striving to deliver enhanced and better products.

 This is a website that collects the opinions of thousands of registered members.
It is free to join and you can earn many rewards along with Amazon gift cards.

3. Swagbucks

Who does not know about this online opinion sharing platform with multiple other opportunities to make online extra cash?
This is available to use from 2010.

On Swagbucks, you earn points which are called as SB. Once you have accumulated them participating in surveys and other activities over time, they can be redeemed for free amazon gift cards and other rewards.

You can get more information about this platform and how to start earning from Swagbucks at this link.
You can also earn cash for your time and efforts which can be paid to your PayPal account.
You’re also free to unsubscribe this platform if you don’t like it.

You’re also entitled to earn sign up bonus $5.

4. Survey Junkie

Another legitimate survey website that is popular and genuine to earn free amazon gift cards. You earn points for your efforts which are redeemable to amazon gift cards.
You can have more information about the site here.

5. Global Market Research:

However, this is not as popular as all our above recommendations but it is also worth your time and effort. This can also become a valuable place to participate in surveys and earn cash as well as other rewards.
While there is no significant difference in working of these survey websites but all of them have their own set of rules you need to follow.
Why do you not start becoming more productive by being just regular in participating in these opportunities?


Another popular and legitimate way to earn amazon gift cards by answering surveys. There are millions of happy members. The members earn points for online activities. These points can later be redeemed for gift cards.


An online platform to earn free amazon gift cards by answering surveys and watching entertainment videos. You can learn more about the system and its working here.

You can easily become a member by signing up for the program. Once you become a member you can start writing surveys and watching videos.

You get paid for all your online activities. When you have attended enough activities and earn redeemable points, you can redeem for gift cards or Robux.
If you don’t have time to sign up you can log in through your google identity. The website is pretty new and started in 2018, but the system is legitimate.

Many websites boast of helping people earning money through surveys and opinion sharing. But, it must be noted that not all of them are reliable and pay on time. The best way to check whether they fulfill their promise or not by looking at the reviews of people.

A testimonial can help you learn more about the company and its authenticity than other information available on the site. So, whenever, you sign up for a new website for answering surveys, read the testimonials carefully before starting your journey.

You must also know that if not all of them are reliable and legitimate websites then also not all of them are bad.

How much can I earn Amazon gift cards participating in survey websites?

This depends on the time and punctuality you give for these online activities. If you’re regularly participating in surveys and all other stuff that makes you eligible for earning rewards then you would make sound progress that can help you in earning more Amazon gift cards.

You can sign up survey websites and start earning gifts cards of Amazon, Walmart, etc.
There are also many survey websites where you can join for free and increase your income but be careful and always learn more about them before joining.
So, if you have planned to browse your favorite retailer for new deals or watching entertainment videos, why not get paid for doing these things.
Your time is precious and you can earn while you're doing the usual things online.

8. Shopping with your credit cards at your favorite retailers:

You might be thinking about how your credit cards can help you earn Amazon gift cards.
Indeed, credit cards are always considered bad things in personal finance because they encourage spending and put you in debt. But, they are pretty useful if they are used properly.

They can not only help you in an emergency but also they can help you earn cashback and Amazon gift cards.
Whenever you do online shopping through your credit cards and pay the due amount on time, you earn reward points.
When you have enough reward points you can redeem those points for various cashback and gift cards like Amazon gift cards.
Is not it a good way to use borrowed money through your credit cards and enjoy interest-free purchases and cashback/rewards?
Remember, always use your credit card responsibly and pay due amount on time.

9. Start Using Personal Capital:

You know the many benefits of personal capital along with how it eases your mental headache of managing finances. This also comes with other benefits and rewards like easy ways to earn free amazon gift cards.

Would not you like to use it earning free rewards and managing your finances the hassle free way?

10. Amazon Gift Cards From

You can also earn free amazon gift cards if you’re an affiliate marketer who promotes products of different vendors through amazon link.

When you accumulate enough advertising revenue in your account, you can choose payment through amazon gift cards.
There are also other payment options like direct credit to your account, payment through cheques along with pay in terms of amazon gift cards.

11. Idle-Empire:

Idle Empire is another popular website where you can earn free amazon gift cards as reward money. At Idle Empire you can earn points for answering surveys, watching videos, and playing games.
You can sign here for Idle-Empire.

12. QuickThoughts:

Melissa Wharton a long term user of it, is crushing it with amazon gift cards and earning a minimum of $10 amazon gift cards for just 10 minutes of work a day”. And like Melissa Wharton, there are many happy and satisfied users of QuickThoughts who find it legitimate and earn free gift cards for their free time.

The app is rated 4.1 stars out of five at Google Play which shows how popular and legitimate it is. 

Joining and participating in QuickThoughts surveys is easy. Just download the app, sign up, and become a member and start earning by participating.

The app is available for android and iOS users.

So, have fun, be productive, and let your opinion count. 

13. PollPay app:

You can earn amazon gift cards by answering surveys from your smartphone. Your rewards are not only limited to amazon gift cards but Xbox gift cards, Netflix gift cards, GooglePlay gift cards can also be earned through PollPay app.

You can easily join PollPay and start participating in surveys without any hassle.

You have also an option to refer the app to your friends and increase your earnings at PollPay which you later can redeem for Amazon gift cards.
This is also one of the best ways to earn money from working from home when you’re free.
PollPay is also rated 4.5 stars with lots of motivating testimonials to use it.
After reading testimonials from the many users who use it daily, PollPay looks legitimate and rewarding.
PollPay is available for android and iOS users.

14. CashKarma:

CashKarma is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars and favorite of many people who want to earn money working from home in their leisure time.

At CashKarma you earn points for answering surveys, finding great deals, and trying new products of your use. You can redeem all those earned points for branded gift cards of Amazon, Walmart, Target, Starbucks, etc.
You can also earn bonuses here which can help you in increasing your income.

15. FeaturePoints:

With over $5.8 Million rewards paid since 2012 and 4+star rating, it becomes a popular and legitimate way to earn money from home. Like other thousands of happy users, you can too become a member and start earning at FeaturePoints. 

There are multiple ways you can increase your earnings at FeaturePoints like answering easy surveys, save money by cashback, earn money by downloading and using different apps, and referring to your friends.

Your accumulated points can be redeemed for gift cards of Amazon, Starbucks, and many more.

You can download the FeaturePoint app now and add another stream of earnings.

16. GiftWallet:

It is another easy and fast way to earn money through your smartphone in your free time.

You can start earning within a few clicks after downloading and joining the app. You can earn gift cards of Amazon, Google play, and PayPal cash.

With thousands of happy and daily users and 4.2-star ratings out of 5 stars, you can be comfortable and rely on the system.

Also never forget to refer this to your friends, colleagues, and close relatives who can join it and earn in their free time. For every new referral, you get paid 30% of what they earn. Is not it attractive?


Amazon gift cards can change your way of shopping experience. Along with helping you save money in big or small purchases, they motivate you to use your time more productively. So whenever you get time for online activities, use it more purposefully and earn more amazon gift cards for free.
If you have found another way to add more of amazon gift cards, please share it here so that we could list them. If you find this article useful then don’t forget it to share with your friends and relatives.
Anyway, share your opinions so that we could produce more good articles for our readers and help them earn money working from home.
Thanking you. Your opinion matters.