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13 Easy Ways to Get Paid Playing Video Games (& Win Prizes)

Who says playing games is the wastage of time?
If anyone has ever said to you then it is time to get back to them and show them you can make money playing video games.
We have even a very popular millionaire now who has become very rich by playing video games. Yes, you can mention Felix Kjellberg who has a net worth of over 30 million dollars as per

Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie has got all his money by playing video games and uploading them on YouTube. He is a Chamlers University dropout and is the now holding 2nd most subscribed YouTube channel with nearly 104 million subscribers.
Felix loves playing video games and what he does is just record during playing the video games and later uploading them to his YouTube channel.

However, you can not become Felix in a day and can earn as much as he is earning immediately but you have pretty good chances of earning a decent check that could help you pay your bills. Like for any big success, until you try and fail you don’t taste the fruits of innovations and hard work, the same applies here too.

Earlier you might have paid for playing video games.

Yes, the time has changed, and now playing video games is not only amusing but also rewarding.
You can earn some handsome money and enjoy your life without even working for anyone else. You can not only pay your fees but can also accumulate money for your entertainment. You don’t need to depend on your parents, friends, brothers to help you when you need money. You have gotten ways to get the money even working from home.

You could even use that money to improve your skills and earn money from other sources. There are several ways to get better when you earn money for your time and use the earned money for your growth.

Is this a legit way of earning money? Is my precious time is getting awarded? 

If you tell your parents that you are making money by playing games then they are not going to believe you unless you show them proof. But, Yes, it is a legit way of earning money where you play games and earn money from home.

It is the age of technology, and day by day we’re exploring other ways to improve our lives through it.
And here we’re writing about 10 innovative ways you can use earning money by playing games.

1. Swagbucks:

Swagbucks is very popular and if you’re reading this article then the chances are you know it and you might be using it. It is such an app that pay you to play games

Swagbucks can ease your life in many ways and can help you earn fast cash along with finding great deals and discounts.

You can also play games and earn points at Swagbucks which you can redeem later for prizes and free vouchers.

Have you ever played games at Swagbucks?

How was your experience and how much did you earn? Please share if you used it earlier.
If you’re going to use it the first time, here is the link that can help you learn all the good things about this app.
You can also invite your friends and earn referral fees.
This is a legit and reliable way to get paid by playing video games.
This free app is available for android and iOS users.

2. Big Time Cash: 

If you have spare time and want to use it for more fun and earning money then Big Time cash app is another wonderful way to swell your pockets.
With many free video games to chose and play, you got a lot of choices to try and entertain yourself with exciting video games.
Here, you have to collect tickets to participate in cash prize draws.

The more game you play and win the chances of your winning more tickets increase. And with more tickets, more chances to be the winner of the lucky cash prize draw. If you win, you can get credited with your prize money in your PayPal account.
The app is quite popular at Google Play and App Store with admirable feedback and ratings. You can get the app for free for android and iOS devices.
The app is updated frequently and you could enjoy all the latest features without any issues.

3. Solitaire

If you love playing cards, the Solitaire card game app should be your number one choice. Here, you not only enjoy playing cards but also you make money at the same time.
If you look at the ratings of the app, then you could easily judge that people love it. The app is available for Android and iOS users for free. 

4. Operation Optics

It is also one of the popular video games where you can become a little creative and earn exciting prizes for your time.

The app has wonderful ratings which prove that people are thrilled playing it and earning money.

There is no doubt about the legitimacy of the game and earning money. If you want to know more about and its legitimacy you can read reviews of people who have been using it happily and earning money.
The app is available for download for iOS and Android devices.

5. Coin Pop: 

You get rewarded for the time you use on this app. It is easy to use and has a bunch of entertaining games that you could enjoy in your free time. You can earn here gift cards, vouchers, and cash rewards.

The app is free for download and installation and activation is quite easy. The more time you use the app and play its game, the more money you may make. So, the next time when you feel bored and want some refreshing then Coin Pop can please you with its games.

6. App Station

Get your mobile phone, turn on the Internet.
Download the App Station app
Install the favorite games from the list
Start playing the game and start earning money.

The more you play the games and spend time on the app, the more money you can earn.
App station is one of the highly admired and legit ways of earning money by playing video games.

Does it make any sense in playing those boring games anymore that don’t pay for playing? Let us get smart now.

7. BIGtoken cash app

This app not only pays you for playing video games but also has several entertaining ways to keep you engaged and earning money.

Once you have this app on your mobile phone, you can earn money by watching videos, answering surveys along with playing mini-games. Its time now to experience real money by playing video games.

8. Mistplay

With over 100 thousands of positive reviews, I can say Mistplay is something that we can go for.

Here you have a large bucket of entertaining mobile games that you can enjoy playing while resting, traveling, or just browsing on your phone looking for something new and exciting.

You can earn points while you play and win which you can redeem for lucrative benefits like Amazon gift cards, Visa gift cards, iTunes, etc.
The app is available for free download at Google Play. There is no release for iOS devices but the app is soon to be available for iOS.

9. Fortnite

Fortnite by Epic Games is an action game and if I look at its ratings I find that people love playing it. It has over a million downloads and 69000 reviews at Google Play. Anyone who is 12+years old can easily play it and enjoy its tons of entertaining features.

The app is available for free download at Google Play and iOS.

10. Krazy Kart:

One of the popular WINR arcade video games. It is another trustworthy opportunity to play video games and earn money for your time. The app is available for free and here you get a big list of popular arcade games to play. 

11. Toluna:

Toluna is very popular in market research and surveys. You probably know it for surveys. But, you can also browse a big list of video games at Toluna which you can play and earn rewards.

Playing video games and earning gifts and rewards look like a dream come true now for many people who always underestimated the power of technology. 

12. InboxDollars

Another popular platform to share your opinions and surveys for making the products better for yourself and the community. But, it is not only an opinion sharing and surveying platform but also you can have a unique platform for playing video games.

You have always options to choose games that you like to play. The more time you have playing the games, the more rewards and gifts you can earn.
Inbox dollar is available for both Android and iOS devices.

13. Brain Battle

You have many games that you can download, visit the playlist, and play any game you like to play. Brain battle is a little different. Here you not only play and enjoy but also it is exercise for the brain.

You get many puzzles on mathematics like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. Playing and winning this game is like proving you’re intelligent and smart.

Would not you like to stretch your brain and become more skillful along with winning prizes and rewards? Definitely, you would.


Your mobile phone has become a cash-generating machine now. Even playing video games in your leisure time can be highly productive and rewarding. People call it the most distracting device. But, do you think so now?

People think playing games on a screen bad for health and wastage of time. But, all these remarks were true in the past time.

Now, your Smartphone is a medium to connect to the world and earn the cash for your skills, time, and even common activities.

It is no more a device that was only used for talking.

It can now be used for increasing productivity and earning money for doing things that you usually do.
Now, when you crave video games don’t forget to head over these apps for enjoying your time and getting paid for playing games.

Love to hear from you. Please don’t forget to share your experiences with playing video games and earning money. You can also share other games you’re playing and winning prizes and cash rewards. Anyway, don’t forget to share your experiences in the comment section of this page.