Quick Ways of Making Money

23 Quick Ways to Make Money Online Fast (Above $1000 Month)

Whether you’re a student, housewife, or a daily 9-5 employee you can still earn money online.

And you would be excited to hear that there are many easy ways of making extra money without even paying any membership fees or else.

These are home-based online jobs that you can complete from your home and get paid for your time and energy.
Also, the biggest advantage of such home-based jobs is you would be rewarded for your talent and can work on any assignment as per your schedule.

And the good news, your earning potential is not limited to only $1000 but you can earn huge money working online. So, what are waiting for, do not you want to earn from the comfort of your sofa?

How fast you earn your first $1000 depends on other factors too. But, here in this article, we would find out how to get this milestone achieved easily through various types of opportunities.

And here we’re going to discuss those 23 quick ways to make money online fast.
So lets us start with;

1. Start participating in online surveys and start earning cashback and discounts on daily shopping

You may not believe in it and you might have a question that how can this be possible. But, it is true and legit that you can earn fast cash just by answering surveys, watching videos, surfing the internet and like other things which you do regularly.

However, this would not make you rich or would add serious money to your wallet, but this is one of the easy ways of making extra money online where you get paid for your time doing usual things.

Here you can earn reward points for every activity and once you have accumulated enough points you can redeem them for gift cards for shopping, discount on various products, etc.

2. Start teaching evening classes in nearby

You might have some of your favorite subjects which you still enjoy learning about.

If you have passion and interest in sharing your knowledge along with earning some fast cash, this could be the best option you can choose now.

You can easily find students for your favorite subjects.

This way you can earn some fast cash along with using your time more productively. You can also make videos of your courses and start posting and earning through online platforms.

You can easily earn $22/hr teaching English online at VIPKID. So, you just need to work for less than 2 hours a day and you could easily earn over $1000 from VIPKID.

3. Become a YouTuber

While it is not a quick way to add some extra money every month in your wallet. But, it is one of the best and highly rewarding ways to earn some serious money over the long term.

You don’t need to be any celebrity and having a big team to launch your Youtube channel.

You can use your mobile camera and record the videos which you can later upload to youtube.

You could find many inspiring stories where people have become popular Youtuber just making and publishing videos consistently.

Many Youtubers are generating over six-figure income from their youtube channels.

There are many ways to add $1000 to your earnings every month and this is one of them.

 4. Start selling stuff online

The Internet has opened vast opportunities to earn money online from home if you have skills and dedication to succeed. If you love crafting you can start selling your handmade craft now. What you need to do it register at Shopify and amazon.com. You can make a serious business by selling stuff online.

You can also sell stuff of others and earn commissions for every sale.

If you don't have any product now to sell then you can get them from Alibaba.com or Walmart and sell them for a better price at Amazon.

5. Become a Webdesigner

Nowadays, there is no dearth of online jobs for web designing and other online services. Millions of websites need some types of maintenance or configuration activities. If you have a good experience you could easily provide such services and earn money online.

A web designer works on website layouts and final look. You can also learn WordPress and start offering your services and that domain.

There are many good courses available for web designing which can help you in improving your designing skills.

6. Start making plugins for WordPress Websites

Do you know how many plugins are downloaded every day on the internet? Every WordPress website needs some types of plugins for varieties of functions. If you know basic computer programming, trying something new here could be highly rewarding.

Just get the knowledge of what types of plugins are in great demand and start developing something similar. You can find what is in demand by visiting the plugins page and search the top plugins with over 1000 active installation and 4+star ratings.

7. Start providing you services on freelance websites

There are a ton of freelancing websites where many types of jobs are posted every day.

You can register and apply for jobs there. On those freelance websites, you could find a job on anything starting from writing poems to designing bigger websites.

8. Start developing contacts and enriching your experience

What could be better than having a network of highly successful people who could help you out in your endeavors? That might take some time but it would yield great results.

A strong network of people can help you in finding the working ideas and how to develop them for success.
As already said, you become a product of five people you follow. So start making a network of people like whom you want to be.

9. Become a guest blogger

Blogging is a modern way of advertising your products through digital marketing.
If you like writing you can write about the topics you want and guest post on popular blogs for traffic and lead generations.

You can contact popular bloggers in your domain and let them know your services. You can build a solid portfolio of guest postings and show them.

This is one of the smartest and legitimate ways of advertising services for better earning opportunities online. You can also host your blog or website and start advertising your services there for more exposure and earning opportunities.

You can also earn a great sum of money writing for other well-known brands like Digital Ocean, Plesk, SitePoint, etc. You can get paid $50-200 per article writing for Plesk. So, you just need to write 5-15 articles to earn over $1000.

Isn't it exciting dear?

10. Start designing graphics and earn great money

Nowadays, millions of websites are there that need graphic designs for their publications. They need headers, blog images, logos, infographics, etc.

If you have an interest in designing you can easily create good graphics for blogs and websites in less than a week.

You can learn Photoshop and start designing basic images and once you’re confident enough start working on bigger and rewarding opportunities. If you don’t like to learn Photoshop, you can easily design graphics in Canva.com.

Canva.com is free and you can design basic images to advance graphics.You can also find great designing ideas at Canva.com.

11. Become a course instructor

Do you like teaching? If the answer is yes, you have a big earning opportunity that is waiting for you. Whatever subject you like to teach, you have lots of people waiting to learn from you. Why not you help them through your knowledge and expertise.

You just need to find out your favorite subject and start recording videos now. Once you have recorded videos of a couple of chapters, start posting them on Facebook videos or start a youtube channel.
Here you can earn money by opting for advertising on your videos. You can also earn money by providing a course on advanced materials.
There are a ton of opportunities available and you have to just pick one for more exploration. You can also start linking your videos to your website where you can earn even more money by providing premium services working from your home.

12. You can work as a tour guide

Is it not a good part-time job becoming a tour guide and visiting the popular places you want to visit?
You can enjoy the trip and earn money as well. You can learn about the site and get basic details which most of the tourists don’t know.

You can be their companion and getting paid for your time and services.

13. Start blogging and share your experiences

Blogging is a great way where you can earn well if you give enough time to learn the basic skills. You can be popular and start making serious money over time. To get motivated, many popular bloggers are earning 7 figure income per annum from blogging.

However, you need to learn about blogging before really making some money but this is highly rewarding if you consistently improve your skills.

Blogging can also open doors for other opportunities if you become popular in your domain and people start listening to you.
You can become a keynote speaker, a book publisher, podcaster, or mentor over time if you improve your skills and blogs consistently.

You can also start teaching at your websites and earn money.

14. Rent out your home

What a great idea?

If you have a bigger home in some good location, you don’t need to worry about money anymore. Your home can pay for your leisure and prints money every month. 

You can brainstorm some great ideas and take help from some interior designers to give it a different and attractive look.

Once done and ready, you can register your property at Airbnb and start earning money month by month.

15. Start consulting from your home

If you have good work experience you can always get paid for your expertise and knowledge.

The people with expertise on a particular job or subject are rare and they can become a gold digger for startups who are just making their bases in the business.

If you are retired from your job and you want to share your experience on a part-time basis. You still have a good chance to get paid well for your time and experience.

You can also advertise your services and start offering services to individual companies.
You would be amazed at how much respect and money you can earn even after retirement by providing your services.

16. Get side hustles on freelancing websites

There is no dearth of good jobs available for interested candidates. If you visit any reputed freelancing website you would find out the jobs of many categories and profiles. Also, various new jobs are posted every day where you can apply and get assignments.

If you think you don’t have any such skill which can help you get a job on those platforms, you need to work on your skills.
You can always have time for learning any skill.

17. Become a remote photographer

If you love photography and want to make it a profession for a part-time or full-time job you can get paid for your talent and skills. 

There are many places where creative and experienced photographers are on demand for example http://www.animalsanimals.com/ , Airbnb, OnSource to name a few well-known places. You can also get paid for the online remote editing of photographs at Mendr.

Many people have photography as their hobby. This hobby is something anyone must develop.

18. Become an Internet analyst and earn from home 

Who does not like to spend time on the Internet?

Those who don’t are rare. But, you get paid for the time you spend on the Internet. Those companies want to know what is trending over the Internet.

You might love studying what is popular on the Internet if you do, you have great opportunities ahead.

19. Become a social media manager of any popular man or business

This is the age of social media. Everybody wants to stay updated and want to get updated about people they love to be friends.

Small and midsize businesses need someone to work for them as social media managers to post updates about the latest happenings. These types of jobs are usually very interesting and do not require the whole day sitting before the gadgets.

Also, getting a job as a social media manager is not that hard. Some of the places where you can get the job for a social media manager are $99 Social, ModSquad, Alchemic Dream, etc.
You can also get a job as a social media manager at Fiverr.com and Upwork.com.

20. You can become an online stylist and earn money from your home

You might not feel comfortable hearing about online stylists. But, hey, they are in demand and earn a good chunk of money.
They are adept in their profession and can provide services whenever required online. So, if you have any passion to be a stylist working from home in front of a computer then this could be a great profession.

21. Explore Appen and get started working from your home

Appen is a well-known company that provides annotated datasets for AI and Machine learning. Appen also provides home-based jobs that require creativity. The types of jobs you can get at Appen are as follows:

Search and social media evaluations, Survey, and data collection, assignments related to linguistic conversions, translation, transcription, etc.

You can get a variety of job opportunities at Appen if you’re internet savvy and want to work from your home.

22. Start using cashback websites

You can also earn money through cashback websites but you first need to learn actually how do they work?

 You earn some rewards in the form of gift cards or cash when you buy something from a retailer through a cashback website. There are no extra charges for shopping through cashback websites and you get your product delivered at your address through the retailer itself.

While you don’t make a lot of money shopping through a cashback website but it still adds some money to your wallet for future shopping.

23. Earn money as a commercial real estate agent

You can earn good money as a commercial real estate agent.

But, you need to develop relationships with potential clients by advertising your services and expertise in the field. 

Here is good advice for starting your business as a commercial real estate agent: 

Develop a website that advertises all the services you can offer as an agent. Start content marketing and let people know you and your services.

Start offering your services and earn good reviews from the people you served. Once you have enough positive reviews, start approaching high net worth clients.


With the use of the latest technologies, multiple new job opportunities have been popular now. You now have many more choices to earn money online from home than you had earlier. Now you can offer different types of services and start earning and serving the people.

Which of the above opportunities do you find more appealing and rewarding to you? Did you work from home? What is your experience? Please share your thoughts now.