Best Ways of Making Money

21 Best Ways of Making Money Online (Without Spending a Dime)

Is there any best way of making money online? Truly there are not one but many ways you can earn money by doing some jobs on the internet.

These jobs have been quite popular nowadays and can pay you well. Some of these jobs are so good that you don't need to do your 9-5 job anymore.

So what are those jobs? Are they legitimate and your time and pay are guaranteed? Well, not all the jobs which are online are legitimate and worth your time.

Also, you need to be careful in being duped and losing your money on membership sites to secure an online job.

There is nothing wrong with paying a membership site for securing a legitimate job that guarantees payments and you love to work.

But, here we will share with you some of the best online work at home jobs that are legit and pay well. You would be earning money from the internet and can explore more online working opportunities as you go further.

However, these home-based online jobs are not going to make you rich quickly but they would keep you engaged and provide you learning opportunities.
21 easy and legitimate ways of making money online from now

1. Become an Online Teacher and Start Teaching your favorite subject

If you like teaching you have got great talent and you can encash money through the Internet.

Every parent is searching for amicable and good teachers for their kids.

You can do this job from home and also in your leisure time. You can also learn and improve your skills as you move further in your goal.

You also don't need to pay for any membership fees for this opportunity. You can also enjoy teaching and earning money from home without any hassle.

2. Become a search engine expert and start earning money from the internet

A search engine expert provides various services that help a website getting more organic visits through online exposure.

Nowadays such online jobs are available in abundance if you are skilled enough in providing services that help clients in achieving their goals.

A website earns money when people visit there and buy products through it or subscribe to the services it offers.
A website with good search engine visibility earns better revenues that convert to more profit. You can provide your SEO services either through an agency or individually.

If you work through an agency you can start getting assignments when you join the agency. When you provide your SEO services as an individual you need to work on getting a handful of good reviews before working on bigger projects.

Once you develop a good reputation in your domain you would be having more clients and can charge more money for your services.

3. Learn a language and start teaching it online

This job opportunity might look weird to you but hey this is highly rewarding and can help you earn serious cash for a long time.
Just choose any European language and you would find many people who want to hire someone who could help them in writing or proofreading some documents etc.

According to FSI, if you’re an English speaking person you can learn Dutch, Spanish, Italian, French in 23-24 weeks. Isn't it exciting learning a language and teaching others and earning money on the internet? Give it a chance.

Many of you might already be knowing more languages and have some degree of proficiency in that then why not start teaching it to others.

4. If you’re a Registered Nutrition you can work for home just from now

People who don’t like commuting prefer working from home jobs and they are mostly available for any profession you could name.

So, if you have already possessed some degrees in any profession you’re one step ahead in your dream of working from home and making money online.

Registered RNs have multiple job opportunities available which can be done without moving to the office desk.
They can teach nursing college students online, can offer extensive writing for medical or nutrition journals.

There is no dearth of jobs for any profession if you’re confident and possess skills and expertise people want to pay for that. They can also help aspiring nutritionists in preparing for the exams.

5. Become a photographer

If you have a passion for photography and you can’t live without it then definitely your enthusiasm and love can help you earn from your hobby. A great photographer shows us what our eyes don’t see or we don’t experience.

The profession of photography is unique and respectable. If you have certain skills that could help you establish as a known photographer you can try your hands here.

The opportunities are abundant in the field of photography for desk and remote jobs.

A photographer can find various types of jobs like photo editing, framing, creative drawing, etc. As a photographer, you can earn anything while fulfilling your passion and living your life.

6. Become a ghostwriter and start testing your creativity and earning money from the Internet

A ghostwriter is a writer who writes articles for others. You get paid for writing those articles and have no rights over them so anyone can publish them by their names.

Ghostwriting has been in demand now. Hundreds of websites and bloggers need articles every day for content marketing or publication on their websites.

A ghostwriter can earn good money online working from home writing for others without using their names.
So this is also one of the great online job opportunities where you can test your skills.

7. Start selling someone else's products and earn the commission

There is no dearth of opportunities for people who want to work and earn online. So, if you don’t have any products or services to sell you can always sell products of other people and get paid. This is also called affiliate marketing and it is an easy way of earning money online without having your products.

You can earn a commission on every sale. The commissions are always fixed and depends on the number of products sold through your link. The more products you sell the more commission you can earn.

If you don’t know which product you must sell then get an idea of what is selling and how many people are interested in the product. A product that is high in demand can be good to start with.

You can also join affiliate marketing networks and can study what products are in demand and how much you can earn per sale.

Some of the best affiliate marketing platforms are, Commission Junction,, etc.

Many reputed bloggers have their own products and pay good commissions for every sale. You can learn more about their products and promote them if you like them and want to recommend to others.

8. Start earning money from advertising on your website

If you have a website that is popular and gets thousands of visitors you have really a golden pot in your hand. You can monetize it with advertising and earn money.

Google Adsense is one of the most reputed platforms for earning money through advertising. There are also many others which you can try and compare where you get more benefits.

You can also get lots of offers from private advertisers who want to buy some ad spaces on your website. You are free to review their offers and accept or reject them based on your terms and conditions.

You can also offer sponsored posts on your website and get paid for each post.

9. Become a product reviewer and get paid for your expertise and skills

Lots of new products are launched every day and they need true reviews from people who have used them. If you're the kind of person who loves trying new products and sharing your views then this is definitely one of the easiest ways to make money online.

You can use the product and explain how it works, what are the pros and cons of the products, Is the product affordable compared to other similar products.

You can also record videos of using products and explaining about it.

In this type of work at home jobs, you are compensated either by keeping the product with you or paid in cash in your PayPal account for your reviews.

If you also want to earn some big bucks you can launch your youtube channel and start posting your explainer videos of the product.

If you receive a good amount of viewers you can earn by advertising on your channel or through affiliate marketing or both ways.

How can I know about new product launches?

You can also find a ton of product testing opportunities at Amazon and other popular online platforms. You don’t need to pay any membership fees for these websites. If any of them asks for any membership fee just move further.

10. Become a personal assistant

You might be thinking you don’t have any such skills that could help you in getting a home-based job. But, that is just a wrong thought or an excuse. You always possess something good you don't even know you have it.

The job profile of a personal assistant is very basic and require very common qualification. A personal assistant can help the employer by easing down his workload by reducing routine and time taking tasks.

Some of the responsibilities fulfilled by the personal assistant are, scheduling meetings, writing and answering emails, fixing appointments, calling on the behalf of someone, etc.

The job of a virtual personal assistant is easy but boring and can also be accomplished as a part-time job.

How much a virtual personal assistant earn?

A virtual personal assistant can earn anything from $20/ hr to $50/hr depending on the types of job responsibilities given.

11. Become a tax or accounting consultant 

If you have a degree, CPA license and work experience closely related to the field then your chances of getting a work at home job in tax preparation and accounting possible.

Some companies have completely outsourced staff working from their homes like

These types of companies are always in a talent hunt and search for experienced and hardworking professionals to have them as their remote employees. You’re chances of securing a position for a remote tax preparation expert increases if you have;

Good knowledge and experience in tax and accounting businesses up to $20M market
Minimum 2-3 years of public or private accounting experience
Possess excellent communication and multitasking skills
Good knowledge of Quickbooks and similar accounting software programs

Along with a good pay package and comfort of working from home, these remote employers also offer other perks and benefits like vacation and paid holidays, 401(k) plan, Medical, dental, and accidental insurance packages.

Once you have practiced for a good amount of time working from home in tax and accounting for a company you can soon start practicing privately and have some bigger clients.

There is no limit for career growth even for people who prefer working from home if they are dedicated, experienced, and give it a try for anything they love to work.

12. Start budgeting and save money

You can’t ignore the old proverb” Money saved is money earned”. What so ever you earn but if you don’t manage your expenses efficiently you’re going to be broke and desperate.

Proper planning of expenses well in advance is the sure way to never run out of money and living life happily.

You can easily plan your budget and set aside money for each goal of the month. It is that simple. You can also get professional help if you find out planning and budgeting not your cup of tea.

There are also online tools available that could help you track your expenses and manage your money.

13. Become a Health Coach

We’re living in a century where more people die of worries and depressions than from real diseases. We need more people who can help in getting rid of worries and nurturing a healthy body. Good and responsive health coaches can have several clients who want services.

The job profile of a health coach is rewarding and challenging.

They with expertise and knowledge of the subject help their clients in achieving their goals through adjustment in their diets and lifestyle.

There are various types of certification programs available for awarding someone as a health coach.

The candidates learn about various diet theories and lifestyle techniques and how they can help them in achieving their health goals. The coaching duration is nearly one year from recognized institutes.

A health coach maximizes the outcomes of the efforts of their clients in helping them live healthy and happy.

Health coaches can offer hourly coaching or fixed monthly pay from their clients. The more skilled and popular the coach is the more he can earn. This is one of the ways to make money easily from home.

14. Market and Customer research analyst

Every small or medium-size business needs market research data to ascertain whether their products would work or not. They need experienced people to work on studying market data and scan key information about the products and customers' behavior.

It does not matter how much time you put in designing and launching your product. But, if the consumers don’t like it then it is a total waste of resources and time.

A market and customer research analyst’s work involves researching the product and customer behavior.

Writing a market analysis report. Finding out the causes of product failures etc.

A market analyst is paid on an hourly basis or on a fixed pay basis. An analyst working from home can make anywhere from $35-80/hour.

The pay and perks may increase if the contractor is more experienced and work on competitive niches.

15. 3D designer and sketch maker

If you have experience in sketching and designing then you may land up a highly rewarding work at the home assignment from the industry giants.

What you need is a great experience of subject and portfolio and work history of larger assignments from the Industry leaders.
Some of the well known and reputed organizations that hire online contractors for their design work are Airbnb, Microsoft, etc.
You can grab a fixed work at home assignment in designing or can be paid hourly or both.

A designer and sketcher can earn from $50-200/hour. Note down that your pay is directly related to your qualifications and experience.

16. Earn money online working from home as a presentation designer

If you have ever been complimented for your presentations, you’re a step ahead in securing a rewarding job opportunity where you can work online from your home.

For designing a good presentation, you need to have commanding skills in Powerpoint, Photoshop, MS Excel, MS Word, etc.

As a presentation designer, you can earn anything from $20-50/hour. The pay may be higher or lower based on your experience and the company you’re going to work with.

You can always have chances to improve and getting paid more of your time and effort. The most important part is you must start working on it now.

17. Work from home as an IT Consultant

Over time you improve your skills when you grow up in the hierarchy. You get new opportunities and manage bigger teams and different projects. All those things add up to a great work experience which many companies require. You become a right and the most favorable candidate for remote assignments. So, if you have worked in IT projects earlier you can get multiple job opportunities working from home.

Some of the prerequisites of getting shortlisted for IT consulting jobs are.

Work experience in Oracle DBA, HTML, XHTML, CakePHP, DHTML, Powerbuilder, SQL, PL/SQL, JAVA, Ajax, CSS. Design and system analysis etc.

The pay of an IT consultant depends on the types of projects they have handled earlier and the organizations they had worked for.
But, an advanced level IT consultant who has experience of over 10+years can charge anything in the range of $80-200/hour.

An IT consultant who is willing to work from home assignments can get jobs from various freelancing websites. They can also ask for remote jobs from companies that provide services in the related fields.

When you work online you build relationships with various clients. A happy client is always willing to advertise your services without any fees. So, always do a good job, have happy clients, and never worry about assignments.

18. Become a social media manager of a reputed establishment and get work for home

An average adult spends nearly 20 hours a week surfing the internet.

Can’t they use this idle internet browsing time to some more productive activities and earn money working from home?

Pretty much possible and eager persons are already doing such jobs and earning as well as making relationships with prospective clients for more opportunities. This is also one of the most amusing and interesting jobs you could ever find.
Here you will work as a social media manager social media platform of your online employers and tweeting, liking, commenting, and posting as your employer.

19. Freelance Mobile App developing, an innovative and legit way of making money online

Do you know there are over 1.5 million apps available for download at App Store? And if you look at Google App Store, there are more than 2 million apps available. However, not all of them are going to be next WhatsApp app, but this is not what we need here. 

All those apps require some types of routine updates and technical maintenance providing the best use of them. And that requires technical people to work on it.

You can get a high paying work at the home opportunity if you have experience in developing apps.

Your experience and reputation is never going to keep you idle at home but will open better and better opportunities.

How much I can earn as a mobile app developer?

A mobile application developer can earn anything in the range of $10/hour to over $100/hour.

20. Earn money from home working as a WordPress consultant

22 % of all the websites use WordPress as their content management program. It opens up tens of thousands of job opportunities for people working at an establishment or working from home.

So, if you have already worked in WordPress CMP you probably have a good experience and can help others who require your help.

What are the sources that can help me learn WordPress?

Resources are abundant if you're interested in learning WordPress. One of the best places to learn your WordPress skill is Wp beginner.

You can learn the basic WordPress skills in less than a week at Wp beginner.

The biggest advantage of learning it at Wpbeginner is you can learn from an experienced WordPress user and all that without paying any fees but just your time and resources.

How much a WordPress consultant earn working for an hour?

An experienced WordPress developer can make $5-$100/hour. You can also earn even more money if you work for your websites and start promoting your services from your websites.

21. Start publishing your books and sell them online for a profit

Since the Amazon KDP has come to existence, it has opened a truly new way of earning money online and making you popular in your area of expertise.

The days are gone when the authors were struggling hard to get their works published after toiling hard for years.
Amazon KDP has various other benefits over traditional publishing like:

It takes just five minutes to get your book published. And your book appears in kindle store for selling in 24-48 hours.
You can earn up to 70% royalty on every sale.

You’re free to make changes to your books and have total control of your inventories.

Along with all the above benefits, the Amazon KDP platform does not charge you anything and you can publish ebooks and paperbacks for totally free.

How much I can earn with ebooks?

You would make money or not depends on the work and time you put for your goal. If you get audiences for your book you could earn anything and become a guru in your domain.

Is there any course available for Amazon KDP?

There is a ton of stuff available from start to publishing for Amazon KDP. However, I believe you can learn best from the people who have already published their ebooks and are established authors now.

Many courses are available that can guide to become a kindle publisher. You can start herewith.


People have multiple innovative ways to work and earn a livelihood. Getting jobs done online is a modern way of being employed and enjoying the work.

These online work from home opportunities are getting popular day by day and they are becoming first preference for many.

Men, women, and even children are earning money online doing some basic jobs which do not require any experience and physical presence.

So, If you think you’re no more interested in joining a 9 to 5 chore, you just need to explore how you can utilize your knowledge and expertise working from home.

This way you would not only earn your living but also you might be helping many others who want to join you on your goal.