Money Saving Tips

102 Truly Easy Money Saving Tips That Work Like Charm

Money saving tips? What is this? Are we here to save money or to enjoy living our lives to the fullest?

When money is not taken seriously or it excites you, it is soon going to leave your hand. It is going to be wasted on things you don't require.

And when the money has changed the hands, what is in your hand does not matter at all.

You're again ready for another wastage until you come under debt that is going to change your life for bad.

But, it feels exciting spending money and getting things done. We're human. Anyway, it is our money and we have total control over it.

We can use it for good and get the most value of it or we spend it for fulfilling our instant gratification. It is the attitude towards money and your habit that decide your financial health.

And if you follow a few simple tips you can change your life. You don't need to be a professional to be a money-saving expert, you can get on track just controlling your daily chores.

So, would not you like to know those simple yet working money-saving tips that have impacted the lives of many people?

102 Insane Money Saving Tips That Work For All

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1. Use coupons; and save serious money on your shopping

would you like to spend $10 when you can get the same thing for half of the price? You would not. Before buying anything online, don't forget to visit the coupon websites. They are many. I once booked a hotel room for a few cents. If you try it then you would find it. You can save serious money saving coupons.

2. Are you redeeming your cashback on time?

Another money-saving tip that we just forget to use and let our cashback point expire. Have you checked it? If not then it is the time to get back to it. You can save money with this tip or you can get a discount on your next purchase.

3. Pay your credit card dues on time;

Are you using your credit card for luxury or necessity? Well, it is your choice. But, you need to pay your dues on the time every time. If you're missing paying your dues you're not using your card responsibly.

4. Negotiate well;

You can negotiate on everything but you need to do it rather hesitating. If you don't ask you don't get, remember this. So, next time when you have to hire any services why not try this. Dave Ramsay negotiates, warren buffet negotiates so why not we can do it. If you want to learn more about negotiating, here is one book that can help you out.

5. Have a budget;

You must plan your expenditures well in advance and follow the rule. Having a budget can help you in optimizing your inflow and outflow of money. You must give time in making a budget and counting and assimilating all the savings, expenditures in it.

6. Do you know your saving accounts interest rate?

Is your money doing well in the account? How much the bank is paying? If you don't know it then it is the time you need to learn a little bit about this. Some banks pay better than other banks and you need to be with them.

7. Get an emergency fund;

There are problems in our lives and sometimes they test our financial stability. You must be prepared for them. You must have an emergency fund that can be used in case you need funds urgently. If you don't have one then you will be forced to withdraw from your investment that would affect compounding and your returns. Keep 5-6 months of expenditures in a separate account for emergencies.

8. Start investing early;

Start investing as early as possible but if you could not do earlier then the best time to start investing is now. You can have a sizable corpus in a long time if you start investing early. Get it now and let the power of compounding works in your favor. Don't postpone it. You can become rich by starting investing.

9. Learn to invest;

Learn to grow your money and it can be done if you have an interest in it. There are many good books available on investing from well-known investors, for example, you can learn it from Peter lynch through his books"Beating the Street" "One Up On Wall Street" "Learn to Earn". You can also learn from Philp A Fisher, Kenneth Fisher, Benjamin Graham, etc. Learning is the best use of our time and it is a lot of fun.

10. Delay buying;

We're victims of instant gratification. It feels tempting to shop for something even you don't need that thing. It makes a big dent in your financial planning. Bryant McGill knows it well and explains in simple words" Instant gratification is a dream killer". The legendary investor Warren buffet advises that " If you buy things you don't need; soon you would start selling things you need". If you're visiting online websites then always prefer to "add to the list option" or add to "wish list" than adding the item in cart.

11. Do exercise;

Well, exercise is directly connected to our financial health. If you're healthy your mind is doing great and you get solutions to any problems that come to your way. When you're healthy you're confident.
You also don't need to go to the gym to stay fit. You can start running and get fit. You can also do some simple exercises like pushups and pullups which don't require any fancy tools you can't buy.

12. Buy in Bulk;

You can get a good discount on things if you buy them in bulk. So, if you need something every day, then why do you not buy the stock for a couple of weeks if not for months. This way you would not need to visit the marketplace often and that would also help you save money.

13. Have a list of items to purchase before going to grocery shopping;

If you have not planned then the chances are you may buy things you don't need and waste money that could be saved and used for other things or invested. So whenever you have to visit the market, you must be ready with a list of materials you need to buy.

14. Cook your food;

Have you ever noticed how much do you spend each month eating out? If not then today is the day you must start figuring out, you can thank me later. This is the money you could easily save if you cooked the food and taken it out for lunch. Eating the food you cook is also good for your health. When you cook at home you can also learn cooking and try different types of recipes. You can also share your cooking tips and make new friends. You can also write a recipe book that you can sell and earn a profit. Is not it a good idea to earn money working from your home?

15. Is there any sale outside?

There are sales every day where you can get a decent discount on things you need. Don't forget to enjoy the moment and saving some money on the next sale.

16. Set aside money on your Payday;

I like to follow the advice of the legendary investor Mr. WB; "Spend what is left after saving not what is left after spending". On every payday, set aside a sum which you would not spend. Invest this money for the long term and you would be amazed when you would see your money has grown to manifold.

17. Write down your daily spendings;

Where you're spending more money? Have you tracked it yet? Get and find it out because this would help you a lot.

18. Don't have EMIs on your credit card;

Loans on your credit card are costly and you must avoid them. If you're doing it then this is a very bad financial habit and stop it now.

19. Don't buy but get it on rent;

 Why should you buy something when you can get that thing on rent? People don't do the math before making such decisions. When you make a big purchase and take the money on credit, you're adding a big liability in your portfolio. You don't own the asset, you own the liability until the credit is cleared. Why should I put my hundred of thousands of dollars at one go when I can enjoy the same things just paying less than $2000 every month. All your financial decisions must come from the brain, not from the heart.

20. Quit smoking;

How much do you spend on smoking each month? That is all you're going to save when you quit this. Quitting smoking is also highly beneficial for your health.

21. No alcohol or less alcohol;

These lifestyle habits are health killers. When you have such habits, you not only ruin your health but also ruin your financial health. So, today, just calculate how much do you spend every week on alcohol and add the same amount to your savings account.

22. Marry well;

People become bankrupt after divorces. They not only put down their financial health but also kill people emotionally. Chose your partner wisely.

23. Brainstorming;

You must always strive for better ways to keep your budget under control. If you stop searching and thinking then you would not find the modern ways to save your hard-earned money.

24. Share your tips;

When you find something that is working for you in saving money then it is time to talk about it and help others. Sharing good things is caring, maybe you find even a better tip in return.

25. Write your blog;

You can write a blog about your achievement. People love it. They are more connected this way. Writing is also exploring other things. This is a good way to share your journey of improvement and learning. You may find some great tips here.

26. Use public transport;

Public transport is convenient, affordable and environment friendly. Why should I pay for $50 for a 5 dollar thing? You get your calculator and find out yourself how much you can save if you shift to using public transport instead of your car for commuting.

27. Carpooling;

Carpooling is a wonderful way to reduce your travel costs when you use your private vehicle. Does not it make sense to share the cost with others who're also going to the same place you're visiting?

28. Read books on personal finance;

Books are great. They can teach you a lot of things you don't know. You can be a more experienced, knowledgeable, and learned person after reading a good book. Every great person recommends reading books. Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and even Ramit Sethi recommend reading books. You can make better financial decisions after reading books on personal finance that can help you in better managing your money. Why do you not read " I Will Teach You To Be Rich By Ramit Sethi" or "The Richest Man in Babylon" or " The Millionaire Next Door". All of them are good books on personal finance.

29. Get a Term life insurance;

Rather buying an endowment insurance plan buy a term life insurance plan. A term life insurance is a pure risk plan that provides better coverage and is also cheaper than an endowment plan.

30. How a Health Insurance plan;

If you don't have it then don't delay having one. They are not only necessary but also you can't live without them. Get one immediately and save a ton of money on health claims if you seriously fall sick.

31. Don't Compare yourself;

How can this save money? It can not only help you in saving money but help you in living in better health because you can live stress-free when you don't compare yourself. Less stress more happiness and fewer visits to the doctors. It is your life and so live it to the fullest.

32. Turn off light;

Turning off lights and home appliances when you don't need it is a good way to save money as well as energy. So, next time when you're going out of your home, check that none of the lights are on.

33. Install energy-efficient appliances and lights;

Installing energy-efficient appliances is a creative way of keeping your electricity bill under control. Truly, why should we pay more lights when we can get the same benefits and work done by energy-efficient tools. However, initially, they may cost you some money but in the long term, they can save you a lot of money.

34. Build assets not liabilities;

If you build assets then they would pay you but if you build liabilities then you have to pay for them. So, which one would you like to choose, asset or liability? If you want your money to work for you then focus on building assets.

35. Avoid taking sugary drinks;

We commit to ourselves eating healthy but when it comes to following our rules we are the first who miss it. We make excuses when we miss our rules. Why do you not carry a pocket water bottle and avoid taking sugary drinks that are costly and unhealthy? These little habits can not only help you save you a big amount of money in the long run but also they keep you healthy and fit.

36. Sleep Well;

A good night's sleep is as essential and required as eating nutritious and healthy food. If you're compromising with your sleep then you're inviting troubles to your body that can make you sick and unproductive. You experience hallucinations and poor concentration when you don't sleep well. So, get a good sleep every day, keep your mind healthy, reduce your expenditures on hospital bills, and save your money.

37. Gym membership;

If you're like other 9-5 Joe then you have this common excuse of not getting enough hours to exercise in the gym. If this is true then why do you need that gym membership? It is an expense that is a complete waste of your money. You either negotiate for a less fee or you completely cancel it. Anyway, you can have your home gym with a pull-up bar, gymnastic rings, and a squat rack and achieve exceptional fitness. This setup may not cost you more than $100 and you can have it at any corner of your home. Did you guess how much money you can save now?

38. Do it yourself;

All of us have some type of talents about which we don't know or we don't consider it of any importance. However, they can help you in saving and earning money. Are you creative and love designing then why do you not make Christmas cards, Valentine's day cards, birthday cards, or even jewelry and sell on Amazon? People love handmade things and if you can give them what they need then you can be paid handsomely for your time and efforts. So, look inside you and find out what is your passion? You can also learn many things on the Internet or through books and provide your services.

39. Use your smartphone productively;

You can use your smartphone and get paid for doing things you usually do. The days are gone when you were using your phone only for talking. Now, you can use your smartphone in participating surveys, writing feedback, sharing opinions about the products and these activities can help you to earn money. Your smartphone has a 100% ROI within a month if you use it for good.

40. Always have a subscription;

Subscription services are good because they can help you saving money if you use that service daily or frequently. Normally if you subscribe you pay less than if you pay every month.

41. Invest in liquid funds;

If you save for any emergency in a savings account then why not you prefer a liquid fund to a savings account. A liquid fund is a better option because you get better ROI in comparison to a savings account.

42. Always pay in cash;

Don't use your credit card when you have cash. Many studies have found that when people use a credit card they spend more. Develop the habit of paying in cash than using the card.

43. Don't be in debt;

Before you start investing anything, you must first pay off all your debts and make a resolution that you're never going to be debt again. This is one of the best advice anyone can give you that can lead you to a wonderful financial life.

 44. Lower your car insurance premium;

There are many insurance providers and you can find competitive offers from them for your next renewal. If you are continuously getting no claim bonuses from an insurance provider then it is time to ask another one and enquire the premium. You have always a chance to get attractive offers then why do you not try it this time.

45. Participate in a saving challenge;

Why do you not join a saving challenge and see how do you perform there? When you participate in such challenges you do better because you have a goal and you always want to do better than those people. Why do you not celebrate "no spending days"?

46. Write down your near term and long term goals;

When you have a goal you are focused. You have a plan. And you want to achieve it. You are motivated also. So, sit down and write down all your financial goals. It helps in saving you more because you would want all your goals to be achieved.

47. Learn from personal stories;

Why do you not learn from the people who have been in huge debt but get rid of it? How do they do it? How can you save like them and improve your finances? You could learn a lot from them.

48. Are you saving on gas (Petrol)?

You can drive sensibly and save gas which can reduce the consumption of gas and you save money. Some of the tips that can save your gas are; Avoid excess idling, don't cross the speed limit, Don't have excess weight; get your tires properly inflated, use good quality motor oil, change the clogged air filters, etc. If you follow all these tips then you not only save money on gas but also your periodic maintenance cost also drops significantly.

49. Pay bills on the time;

there is a penalty if you miss the last payment date of your bills. But, you can improve here by paying all your bills on time. By paying the bills on time not only proves that you're a responsible citizen but also it signifies that you're a better person.

50. Use homegrown vegetables;

It is easy to grow vegetables in your home and use them fresh whenever you want. It not only saves you money but also improves your health.

51. have a piggy bank;

Piggy banks are very useful in developing the habit of saving money. If you have a piggy bank at your home and whatever money it has you have saved it. You have spent that little money if you had not that piggy bank. They are good and you must have one for your home.

52. Don't visit the marketplace often;

When you visit there often; the chances of spending on things you don't need increase. As already stated above, make the list of things you need once in a month and get all the things at one go. This way you not only save money but also save you time which you can use more productively.

53. Don't run the AC with Doors open;

Your air conditioner runs efficiently when your room is closed. When the doors are open the hot air comes inside and your AC has to do more work to get that air-cooled, consuming more energy, and increasing your electricity bill. When the room is closed, Your AC just cools down the air inside, and after that, there is no more load on the compressor. And when there is no load on the compressor, it does not need more electricity.

54. Save money on water bill; What is your water bill?

How much water do you consume every month? If you don't know it or you have never figured it out then check it this time. Get repaired all your leaking pipes, taps, and control the idle running of your taps. You would see the reduced water bill in the next cycle.

55. You can save money on your clothes;

how much money did you spend last year on clothes? If you want an ideal budget then you must know it. According to a website, an average American adult spends over $161 every month on clothes and accessories. This is not a small sum of money. However, you can save money here if you buy the clothes for a year once, and buying them off the season or avoid buying clothes when there is any festival, Christmas or new year.

56. Keep the record of your online purchases; 

Have you ever noticed down how much money do you spend on online purchases? Check it now. Just compare your purchases in the last 3 years. Compare them year on year basis. Do you see any spike in purchases? Where you're spending more? Make a record, compare, and control.

57. How much your savings account paying you as an interest?

There are many banks where you can get a better interest rate on your savings account. Compare and put your money into accounts with better options.

58. Are you on travel;

 Don't book your hotel room until you compare the price at various websites; You can save a lot of money on your hotel booking if you follow simple advice and that is you compare the prices of hotels at different websites. You would find attractive deals where you can save money without compromising comfort.

59. You can save money on airfares;

There are several ways to save money on your next air ticket like comparing the price of the ticket between the aggregator website and the airline website, booking tickets weeks before the day of departure, planning the trip other than weekends, and using the credit card with offers for booking your ticket. You can save money on airfare if you just look around to save some money and you find out deals and coupons waiting to help you.

60. Why do you spend it when you can earn;

People spend a lot of time on their mobiles and if that they could use proactively they can earn money. If you like playing games on your mobile then you can earn money while playing your game. You can help big companies by sharing your opinions about the products you use and you can earn points that can be redeemed later for rewards and cash. Time is the most valuable thing, ensure you're not wasting it.

61. What is your passion;

The things you like to do can help you even earn money. Do love cooking, teaching, crafting, speaking, reading, or even playing? If you love doing any one of them then you have a cashable activity. You can teach people about anything you know. You can help them in learning and getting better. You can start your own Youtube channel and start helping others. What you need to do now is start doing what you love doing and you would find how helpful you can be to people and society.

62. Sell old things you don't need;

If you look around you will find many things at home, office, garage, or garden you don't use anymore. You can sell them and use the cash to meet your other requirements. So, the next time you think you need to buy something, you must look around because you may get a similar thing at home you can use. Do you remember the Warren Buffet quote above?

63. Improve your skills;

You must always be striving for developing skills. New skills can help you in saving as well as earning money. When you learn something you can solve yours as well as other's problems. Now, you have an option to offer your services for money. Learning new things has been a lot easier now and you can always make the best use of your spare time.

64. Ask your friends and colleagues;

You can get some wonderful money-saving tips from the people you work with. However, not every time you get what you want and some times the advice would be so mediocre that it would cost you money. But, sharing thoughts is good and you may get something working great.

65. Avoid going out with your friends on weekends or any other day;

when you visit the marketplace you may spend money and when you visit the marketplace with your friends then you can't stop yourself spending until you have nothing to spend. And if you have nothing to spend then I doubt you have any friends. 

66. Unsubscribe marketing newsletters;

Unsubscribe the newsletters from eCommerce websites which often send you various offers and deals to buy the latest gadgets or stuff. When you see such communications you immediately follow the link and look at offers and deals. And if you find something you can't avoid thinking about you probably buy and waste your money.

67. Move back to your parents;

It does not mean you must be dependent on your parents throughout life. But, why should you be paying rent when you can stay for free. You can help your parents whenever they need it. They would love it and you can save a good chunk of money.

68. Is your date expensive enough?

Are you visiting often with your girlfriend outside and spending money beyond your budget? Dear, you can do a lot of other good things without spending anything. You can try different things saving money.

69. Clear your browser history;

Avoid distractions while you're working on the Internet. Simply clearing your browser history would stop popping up any ad that would compel you to buy something. You don't figure it out but all these ads affect us psychologically and we spend money without even noticing the effect.

70. Develop the skill of saving;

You would amaze once you develop it. Saving is exciting. After some time you would feel excited when you save/invest. The feeling of saving would be so intense and pleasing that you would prefer saving or investing and dislike spending. 

71. Don't waste food;

We can't survive without it. But, we waste it. According to an Internationally recognized organization FAO, annually 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted worldwide. We waste nearly one-third of the total edible food required annually. This is not only serious health and environmental hazard but also it costs money. Don't waste food.

72. Automate your savings;

Automation has many benefits. Nowadays automation is a common term in nearly every field you work.
It increases productivity, improves the output anywhere it is applied. It also helps us in saving and improving our financial life. You must have an auto credit and debit facility for savings and investing. So, every month when your salary is credited in your account, 10% is transferred to your savings account automatically. Once you have automated it, you don't need to care anything else because it just gets done on autopilot.

73. Increase your monthly saving target a little bit month by month;

This is a good hack and you must start using it from now. Suppose, if you're saving $100 a month then why do you not increase it by $1 every month. It is easy to do without downgrading your lifestyle. So, after 6 months you would be saving $106 every month not $100. A 6% increase in savings without you even noticing it or downgrading your living.

74. Stop buying and start selling;

Why do you not focus on selling and earning money? You can start by buying cheap from the market place and selling them online for a profit or vice versa. You can improve your profit if you buy something out of season and sell them during festivals or on the New Year. You can also choose the best sellers and replicate with your products and earn money. There are many opportunities and you have to find out which one you should go for.

75. Don't sit idle instead be creative and use your time to earn in your spare time;

If you don't earn anything then you can't save anything. Your condition would be miserable if you stuck in such situations. But, you have a brain and you can use it for your gain. Sitting idle would be the worst thing you can do now. If you focus your mind on opportunities then you would get many and if you focus on problems then you would be fed up. So where would you like to concentrate on?

76. Did you get your yearly increment?

Whenever your income increases you must increase your saving rate in that proportion.
If you miss here then you're spending more which is not recommended. So, whenever you get an increment, you should immediately increase your saving rate.

77. It is never too late to start;

It is never too late or too early to start saving. But, as early as you start earning you must start saving. Suppose, you're 4o now and you have not saved anything for your retirement then you must start saving today. If you have planned to retire by 58 years of age then still you have got 18 years to accumulate for your retirement.

78. Do meditation and relax often;

Meditation is a wonderful thing. It relaxes your mind and you feel happy and energetic. And when you're happy and tranquil you make better decisions in all the cases. You're physically and emotionally ready to face any challenges and overcome them. You win. You're business operations get better. Your financial position is elevated.

79. Get a job with better pay;

Opporutinies are everywhere. If you think you can get you will get. If you think you're more valuable then you should try and explore better opportunities with more pay and perks. And when you get it you must immediately increase your savings rate to match the increment of your new job.

80. Don't carry too much cash;

If I don't have cash then I would not spend it. So, whenever you have to visit shopping places better you have limited cash or no cash.

81. Review your budget often;

You may have short term & long term financial goals. Once your short term goals are fulfilled you need to review your budget and make necessary changes. The periodical review is also essential to assess the performance if you're saving and spending as per your budget.

82. Review your asset allocation;

There is a very popular saying "Don't put all your eggs in one basket". Yes, diversification of your investments is important so that you don't have most of your investment in a single asset. Once you diversify your investments you minimize the risk of losing a big chunk of your portfolio if an asset goes down or does not perform well.

83. Don't sell your investments in a hurry if the market is not going up;

People make deadly mistakes when they sell their investments in a hurry. This is because they don't have any goal or clear vision. When the market does not go up or it starts going down suddenly then they sell their investments to protect further loss. This is something you must not follow. Have a goal for every investment, dully workout before investing, and keep your investments until your objective is met.

84. Read autobiographies of rich people and learn how they did it;

Reading is a highly admirable activity. If you don't read books then you must develop this habit soon. Reading is learning and you can learn anything from books, mentors, high achievers, etc. Reading biographies of rich people can teach you a lot of things about saving money and becoming rich. You can learn from them and replicate the process to have a wonderful life.

85. Don't sit idle for a long time in front of your laptop/desktop;

Don't open your laptop or desktop without any project else you would waste your time and money.

86. Improve your credit score;

A good credit score reflects that you're a responsible person who cares about your financial life. And such persons are the favorite of creditors.

87. Use budgeting tools for better managing your finances;

Budgeting tools are very helpful and they can minimize your burden of managing money. They can help you in saving money, getting good deals and offers on credit cards, helping you in controlling your spendings, making a budget specifically meeting all your needs, etc.

88. Have a good investment advisor;

You may be a very busy person who does not get time to look at her investments. And when you don't get time for this then this is a clear notice that you must take help from professionals who could help you there. Leaving your investments without any review is a sure sign to lose your hard-earned money. Would you like to it that easy?

89. Don't follow the investment tips from unauthorized sources;

People lose money on tips because they are only good for givers and not for takers. So, whenever someone advises you on the next hot investment tips, stay away from them. They don't help you in making money but they are sure for helping you in wasting your money.

90. Don't buy cheap things, but buy the best things;

Do you think when you buy cheap things you save money? No, but you spend more on cheap things because they cost you a lot of money in the long run. So, buy always the best quality things so that they could last longer and you feel confident having and using them. Spend today on the best thing and save for a lifetime.

91. Buy the refurbished items that work like new;

Do you love owning the latest things? If that is then why do you not buy refurbished items they are as good as new but are as cheap as old. You can save money here. A little bit of care can help you save money which you can use for other useful things.

92. Don't get hurt if you could not keep your promises in a month;

You could not control your spending this month. No worry that can happen. But, you don't need to stop trying. Failing, trying, and failing and trying again is the path to astronomical success. And this rule also works like charm in any field.

93. Give a smile to someone;

While it may not be directly related to saving money but it has a great impact on your personality. It reflects that you care for others. And someone who cares for others is a person who cares for herself. You do what you plan or very close to that. You can achieve your savings goals. It is that easy. Spread love, stay happy, and healthy.

94. Don't waste your time on social media;

there is too much noise on social media. You not only waste your time but you're also confused, stressed, and drained that affect your personality. It is too much of distraction that can derail you from your money-saving journey.

95. Block eCommerce websites when you work on the Internet;

When you're browsing on the Internet then you're surrounded by a sea of distractions. Everybody wants to sell you something. And you always want to buy something. Buying makes you happy for a while and this instinct may derail your financial plans. So, whenever you're online and browsing the Internet then you should block all the websites to avoid distractions.

96. If you're diagnosed with any disease don't just follow the advice from one doctor; instead consult with other doctors;

You may not like it but I don't believe in doctors and medical reports. I have a very bad experience here. So if the report shows that you have something abnormal and your doctor recommends medicines then you must have a second opinion from another doctor. Maybe you're healthy and you don't need to take any medicines. Once I got the full body medical check at a hospital and my reports were all abnormal. The doctor there recommended a ton of medicines to take immediately. I did not take even a single medicine. I visited another doctor and he told me your reports are not correct because you did not do fasting before testing. If I had not visited the other doctor then probably I would have been very sick by now and may not be writing this article. If you follow this advice you would save a lot of money and would live happily.

97. Don't buy a new car;

Have you ever calculated how much costly a car could be for your lifetime. If you have not done it then you must figure it out now. Owning a car is owning a depreciating asset. It loses a huge chunk of its worth when you buy it. Renting a car or taxi is a better option than owning it.

98. Prefer buying things online rather getting them from the local store;

Buying online can save you a lot of money because there is no mediator involved. Also, you get many options where you can compare the prices of similar things from different vendors that can largely affect savings. However, as already written above, avoid visiting online stores often.

99. Leave your credit and debit card at home when you visit any nearby marketplace;

When you go to the market place you are surrounded by sellers who are trying their best to sell their merchandise to people. The atmosphere is highly distracting. Buying and selling are going on everywhere. And the chances are you would end up buying something even you don't need the thing. But, if you don't have a credit card/debit card or enough cash then you can control your emotions.

100. Do it yourself and make your household cleaning supplies;

If you love trying new things then this tip worth your time. You can easily learn to make homemade things that you need every day. You can make your laundry soap at home.

101.If you don't ask for a discount, you don't get it;

You must always ask for a discount whenever you buy something from a marketplace. Normally we hesitate to do the bargaining, but it helps and it can save you money if you do it right. So next time don't forget the tip to ask for a discount. If you can save it, you can have it and when you can have it you can grow it.

102. Don't waste money on extended warranties;

Extended warranties are easy to sell but most of them are only meant to get money out of your pockets. You don't need them but they are designed so beautifully and are marketed so well that you could not stop yourself buying them. They are now available with almost every product. Remember the rule; Don't pay for the things you don't use.


You can always explore new tips to save the hard-earned money that would not only help you in controlling your budget but also help you in building a big corpus over time. Which tips do you like the most? You have always a tip inside you; please share here with us.