Creative Ways of Making Money Online

29 Creative Ways of Making Money by Playing Games

Making money by playing games is not only a new way of using your time more productively but also it is rewarding and exciting.

The days are gone when you're given a fixed time to play and return your home for study.

But, now you have got plenty of time because you can play any games on your smartphone without leaving your home.
Also, there are many choices before you, and you can choose which one you like the most. You may not know it but professional gamers earn over $60000 annually and some of the top gamers can make as high as $15000 for an hour of the game. However, you may not make that much initially but you can get a good practice of the games, enjoy your time, and get paid for playing the video games.

So here we have taken 44 ways you can use your time, play the games you want to play, and get paid for even enjoying your game. But, before jumping straight to those wonderful ways to earn money playing the games you love, we must have a quick on how will we get paid?

You play the games, earn the points and those points can be redeemed for rewards and cash payment. You can get paid in PayPal or through any other medium as per the terms of the app.

How much can earn playing games?

This totally depends on how much time you play and which game you play. The rewards vary from game to game and platform to platform. 

Are they legitimate? 

The platforms given here are well studied and are only here because they have passed our selection criteria. You can contact us if you find them not suitable or not legitimate.

1. Swagbucks;

Who does not know Swagbucks? You can have a new experience of using your time playing video games at Swagbucks.

Being one of the most popular places for participating in surveys, writing feedback about the product you use. Swagbucks has got many more things for you to enjoy its things along with earning money.

You have gotten here some of the best online games which you can play and earn Swagbucks or SB. You can redeem your Swagbucks for cash and gift cards when you have accumulated enough of them to be redeemable.

Swagbucks is legitimate and currently, over 10 million people use it.

You have also got a number of other activities at Swagbucks that can help you earn even more like watching videos, searching the web, etc.
It is a great platform to consider when you want to enjoy playing games and earning money legitimately.

2. InboxDollars;

InboxDollar is another great platform to earn cash and rewards for doing the activities you love.

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If you're doubtful about the legitimacy of InboxDollar then you must know that it is one of the oldest and legitimate platforms to enjoy your time doing things that matter to you.

You can also earn a $5 joining bonus.

Along with playing your favorite games, you can also increase your earnings by participating in other activities like watching videos, reading emails, doing online shopping, and answering paid surveys.

3. Mistplay;

It is another way to enjoy playing along with earning for your time. Like the above two apps which are highly popular among the people, Mistplay also has a sweet spot. It is legitimate and fun working with.

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If you earn anything there then you would be paid if it reaches a certain amount where redemption is allowed. So, get up and get going with your games and put the money in your wallet for your leisure time.

4. PlaySpot;

 With nearly half a million reviews at Google Play, this app is something you must try for playing games and earning money.

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And one of the best things to try PlaySpot is you can get several games that you can't find on other platforms.
The more time you play the more you can earn here.
You earn coins for playing the games and you can redeem your coins for Amazon gift vouchers or you can get paid in your PayPal account.
The use of the app is free of charge.
The app is available for Android and iOS users.

5. AppStation;

You got here hundreds of games and get paid for playing them for every minute of your leisure time.

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Some of the beautiful things about using AppStation are;
It is completely free to use AppStation
You don't get distracted by any in-app ads. Yes, it is totally free of ads
It has got plenty of solid reviews from people who have been using it for a long time and are enjoying time as well as earning money.

AppStation can help you earn even more if you get more people to join AppStation through your referral link. You can invite your friends and family members.

AppStation is available for Android and iOS users.

6. Lucktastic;

With over 10 million downloads and more than half a quarter of a million good reviews, Lucktastic becomes an app to try for a game lover.

It is a place to enjoy scratch card games. So, if you like to try something new then Lucktastic is going to amuse you.

You get daily new scratch card games to enjoy and win prizes.
It is a 100 % free app and available for both iOS and Android users.

7. Lucky Dollar;

You can try your luck playing games and Lucky Dollar is here to enable it.

Lucky Dollar is a 100% free app and you don't need to buy anything here to enjoy playing and earning money.
You can download the Lucky Dollar app from the Google Play store.

8. Lucky Night; 

With no in-app purchases and no requirement of any deposits, the Lucky Night app is a great way to enjoy your time playing lottery games and winning rewards.

And another beautiful thing about the app is, you can check your luck here. Is not it different from other games?

 What you need to do is, have a smartphone and time to play and the more you play, the more chances you have to earn big rewards.
Lucky Night is available for Android users only.

9. Bingo;

Are you a card lover? If yes then this is the game you would love to play with.
The cool thing about the game is you can play it online as well as offline.

So, if you are having a weak internet connection day or no internet at all still you can play the game.

There are some more reasons to love the Bingo game like;
It is a 100 % free game;
You don't need to purchase anything to play the game;
You can earn bingo bonuses and coins for your playing time;

10. Solitaire; 

This is the only card game where you can get paid for playing.
It is also one of the most popular card games with a 4.4-star cumulative rating from nearly 100000 reviews.

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So whenever you get the time out of the job, you can enjoy playing solitaire and earning money at the same time.
It is available for free download at Google Play and App Store.

11. Sudoku;

You can check how intelligent you're in solving puzzles and playing different types of games that require intelligence.
So, would not you like to check how easily you can solve those math puzzles and win the prize?
You can download the game and start playing and earning without any deposits or in-app purchases.
If you start playing it you would love it for sure.
Sudoku app is available for Android users and iOS users.

12. Gamee;

With over 80+ games and new additions every month, Gamee is an app for game lovers.
You can enjoy its games in your free time and earn money without even spending anything.
The more time you spend playing the game, the more tickets you can win that will increase your chances of earning more money and rewards.
At Gamee, you can also win big cash if you participate in every Sunday contests at 2 PM.
Gamee mobile app is available for Android and iOS users. So, don't wait for a good time to earn money because it is now.

13. CryptoRize;

CryptoRize is yet another online platform to play games online and earn money. Along with playing and earning money, here you also get options to earn by referring it to your friends and family members.

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The cool thing about playing at CryptoRize is you're allowed to withdraw what you earn after every 3 days of playing. So, would not you like to try it now.
CryptoRize app is available for Android users only. 

14. Big Time Cash;

With over 10 million installations and a 4+star rating at Google Play, no doubt the Big Time Cash app is favorite of people.
If you love playing video games, then you have got a number of wonderful games at the Big Time Cash app.
There could be no better way to use your idle time and getting paid for it.
Big Time Cash app is available for Android and iOS.

15. CryptoPop;

CryptoPop can help you earn cryptocurrency while playing the game. You would love getting together more coins and earning more points.

16. Money RAWR;

A game lover who wants to play different types of games daily then it is a great app to have. With new games added every day, you would not only enjoy your time but also would earn money for your time.
So, if you play, Money RAWR is going to pay for it.
So, get up, download this app and start playing and earning.

Money RAWR app is available for Android users only.

17. FeaturePoints; 

FeaturePoints is one of the oldest online platforms for playing games and earning money. Here you are not only rewarded for playing games but also you can increase your earning by a number of other entertaining ways like participating in surveys, scratch and win contests, and referring it to your family and friends who later join it and start participating.

As on date FeaturePoints has already paid over $5 million to millions of users. To-date it has been installed by more than 5 million people globally.
Android users can download the app here.

18. Lucky Home; 

Who does not want to give a lovely look to her home? And Lucky Home is one such platform where you can test a number of home decoration concepts. You would love playing this game even when you don't like to do anything.

So come and test your home decoration skills and design your dream house while earning rewards. It will soon become your favourite game to play.

Lucky Home app is available for Android users here.

19. Make Money;

The Internet has opened many doors to anyone who wants to earn money by doing things they love to do. Now you have more options to earn money online than ever before. And make money app is one such legitimate place to get paid for doing usual entertaining things in your time.

The app has been reviewed by over 300000 people and rated 4.6 stars at Google Play. What else do you need to take the first step?

The app is available for download at Google Play.

20. FunTap; 

Millions of people who have downloaded it, are and enjoying their free time with this app may not be wrong. The app is well-rated at Google Play. It has more than a million installations and got 4.6 stars rating at Google Play.
You can get the app for Android at this place.

21. App Flame; 

With more than 5 million installations, App Flame proves that it is a platform of happy and loyal people who believe in what App Flame offers to them.

At App Flame, you can access a list of different games and can play anyone you like without any deposits or in-app purchases.

App Flame is rated with 4.3 stars at Google Play which proves that people love it.

22. Fitplay;

At Fitplay you get a vast variety of games in casual, strategy, action, puzzle, arcade and adventure categories to choose and play.

With so many types of games, finding one which you will like is not that tough.

You can play them all one by one and make a list of games you love to play and then select one which you liked the most playing.
You have access to all of them without paying any fees or in-app purchases.

So, why do you not grab this opportunity and play while you earn for every second of your time?

23. Play games online and record;

People love to see you playing their favorite games and would like to learn from you.

This is a new way of earning money in your free time and earning passive income while you're on your bed and busy with dreams.

You don't need to have the fortune to start this business because if you love playing, you only need a good camera to record, a laptop/desktop with an Internet connection and you're ready to do what you like.

This is the way which opens not one but many ways to earn money and living a life of freedom.

24. Start blogging while playing your game;

Blogging is an innovative way of expressing your thoughts to people globally. This is also one of the great ways of earning handsome income for your expertise and efforts.

You can blog about anything. If you don't know what you should blog about then find out your passion. And what is passion? This is something you like to do without even feeling you're doing something.

We all are unique people and we all have something special.

Blogging can open up many ways to earn money like; advertising; consulting; book writing; coaching etc.

You can also blog about games and teach the trick you know about your favorite game.

And the following are some of the legitimate and well-reviewed apps where you can play your favorite games for free and earn various rewards and cash for your time.

25. Double Double;

26. Givvy; 

27. Make Money Now;

28. appKarma;

29. Lucky Winner;