The One Thing By Gary Keller & Jay Papasan

Book Review: The One Thing by Gary Keller & Jay Papasan

The book" The One Thing'' is written by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, both well-known figures in Real Estate and personal development niche.
Here in the book, the authors have shared key points which we all must focus on to become highly productive and successful.

Book Review of "The One Thing" written by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan;

The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

Here is my review of the book" The One Thing"

1. We all have to focus on just one thing which is the most important to our success in any field. And once we have figured out we must work on it with all our efforts. Everything else after it just becomes unimportant.

2. If you think that you can focus on multiple things at a time and be as productive as you want then you're wrong. You must change your perspective and focus on a few things that matter for your success.

3. Rather than taking bigger steps at a time and leaving when you can't keep your promises, you must take smaller steps and become highly productive. The success lies in taking action. And when you have a few things to work on, your output will be exemplary.

4. You only need to prioritize your tasks and give your best to only one thing at a time. And over time this all builds up leading to the great success you dreamed of.

5. You can look at the examples of people who amassed wealth and recognition by working on the only thing for example Warren Buffet, Wal Disney, Bill Gates.

6. If you work on the most important tasks and avoid lesser good things, you're on a path that is only traveled by successful people. And when you're on that path you need to follow it until you reach where you were heading to.

7. In every aspect of life, only a few things matters that can derail your planning if you don't focus on them. So for a life full of triumphs, happiness, prosperity, and growth work on only the most important things.

8. You have a lot of things to do. But, not all of them are important. Not all of them require equal attention. There are always somethings that can be left unattended forever. And you have to find them out. And this can be done with a simple trick of prioritizing tasks. The things that matter the most are the things that to be done on priority. The most important things are very less. And when you have a few things to work on then you're more focused, energetic, and bound to achieve extraordinary results. If you have a list of everything to focus on then you don't have a success list.

9. A to-do list is long and contains trivial things that may consume all your time. So, instead of having a to-do list, you should have a success list with a few items to work on. Success is a result of doing a few things in the best possible way where you could give all your focus with great efforts.

10. Identify what is that one thing that if you do well over time could result in massive success. If you think that you have to complete 100 things to become really successful then you need to get it narrowed to the extreme and find out just one thing that requires all your efforts to succeed big. It is your task now to find out what is that one thing. And when you have that, it is time to give it the most attention.

11. Don't be busy but productive. Narrow down to a few things out of a stack of unwanted things. And out those few things, just get one that matters the most.

12. Don't do multitasking; multitasking is overrated and is a totally unproductive way of getting great results. Focus on one thing only at a time. If you like multitasking then you are a person who wants to do a lot but forget to work on the thing that is of utmost importance.

13. Multitasking is waste of time. Don't do multitasking.

14. Develop the habit of doing the right thing for a long period to experience success. When you know where you need to give your total efforts, you can succeed faster.

15. You can acquire a new habit on an average in 66 days and once the habit is formed then it takes lesser efforts to maintain the habit. It just becomes automatic to follow. Develop one habit at a time. And then others, and then some more. This is the way to become super successful in life.

16. Willpower is limited and the science backs it. The more you use it the lesser is left for other things. Focus on doing your most important things early on the day when your will power battery is fully charged.

17. When you use your time working for the most important thing then you're just leaving behind things that do not need your attention. This is what makes you successful. You either work for good things in your life or you work for things that drain your energy away making you unproductive and depressed. What is your choice?

18. You must always think big rather than talking and setting realistic goals that are not at all realistic but mediocre. If you set small goals you're never going to achieve the best of your potential. Think big, Feel big, and Be big. You have the potential to do anything you can dream of. And the only thing that is preventing you from getting there is your own mindset.

19. Does the success need you to be punctual, an early riser, strict to your people, living the life of someone else? The answer is no. You only need to be good at the thing that is only important for your success. And the rest is either unimportant or does not need your more attention. It is that simple.

20. If you want to have a productive day then you must ask the focusing question when you wake up and that is "What is the one thing that I can do today, and by doing that everything else will be easier or not necessary". You can have such questions for your different goals in health, wealth, family, and spiritual life. It is simple.

21. When you know your one thing then you need to work on it without any distractions. Give your full efforts and complete it without any excuses or distractions. And make it a habit.

22. If you want to succeed in any part of your life you need to develop habits that keep you on your path to success. If you want to succeed in investing, you need to read good books on investing. You can read the biographies of successful investors. There is nothing so good as developing skills and good habits that keep you closer to your goals.

23. Ask a detailed and specific question like"How can I grow my traffic by 400% in the next two months rather than how can I grow my traffic". The former is specific, big, and will give you a clear answer. Now you can convert it into a focusing question like" What is one thing that I can do to increase my traffic by 400% in six months such that doing that everything becomes easier or unnecessary".

24. We all must live with purpose, priority, and productivity. That means we all must have a definite goal; prioritize the tasks that help us reach the goal and take action in completing those tasks without any distractions or interruptions.

25. Do time blocking for your most important activity. Do it without distractions. Also, plan vacations and offs so that you could recharge yourself often and stay highly productive. Rest is as important as working for your goal.

26. Improving on anything is a continuous process and you're never the best in it. If you have achieved a level of proficiency then there is another level challenging you. You must be willing to do whatever it takes to do it in the best possible way. If you have a goal to reach then you need to explore all the possibilities to reach there and choose the one that is the best. Try new ideas, brainstorm, reach successful people, and get their views on how you must approach, read books on the subject, and find the ways that are new and can result in extraordinary success.

27. Don't settle for the okayish type of results. Always challenge yourself. If you built 10 backlinks for your new website last week then brainstorm and try to break your result and build 15-20 this time. This is the way to extraordinary results. And you can enjoy extraordinary success if you leave behind traditional ways of doing something and adopt purposeful thinking to reach a goal worth trying.

28. Have an accountability partner to whom you could send your progress report. An accountability partner regularly assesses your performance and point you when you miss the targets. You can reach your goal faster with the help of an accountability partner. A coach can help you in achieving extraordinary results. So what do you think?

29. You must develop a habit of saying no to everything that does not resonate with your one thing. If you say yes to everything then you say "NO" to your the most important thing.

30. Don't make excuses that you don't get time for your One Thing. You need to be creative in assigning time for your most important thing. Don't become a victim of having any time for your most important thing. Don't let limitations leading your life. You can easily solve this problem. You have to get that done.

31. four thieves of productivity; Not saying no; Not managing chaos; Not eating right and keeping the body healthy; Not having the environment that supports your goals.

32. We have the strength and capability to achieve anything we want in our life. And to experience such a life we must live with purpose, focus on priority, and be productive. You have solutions to any problems in life.

33. One Thing is a great concept and a way to solve all the problems that are hindering you in succeeding in any part of your life. One thing is the path to success. Anyone can achieve an extraordinary level of success following the One Thing. One Thing puts aside all the trivial things you waste your time and help you focus on the most important thing.

34. If you work on the One Thing then surely you're going to achieve one thing and that is "Succeeding everywhere you want to".

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