My Review 2020

My Review For 2020

This is my complete review of 2020. I would like to explain here everything related to my writing and online entrepreneurship. Here you will find details about;
What I planned in 2020?
What I did in 2020 and
What is my progress?
Did I outperform or underperform?
As Roy T Bennet already quoted" You're braver than you think, more talented than you know and capable of anything you imagine".

Truly, We don't know our strength or we underestimate our strength. And that we do every time and in every aspect. 

The Books I Read;

You can learn faster from a book than from an experience and the reason is you don't need to live all to gain that experience.

Books are your loyal friends. When you read a good book, you not only improve your knowledge but also you know yourself better. You start valuing your strength. You improve your confidence. You get motivated and you live your life better after reading.

While I have never been a good reader of books but since 2019 I have developed this habit. And now I think why I did not start it earlier. Reading books is one of the best ways to keep you motivated along with learning new things from the experience of others.

And now all the books are easily available and you can purchase them online. They don't cost you a fortune.

What I planned;
While I planned to read 3 books a month or a book every 10 days but I missed the target by a little margin. I completed only 29 books. I have also written reviews of some of the books. You can access reviews and read the important points of the books.

Here is the list of books I read in 2020;

1. 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management By Kevin Kruse
2. The Richest Man in Babylon By George S. Clason
3. The Power of Habit By Charles Duhig
4. Write, Publish, Repeat By J B Truant
5. Getting Everything Out of All You Have Gotten By J. Abraham
6. The Secret By Rhonda Byrne
7. A Technique for Producing Ideas By James Webb Young
8. The War of Art By Steven Pressfield
9. The $100 Startup By Chris Guillebeau
10. Eat and Run By Scott Jurek
11. The Little Book of Gratitude By Dr Robert A Emmons
12. Book Launch By Chandler Bolt
13. Inspiring Thoughts By Swami Vivekananda
14. On Writing By Stephen King (Continued)
15. Confucius- A Life from Beginning to End
16. Anything You Want By Derek Severs
17. Attitude is Everything By Jeff Keller
18. Principles of Success By Ray Dalio
19. The Obstacle Is the Way By Ryan Holiday
20. Seneca On the Shortness of Life
21. Rework By Jason Field
22. Thinking Fast and Slow By Daniel Kahneman (Continued)
23. The One Thing By Gary Keller and Jay Papasan
24. Discipline Equals Freedom By Jocko Willink
25. Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie (Continued)
26. Deep Work By Cal Newport
27. The Inside out Revolution By Michael Neill
28. Man's Search For Meaning By Viktor E Frankl
29. Think Straight By Darius Foroux
30. Do it Today by Darius Foroux
31. Mastery By George Leonard
32. Start Something That Matter By Blake Mycoskie
33. Tribes By Seth Godin (Continued)
34. The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*CK By Mark Manson (Continued)

You can also find some wonderful books available for reading free at;

Project Gutenberg,

Google eBookstore

Open Library

I think there is no better way to improve yourself than reading a book. Desiderius Erasmus has put it in a wonderful quote" When I have a little money, I buy books and When anything is left, I buy food and clothes."

Should I read a book cover to cover?

I read every book from cover to cover. And I think that this is the best way to get the most from a book. Many times I have found some wonderful things or boosters deep down in the pages. I could have missed them If I had read only a few chapters or pages of the book.

Also, you can't decide which chapters or pages of the books worth your time until you read the book completely.

But, when you complete reading a book, you have got the theme of the book and can skip certain chapters or pages in your second reading.

Your second or further readings will be more precise and you will learn the things of the book better. You will also find some books not worth your time for second reading. You can drop them from your further reading list. At least this is what I follow for reading books.

My endeavor to earn online;

I have been making websites since 2009 but I have not been regular and given my best efforts. I have not earned anything bigger in the amount that could help me out in getting rid of job and work fulltime for me.

I have worked on a website on health and fitness since 2014 but that is also not working well for me. I could not attract visitors while I have posted more than 150 articles and once the site was getting over 9000 visitors a month.

The website has a flat curve and is not going well. My efforts had helped me acquire over 1000 email subscribers but I could engage with them.

So, I have evaluated my performance and find that I need to be consistent if I want to see any good result. I am responsible for this all. I working getting all things to turn around.

Consistency is the key to success. When you're consistently working on something you're serious about it. You love it. It is your passion. And you succeed.

The Income I generated; 

I did not earn more than $1000 in 2020. I did not have any written plan. While I have planned it somewhere but I did not truly work in that way.
I am planning to earn $100000 a month, quit the job and scale from there.

I have planned to quit the job by 2021 and start working full time on my health and fitness blog and this one.

I don't like to follow the rat race and jumping up from one assignment to another, waiting eagerly for the last day of the month to see my salary. I want to live a more meaningful life. It is the only goal of my life.

I had already published posts on Mr. Money Frugal Blog in 2019 but I was not regular on it. In 2020, I started working on it sincerely by July and published a total of 37 posts.

Email Subscribers: As of now I don't have any subscriber for MrMoneyFrugal.Com, but I have close to 1000 subscribers for HealthyNews24. I have to work really hard for gaining subscribers in 2021. 

I am using SumoMe for MMF and Thrive Leads for HealthyNews24.

In 2021, I am working to improve my writing.
I have planned to write at Medium and guest post on some popular blogs.
I will also focus on building relationships with well-known bloggers. The year 2021 is going to be exciting and great fun. I have gotten some wonderful things to do and prosper. I am planning to quit my day job so that I could work on it fulltime.

My Health Goals;

I had made a resolution that I would work on to improve my health. While I don't do anything special but whatever I do, I do it regularly.

I have made a resolution that I would keep on trying and following what I planned until I see the results. I know that may sound unrealistic or hype but this is true.

I was a chain smoker But I quit it in July 2019 and It has been over a year since my last smoke. I quit smoking on 27th July 2019, on my 38th Birthday.

Did I do anything special to get rid of my smoking?

After smoking for over 14 years, I quit it. I failed many times to succeed in this resolution. And now I accept that quitting smoking is one of the hardest things I have done. It feels like I have done something great. And I know this.

But, I still crave for it. I don't know how do people quit smoking and say that they stopped craving for it just after quitting it for a while.
And one thing you can learn here that you don't need to go to any doctor or take any pills to quit smoking. If you want to quit you will quit. If you don't want you have got only excuses to support you.

I stopped smoking and started running;

Since then I don’t miss running. Now I like it. It has been my hobby now.

I have a fixed target of running daily a minimum of 1 mile. And since the last one and a half year, I had never missed even a day when I did not run. I have to get the time for this activity and I have been successful. In 2020, I completed running 1086.81 kilometers. 

Consistency Matters;

I don’t miss any of the newsletters of James Altucher. I just want to read what he wants to say. I have learnt many things from his writings that have improved me a lot. He is one of the fellows whose blogs I visit often and would be visiting in future.

I got to know about Nash Daily while I was reading one of the newsletters. Nash promised himself to make a one minute video for 1000 days without even missing any day. He did what he promised while visiting the world. He was confident. He kept on doing for 270 days before he could see any progress in his endeavors. 

After 270 days, his short videos started getting viral and he was getting noticed.
The moral of the story is if you want to succeed then you have to make efforts consistently. You can promise yourself to keep on trying until you succeed.

Winding Up;

I don't like to copy someone's style of reviewing the performance. But, I would like to mention everything important in this review that is helpful to anybody having similar goals.

People talk about having realistic goals. I don't know what does it mean by realistic goals? They want easy goals that anybody can achieve. They also talk about the goals which are not actually any goals worth working for.

Trying different things to succeed is the best way to live a wonderful life. And I know that it is the only way to feel good and get most of your time.

No matter what your conditions are now or how many times you have been failed, you have already got many options ahead.
What you need to do is you have to see the things differently and try to focus on where you can improve.

You can fail in your attempts but you will succeed if you keep on trying.
I would like to submit my review of 2020 with the following note;

Don't feel low, Don't underestimate your strength, Get up and try, try, try until you get what you want". 

2021 is running. 2020 has been out with bad memories of pandemics. I would submit a better review with good numbers in 2021.
Feel blessed and Stay Happy.