Review InboxDollars

Review of InboxDollars; Is it Legitimate or Fake?

InboxDollars is one of the innovative ways to earn income in today's technologically advanced world. And in this review of InboxDollars, I will list out important things that you must know before joining Inbox Dollar.

Well, there are several ways to add cash to your wallet and earning money while playing games, answering videos, doing shopping and even searching the things on the Web is a new way that most of the people don't believe can pay you for your time.


Time is the most precious thing. And we're losing it moment by moment. So, why do we lose it on things that don't add any values to our lives?
Once you join InboxDollars and start participating on various things offered here, you will not only use your time more productively but also you add tremendous value to various products and services that would again ease our tough lives. In this review of InboxDollars, we would explain the following things that are essential for you to know.

How does InboxDollar work and earn money?

Is it a legitimate and trusted platform that pays for your time and effort?

Who can join the InboxDollars?

What are different ways to earn at InboxDollars?

How much I can earn through InboxDollars?

I will also cover up a FAQ section in the last section of this review to answer some general yet important queries. So let us start with our first question.

How does InboxDollars work and earn money?

It is true that if InboxDollars does not earn any money then it can't pay to members.
InboxDollars makes money in many ways like:

InboxDollars works for many larger companies and brands that need honest opinions about various products to make them better for their customers. Those companies and brands have larger budgets to fund research and development for improving their products. And when they get information from the real people who use those products, that information is much more important than their in-house research. Those companies pay InboxDollars.

Is InboxDollars legitimate?

Following facts prove that InboxDollars is a trusted platform and you can join it without any doubt.

1. InboxDollars has been around since 2000 and is a community of millions of members who use it often.

2. Since the start of InboxDollars, it has paid over $59 millions in rewards and cash to its members for their various activities. A reputed online platform to earn money.

3. More than twelve thousand people have written their opinions about InboxDollars at Trustpilot and rated it with 4.2 stars.

4. It has gotten 4 stars rating at Google Play and is reviewed by more than 100000 people. So many people may not be wrong. However, many people have given it one star but the number of people who have rated it 4 or 4+stars is more.

5. It has also A+rating from Better Business Bureau that is itself a great achievement for any trustworthy company. It has also been featured on well known online platforms e.g. Forbes, Mashable, Bustle, Finance News etc.

6. It has also been recognized as Inc 5000 fastest growing company.

What do all the above points reflect about InboxDollars? Would you still wait to join InboxDollars? You have now a better answer.

Who can join InboxDollars?

Anybody can't join InboxDollars and it has some basic eligibility requirements that all aspiring members should follow like you must have completed 18 years of age before signing up for InboxDollars. Also, all the members must fulfill following mandatory guidelines;

InboxDollars does not permit its members to have: 

More than one account in the same household

More than one account for a mailing address

More than one account on a computer or any device

How can you earn at InboxDollars?

Once you become a member of InboxDollars you can earn money by following ways;

1. Get paid for participating in online surveys

InboxDollars Surveys

You get paid for sharing your opinions about the product and services you use.

However, these earnings would not be that big but you can earn anything from $0.5 to $5 for short surveys which you can complete in 3 to 25 minutes. 

You would also get opportunities to earn over $10 or $20 per survey but that would not be often. 

Is not it still good money for your time which you would waste if InboxDollars like facilities were not there?

2. Watch Videos and get paid at InboxDollars

Watch Videos InboxDollars

Yes, you got it right. You get paid here for watching short videos of brands and companies that want to promote their products. These short videos will not take your time instead would put some pennies in your wallet.

Here is how it works;

The companies make videos of their products and services and want, that customers watch those videos and learn more about their products. But, with so much noise out there, those videos are lost with no viewers. When InboxDollars' members watch those videos and if they like them, they can share those videos with friends and relatives making them more popular. This is what big brands and companies want to promote their products. 

When more and more people know about their products then they can have a larger base of customers who may buy those products.
InboxDollars get paid for such engagement and share the benefits with the members.

3. You can instantly earn a $5 sign up bonus

You get a welcome bonus of $5 for just becoming a member of InboxDollars.

However, you can't cash it out immediately until you have accumulated a minimum of $30 in your account. But it would surely motivate you to participate in other activities and add money to your account.

4. You can earn cash back for doing online shopping through InboxDollars

Cashback Shopping at InboxDollars

When you join InboxDollars, you have got many opportunities that can help you save more.
Through InboxDollars, you can access information about various offers and deals which is not accessible to other people.

When you shop through those offers and deals you save money. You get here deals and offers on Hotels&travels, Healthy&beauty, Insurance, Departmental stores and whatnot.

5. You even get paid for reading emails

Read Emails InboxDollars

We stress out when we see tons of emails in our inbox but now it is a different story. And the reason is you now can earn just reading emails.

You get emails from InboxDollars about various offers and deals and InboxDollars pays you just reading them.
You can also increase your earnings if you visit those offers and get the advantage of them.

It works like this; if you read an email offering you a discount of $15 on a particular product and if you don't act then it means you're not interested in the product. Now the company or brand has collected a response that either $15 is not a good discount to offer or people of certain age groups are not interested in the product.

Now they can design a better offer or would focus on a particular age group which may have an interest in the product.

The best way to get relevant emails is by keeping your profile updated with your accurate information.
So, seeing your email box filled up would not stress you anymore.

6. You can earn for playing games

Play Games InboxDollars

Who does not like playing games?

It is one of the most pleasing activities when we're in stress or when we want to relax. But, through InboxDollars, this activity can now help you earn some pennies for your wallet.

You will have access to a vast library of more than 30 arcade games.

Now, you will never get bored while waiting in a queue because you have got so many games to enjoy along with earning money.

7. You can get access to free coupons and rewards that add to your savings

Whenever you're planning to shop you should not miss visiting InboxDollars for coupons. At InboxDollars, you have got access to coupons and discount offers of all the major retailers. You earn here for just printing the coupons. When you redeem those coupons at the store you earn even more. You got here options for double savings.

How much I can Earn at InboxDollars?

I think this question must be at the top of everything. Everybody wants to know. And you should know it.

However, the answer will not please you because InboxDollars can't make you rich.
It can also not help you to fire your boss. But, it may help you earn a side income on a time which you would waste without even knowing you're wasting.
Moreover, you would also learn about new things by participating in various entertaining activities of InboxDollars. 

Frequently asked questions about InboxDollars

1. What is the minimum balance requirement for a payment request?

You must have a minimum of $30 in your account before you request for any payment.

2. Can I transfer the balance from my account to any other account? 

No, you can not transfer the balance from your account to any other account in any case.

3How many days does it take to process the payment requests?

All the payment requests are processed on Wednesday. And it usually takes 3 to 9 days to process payments. Your account must be active for requesting the payment.

4. Do I need to access my account frequently to keep it active?

More you participate in different activities at InboxDollars, the more you can earn. But, for any reason, if you don't log in to your account and participate in any activity then it may get deactivate after 6 months. 

5. Can I cancel the account if I no longer want to use InboxDollars?

You can cancel your membership of InboxDollars whenever you want. But, you must know that all the accumulated earnings would also go away when you cancel your account.

6. What are other platforms like InboxDollars that add more savings to my earnings?

However, InboxDollars is a great way to use your spare time and earn some money but there are also a few more where you can become a member and add to your monthly earnings.


We waste a lot of time every day. We do it without even realizing it. Have you ever figured out how much time you waste in a day on watching your Smartphone? If you could even use half of that wasted time then you could have earned a few dollars.

While that may not look any impressive but can you imagine how much you can earn in the six months or a year? That is what that makes the difference.

And InboxDollars is there to help you out. It presents various entertaining activities you can participate and earn for your time and efforts. Following this way, you get the most of your time. 

When you join InboxDollars and start engaging with it; You help important companies and brands making better products for you.