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9 Bloggers That Make Millions Online (Over $50000/Month)

If you love writing and can reflect your thoughts in words then blogging is one of the most rewarding things you can do.
You can blog about anything. You can teach kids how to play games through blogging. You can blog about fishing. There are so many things you can blog about. Even if you think you don’t have anything to write about then just wait for a few seconds and think again.

And here we have 8 such wonderful bloggers who’re making a ton of money.

8 bloggers that make a lot of money blogging

They are not only real motivators for you but also you can learn many things from them. You can follow their strategies.
You can learn how they got started.
You can even learn how they got the idea of blogging.
This article will answer the following things about blogging.
Who are those 8 Well Known Bloggers?
How can you earn money blogging?
What are the most useful blogging resources and how can they help you in blogging?
Can blogging help you earn enough to get rid of your 9-5 harassment cycle?
What are the most demanding blogging niches of 2020?

1. John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire

John Lee Dumas aka JLD is the owner of Entrepreneur on Fire(EOF). And you can find great motivation if you visit EOF. As JLD himself writes on his blog that if you are doing the things you don't like 90% of your time and only 10% of your time is utilized doing things you love then you're on a right place.

John Lee Dumas aka JLD

JLD has not got this success overnight because his life was full of struggles and failures before he started his blog.

Now JLD is one of the well-known podcasters, blogger, who has interviewed over 2600 incredible entrepreneurs including Tim Ferris, Seth Godin, Tonny Robbins, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

The November income of John Lee Dumas was $186046.
Does it look unimaginable to you? Probably JLD also thought the same when he was busy with his 9-5 chore and failing daily.

If you visit EOF you can have access to detailed income reports of JLD. The majority of his income comes from Podcast sponsorship, affiliate marketing.

2. Jon Morrow of Smart Blogger

I am personally very much influenced by Jon Morrow and if you know about him then you will be too.

If you're depressed and see no sign of hope in your life then I think Jon is the best person who can motivate you through his struggles. He is the only blogger (In my knowledge) who is so challenged physically that he can't move anything but his face. He has also been encountered with many life-threatening situations throughout his life. Still, he is living good and flourishing as a blogger. 

Jon Morrow of Smart Blogger

He is truly a genius blogger. If you want to learn more about his personal life and the struggles he has faced in his life you can visit this article.
Jon has a lot to offer you if you want to succeed in blogging.

He offers courses on blogging and copywriting and earns more than a million-dollar every year.
I think if you read his blog Smart Blogger regularly then you can learn more about blogging than any other available course on blogging.

Some of the wonderful things you can learn from Jon that will help you in blogging are;
How to write articles that go viral
How to do affiliate marketing and get rid of the rat race of 9-5
How to earn money online doing freelance writing

3. Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income

The story of Pat Flynn is very inspiring. With laid off during the economic recession of 2008 to form such a wonderful online business does not happen overnight. But, it did happen with working hard continuously and delivering the things that were useful for himself as well as for the people following him.

Smart Passive Income

Pat is not only a blogger but also a successful podcaster, an author, and a father who is living a dream life with his beautiful family.

You can visit his blog and learn more about him. You can learn many things from Pat that will help you in growing your online business like; Affiliate marketing, Podcasting, Digital Marketing; Email marketing etc.

Pat Flynn has stopped writing about his income since August 2019 but it is really huge.

According to the last income report of Pat Flynn, he was making six figures from various sources. You can treat him your mentor and visit his blog often to learn the latest developments in blogging to stay updated.

4. Spencer Haws of Niche Pursuits

Niche Pursuits is managed by Spencer Haw who needs no introduction. Spencer Haws is managing the blog since 2008 and he has been a full-time blogger since 2012.

You can find here niche site projects where Spencer Haws has shared everything about the project with even tinny details. 

Such information is a goldmine for anyone who wants to earn money online.

You can learn here
How to get started with blogging
How to build backlinks for your new or old website
How to approach influencers for help
What to do if you have gotten you affiliate accounts deactivated or closed by the organizers?
How to do keyword research that works

Spencer Haws is founder of Long tail keyword and Link Whisper. You can find these tools helpful in growing your blog audiences.

5. Fat Stacks Blog by Jon Dykstra

Jon Dykstra is a true deal for anyone who is starting blogging. You not only get motivated by him but also you learn a lot of new techniques to grow your blog from zero traffic to larger audiences.

Jon has been a fulltime blogger since 2012. He never misses publishing his income reports which not only motivate you but also help you learn more about the new things of blogging.

.Fat Stacks Blog by Jon Dykstra

Jon makes more than $50000/ month. There are also many months where his online income has crossed $80000. In October he has earned more than $70000 from his 8 niche websites. You can access the income reports here.

You can't afford to miss what Jon Dykstra is sharing in his blog about;
How to grow a new blog
What are the tools of successful bloggers?
You can get a number of good courses that would truly help you.

6. Adam Enfroy of

There are two ways to be a successful blogger;

1. Set up a blog and get your first earning within 3 months;
2. Start slowly and hope to see anything in five years or more.

Which one you would like to go with? I don't think you would ever choose option B because none wants to struggle to see things like that.

Adam Enfroy of

While most of the bloggers shout that you need to consistently work on blogging for 3-5 years to see any big change, Adam Enfroy is just opposite of that. And he should be because he started his blog in January of 2019 and got his first $10000 paycheck within 3 months of blogging.

However, that may look impossible and you may not believe in it but this is how Adam Enfroy succeeded.

Adam is now making more than $80000/month. And his earnings are going to go up in the months to come.
Adam Enfroy has proved it that You don't need to wait for 3-5 years to become a successful blogger.
Adam has  got some good course on digital marketing and affiliate marketing which you will find useful in your journey to become a successful blogger.

7. Michelle of Making Sense of Cents

You can copy a successful blogger who is earning a full-time income from blogging. I think this is one of the easiest and proven way to succeed. And Michelle can be a huge motivator for you.

When she started it she did not even imagine it to be such a huge success. She started her blog to keep track of her progress in paying off a $38000 student debt.

Michelle of Making Sense of Cents

Michelle started her blog while she was working on a full-time job. So, you can't excuse starting a blog if your whole day is devoted to a job.

You can learn following very important things from Michelle that will help you in running a successful blog.

How to utilize your lunchtime to work on your blog

How to get time to work on your blog even when you think you don't have even a moment to spare.

How to eliminate time wasters from your schedule

How to save 10 hours a week to work for your blog 

How to get new ideas for your blog

How to use your vacation days to work on your blog.

Any many such useful things that could help you in managing your blog even when you are busy in your daily job.

It took 6 months to Michelle to earn her $100 and now she makes over $100000 while travelling the world. So, if you think you don't have any blog Idea why do you not just look around messes in your life. You have got plenty of them where you can blog about and help others. And this is what Michelle did to improve her life. You solve your problem and write about how you did it. You got an Idea now.

8. Grant Sabatier of Millennial Money

You want to live a wonderful life. You want a family, a home, vacation and whatnot. But, you can only enjoy all those things when you're financially independent.

Grant Sabatier of Millennial Money

What would you do if you are left with just $2.26 in your bank account? You would either look around for help or would keep yourself cursing whole the time for your bad finance. Grant Sabatier did nothing either.

And you too must not do that because you have gotten some wonderful things to do around that would not only help you but also would help others.

Grant Sabatier is a millionaire now and he is also helping others to solve their bad finances and become financially independent.

Grant Sabatier is an entrepreneur, author, podcaster and a blogger now. He has multiple businesses that are pumping enough money in his wonderful life.

He had even written an International Bestseller book on personal finance to guide those who want to save and invest her money for long term growth.

You have got a lot of things to learn from Grant Sabatier that will help you in your journey to financial independence.

9. Alex and Lauren from Create and Go

These duos have proved it that you have always got the ways to improve and grow no matter what your current conditions are. Alex and Lauren went from having $0 in the bank account to earning more than $100000 a month in less than 3 years.

Alex and Lauren from Create and Go


I don't want to wake up with an alarm clock and waste my morning with a rush to reach the office on time. I don't want to report someone I don't like for the job I don't like to work on.

I don't like to frustrate myself with office politics that has nothing to do with my career and my potential. I want to enjoy the time I have gotten on this beautiful planet with someone I want to live with.
I don't like to curse whole the day for things I am not able to do because of 9-5 chores.

If you have the same goals and love writing then blogging is what you are looking for.
Earning by doing things you love is the most exciting way to replace your daily job. Here you’re not only your own boss but you have the total control on the things you do. You’re no more a slave of someone and money.

You can do whatever you like. You can define your working hours. You don’t need to take permission from anybody for going out anytime you want. You have got your time. You have got freedom.

If you’re in a job you can imagine how good it feels to be working for yourself and having total control of your time.

And when you work for your blog consistently, you open multiple streams of income. Your loyal followers have problems in multiple facets of their lives. And you can help them out there.
You can start a consulting business.
You can start coaching.
You can write a book (You can be an author without any traditional publisher now)

Anyway, you will gain confidence and that will help you in succeeding in any field of your life.