Who is called to be financially independent

What Does It Mean To Be Financially Independent?

Who is called to be financially independent? Is a financially independent person happy?

Money is very important. We all know this. We can't do anything without it. You can't buy anything if you don't have it.

However, in our society; we frequently hear; Money is not everything. Money can't buy happiness. Those who work for money are shrewd.
More money means more problems. Rich people are getting richer because they are dishonest.

And many similar comments, but they are all baseless and should not be considered if you like to live a wonderful life free from money worries.

If you don't have money to fulfil your daily requirements, you have more problems and no morale. Nobody likes to beg to others for fulfilling their needs.
We all have opinions about anything. Some may agree with it and some may not. But, studies may not be wrong.