Believe in yourself

Believe In Yourself: It Is A Magic Trick!

I was confident I would top my class in 10th standard. I came 2nd. The person who got 1st was one of my friends. Coming second was a big deal. And this is because, before 10th grade, I was a below-average student.
So in context, I ranked among the lowest achieving student in my class- from standard 1. And suddenly, out of nowhere, I held the second position: all from believing in myself. My classmates, as well as my teachers and my parents, were left bewildered.

Who I used to be was the regular kid nobody had high hopes for. Nobody cared for me, nor did I care for anyone. I did what I liked, was a truant, and felt education was useless.

The only time I got attention was when my name appeared on the board for a misdoing,
However, upon getting to class 10, everything changed. You see, it wasn’t that I decided to do better alone. Someone had continuously drummed it in my ears that I should improve myself.
Luckily for me, I realized(you might say relatively late- but it is never late to believe in oneself) I needed to do good by myself and others; it hit me that the best time to drive myself was then- as a student.
It became clear to me that I must first become a good student. If ever I would amount to anything. A student is a learner who can learn any skill or subject and become good at anything.
And so, I threw myself into my studies. I was confident I could top my class! I knew what to do, which was the opposite of all I had been doing. The idea that I could beat my class fueled my confidence rather than discouraged me. My past failures became my motivation to succeed.

I started attending classes and began studying ahead of my teachers. I simply trusted my guts and did all I thought were the right things to do. This is what confidence does to people- it urges them forward! I was no longer the guy I was from the first to the 9th standard. By 12th standard, I was the best in my class in all the subjects. None of the students were close to me.

Could I have achieved all of these without believing in myself.? Probably not. People can only succeed once they start believing in themselves. Believing in myself has made me a good student, a prolific writer, and person I respect.

The Story Of Johann Wolfgang

History has blessed us with stories of great men: men whose lives have become a beacon of hope, a light tower that guides us in a world full of uncertainties and many trials enough to smolder confidence out of us.

One such man is Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. A man who lived for more than three centuries ago yet is still praised today in our modern world as one of the greatest authors and poets that ever lived.

One of his famous quotes gives us insight into his thinking. He reflects the divine truth that we all have our lives to a large extent, in our own hands. We have the power to sculpt our future. Those with tremendous confidence in themselves can only make something out of themselves.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe did not get all this fame without struggle. Four of his five children died- and even today, he has no living descendant. He had several failed relationships and saw the death of many he loved. Despite all these, he produced some of the most famous literary works of the 18th-19th Century.

What if he had constantly stressed about how hard life was? It could have had a massive impact on his writings, and he may not be as popular as he is today and as he was in his days.

Indeed, nobody can achieve the things Johann Wolfgang von Goethe achieved unless they believed in themselves. Believing in yourself is a magic trick that always works.

Pessimism Kills Self-Confidence

Believe in yourself

I was recently reading reviews about a book on This book has more than 100000 reviews, out of which over 88% of ratings were 5 or 4 stars.

And I looked at 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star reviews. Sadly, most of these people should have talked about the book's content. They judged the book based on the design of its cover. Others complained about the book's print quality, size, and price. I doubt these people even read the book.
But, most people who had given five-star reviews wrote about how the book helped them improve their lives.
The question is, how can the same book have a different impact on different people?
The simple answer to this is that some people are negative. They care little or nothing about things and are fault-finders. Their negativity is used to cover up the fact that they don't believe in themselves.
Unfortunately, you must believe in yourself before things will work for you. And if you go about looking for negative things, you will find. Even a good experience will be negative. How, then, would you make something of your life?

Apart from not believing in yourself, fault-finding keeps you in one position. Many will instead argue, complain and dispute over what they don’t like about something. If you don’t like a book, leave it. There are millions of books available online. And if some do not work or you don't like the content, you can always get another one. It does not cost a ton of money.

Self Confidence Fuels Your Ability To Make Demand And Also Ask For Help

Believing in oneself is fundamental as it is one of the easiest ways to control the outcomes. It will always work, no matter what you want to achieve. And some of the best people who have used it are Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

In a 1994 Interview of Steve Jobs with John McLaughlin, President of the Santa Clara Valley Historical Association, Steve Jobs said he got an internship opportunity at HP while he did not know about electronics. He got HP's phone number and dared to put a call through.

Mind you; Jobs was only 12 years old at that time. He had never held a job. Most people would not do it. The reason is we don't believe in ourselves. We have more self-doubts than ever. Steve Jobs further says in that same interview that most people don't get such experiences because they don't ask. And that is true. People help if we ask them for help.

I recently experienced the power of asking.

My SiteGround Webhosting was about to expire, and I could not renew it because of some issues with my credit card(I could not make international payments). I contacted the support team of SiteGround and told them that I might not renew my expiring web hosting and that I needed more time.

After a few minutes, SiteGround extended my renewal date by one more week to sort out my card-related issues from the bank. If I had not asked them for help, I would have had to either change the web host or my website would have been down.

I couldn't have completed this article without self-confidence. I had to be confident in what I had to say. If I had self-doubt about whether this would help others, I might have discarded the article. But, with the simple magic trick of confidence, I completed this task.
So, start using this magic trick because it can make you anything you want.