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How to Make Money by Taking Surveys (Up To $50 per Survey)

You got it right; you can make money by taking surveys online. 

All you need is a computer/laptop, an internet connection, and a desire to succeed, and you’re ready to earn money just by sharing your feedback over the internet.

However, you may be doubtful about how legitimate this system is? Or why should anyone pay you for participating online in those easy activities?

So the answer is, many websites are legit and pay you for your time and efforts. But there are some websites whose credibility is doubtful.

Here in this article, we are listing you completely legitimate survey websites so that you don’t waste your time. Also, these websites are free to join even some websites pay you joining bonus.

This is not a quick rich scheme or you’re going to be a rich man just by answering surveys.

These are just side hustles that can help you earn some money while sharing your opinion about the products you use or know about. So, here are the best paying survey sites where you would be making money by taking online surveys.

1. Swagbucks:

It is one of the most popular online platforms to earn gift cards and cash for doing usual things on the Internet. 

When you use Swagbucks, you earn points that you can redeem later for gift cards or cash that is paid directly to your PayPal account.

How can I use Swagbucks for Earning points for gift cards and Cash?

As per the latest data, nearly 4.48 billion people or 58% of the global population use the Internet. And if you’re reading this, you’re too an active user of the Internet. Now you have the option to use the internet and even get paid for doing things you do online. 

You would love to know that you can earn points for shopping at your favorite retailer. There are over 700 retailers to choose from. 

No doubt, you have already all of your favorite retailers in one place, and the biggest advantage you earn SB for every dollar you spend.

Watching the videos you like ( You can find entertainment news, videos on cooking, recipes, technology, etc)

Participating and answering surveys to help people and even when you’re surfing for finding the lucrative online deals like booking for your vacation, subscribing for Netflix, finding attractive rates on car insurance, booking an affordable vacation, etc.

You can even earn points for searching for things online as you do on Google. Anybody who uses the Internet always land to Google for searches. Here you even get paid for using the search engine.

How can I redeem points at Swagbucks?

For all the above online activities you earn points. These points can be redeemed for gift cards of Amazon, Walmart, and Target. You also have an option to cash your earned points which are paid to your PayPal account.

Is Swagbucks legitimate?

Swagbucks has been active since 2008. It is owned by Prodege LLC. So, it is there for a long time serving the vast group of people. We have gone through the website to learn more about customer satisfaction. And we find it great side hustle which is legitimate, reward you for your time and efforts and liked by people who join. 

As per the Website, it has paid nearly 300 million dollars in cash and gift cards since it has been active.

You can also find some motivating success stories of people who had joined Swagbucks and the platform has helped them make money online.

Swagbucks also has a help section on its website where you can find answers to most of your queries. You also have an option to chat at their Facebook page and get answered your queries. 

How much I can make if I join Swagbucks?

Swagbucks could be a great source of side income if you use your surfing time productively. 

Here is brief information about how much online activity can help you get. 

  1. $0.05 to $2.5 for every completed survey. The pay per completed survey may go up to 25-35 dollars in some cases.
  2. You can get paid for trying the products and services of various reputed brands.

You can also access the work at home section of Swagbucks and get motivated by stories of people who have been customers and how Swagbucks has changed their lives positively.

How can I join Swagbucks?

You can join Swagbucks for free now if you have already attained 13 years of agePlease visit this link if you want to earn money answering surveys, finding great deals, watching videos at Swagbucks.

So even teenagers are eligible to join Swagbucks and can start making money online for their free time.

You can learn more about general eligibility and basic joining related queries here.

Is there any mobile app available for Swagbucks?

You can find mobile apps of Swagbucks at Google Play and the App Store. 

You can access all the functions like answering polls, mobile searches, checking your SB balance, redeeming your points to gift cards through the mobile app. 

Swagbucks has also a special app for answering surveys.

Is it not the best use of your time for getting paid to take surveys? 

So, next time when the idea of making money online while working from home comes in your mind, then Swagbucks is the platform you’re looking for.

People say that using the Internet is a complete waste of time. Even Debate.Org has proved it when it found 60% of people who use the Internet are agreed upon by the remark. However, I doubt if they are right. 

The Internet is a great medium to learn new things, exploring the world, and even finding innovative ways to improve our life. It is both good and bad. And this completely depends on who is using it. If you access it for growth you grow. If you use it for a waste of time you become unproductive and start procrastinating.

Making money online is possible and here you find out where and how this can be accomplished. If you log on to the above online portals you start using the internet for best use of your time and money. 

2. Survey junkie, Take Surveys and Get Paid for your active participation

Like Swagbucks, survey junkie is another online platform where you can get paid for answering surveys. 

Is Survey junkie a legit online portal for taking surveys and earning money from home?

Yes, It is a legitimate online portal that has a long presence and possesses positive feedback from the users who had signed up. It is an online community of over 11 million dedicated people.

You can visit the website and learn from the testimonials of people who have been benefited after joining the portal. 

You have always access to help center where you can get resolved your general queries. You can also contact the support team if your queries are not resolved at the help center. 

Who can join the survey junkie?

Anyone older than 13 years is eligible to join the survey junkie. Also, the sign up is open for only members of the United States, Canada, or Australia. The membership to Survey Junkie is completely free.

How much money I can make at the survey junkie?

You can earn extra cash online at the survey junkie but it is not a get rich quick scheme. The rewards points for each activity varies.

How does the survey junkie work?

Once you sign up and complete your profile you become a survey junkie member. 

Based on your profile, you get surveys. 

You can attend those surveys online and answer as you know about them. 

You earn points for every survey you answer. When the balance of your points reaches a minimum redemption level ( minimum 1000 points) you can redeem those points for gift cards or cash. It is that simple.

Are the surveys difficult to answer at Survey Junkie? 

No, you can easily answer any survey if you have good English reading and writing skills. On average, you can complete the survey within 15 minutes. 

The invitations for participation in surveys are sent regularly to your emails and you need to keep on checking your emails daily for new surveys.

Is there any Survey Junkie app for mobile users?

Yes, mobile apps are available for all android and iOS users. So, you don’t miss taking surveys even if you’re out of home and traveling. If you’re an Android user, you can find an app on this link. The iOS user can visit this link for downloading the app.

3. InboxDollars, a simple survey platform to earn extra cash online

InboxDollars is another popular and trusted platform of earning money online through participating in surveys, playing your favorite games, watching videos, reading emails, shopping at your preferred retailer, etc.

Is Inbox dollars legit or a scam?

Since its inception in 2000, the Inbox dollar has been consistently paying its members for their online activities. And it has paid over $56 million since 2000. 

Inbox dollar has been featured in various highly reputed online media as one of the preferred places of earning extra cash online. 

In case you have any query you can always access its support section at this link. If you don’t get your query resolved there you can move to a 24/7 online chat facility available at this link.

What are the eligibility criteria to join Inbox Dollars?

The sign up to inbox dollar is only open to individuals of the U.S who are either 18 years old or older than that.

How to join Inbox Dollars?

You can join Inbox Dollars for free through this link. Your account is credited with $5 joining bonus. 

How much I can earn answering surveys at InboxDollar?

You can earn $0.5 to $5 per survey which can be completed in 3 to 25 minutes. There are also surveys where the pay per survey may cross upward of $20 based on the demographic profile of the member. 

Multiple other activities can help you earn at InboxDollar like cashback from online shopping, grocery coupons, etc.

4.Opinion Outpost, another legit resource to earn money online by participating in surveys

At opinion outpost, you get paid for sharing your opinions about electronics, appliances, politics, medicine, and even some usual things you might be doing every day.

Your opinions and thoughts matter a lot to the companies who are continuously working on improving the old products or launching a new one. Your feedback not only helps the company and you but the whole surroundings around. 

How does opinion outpost work?

We daily access the Internet for a variety of things like reading entertainment news, watching videos online, writing and answering emails, etc. All those things in some way can help you earn money online. 

And like other online survey sites, the opinion outpost provides you a legit platform to earn extra cash per month for your leisure time on the Internet.

You not only earn money for your time but you help companies to design and deliver better products for all of us. 

Your perspective about a particular product is important to change the way it looks, works, and ease our days.

Who can join the opinion outpost?

Anybody who is 18+years old can join the opinion outpost. It is a great and scam free way to earn money online working from your home. The enrollment process for opinion outpost is easy, flexible, and time-saving.

How do we get rewarded working for opinion outpost?

Do you get paid for being active and posting your status or thoughts on social media? Definitely, we don’t get paid. 

So, is not it a better way to get paid for doing such usual things online? And like other reputed survey websites, opinion post also values your time and rewards you for your online activities.

Through the opinion outpost, you have multiple options to earn money or rewards online. Whenever you attend a survey and complete it, you earn points. And those points can be redeemed for cash or gift cards of and iTunes.

The cash is paid in PayPal accounts only.

5. Toluna, an online platform to share your opinion and get paid or rewarded

Do you like a product? 

What are the things that make the product good for you? 

What are the things that you don’t like about the product?

Do you have suggestions for improvement? 

What types of improvement do you like? 

Definitely, you find all those questions easy and engaging if you have spare time to share your thoughts about them. 

Your points of view about particular products can help the company and the people around you. 

The companies can improve the product for a better experience of the people. Toluna is a facilitator that record opinions of people for the companies who want to learn more about the products.

You might be thinking why should someone care about your thoughts about products. But, your views can influence the products and the world.

Are the survey questions easy?

Yes, they are easy. In fact, they are sometimes so easy that you might be doubtful about the questions. “ Do you eat healthy,'' What do you think about such questions? Is it not that easy?

How does it all work? 

The process is pretty easy here and can be explained in just three simple words: Inspire, Share, and Gain.

Inspire: Your learning, experience, and opinions are highly useful for others.

Share: Toluna platform is a place that collects and shares your thoughts to improve products and services.

Rewards: Your experience matters and you get paid for your time and efforts.

So why do you not start influencing the world from now?

Toluna has a strict policy to safeguard your personal information that you link to the profile section. So, all your responses are anonymous.

If you have any query you can access the support center of Toluna here.

Does it have any mobile app?

Yes, mobile apps are available for iOS and Android versions. You can down app for iOS at this link. The link for the Android app is here.

How much I can earn working at Toluna?

There are multiple activities on Toluna that help you earn points that are redeemable like:

Completing surveys, voting on sponsored polls, completing your profile surveys, inviting your friends to join, participating in games, and creating content for all these activities, you earn points that expire in 12 months.

So attend surveys, earn points, and redeem them before they expire. 

You can also participate in Toluna Millionaire Sweepstakes and have a chance to win 1 million Toluna points at once.

Toluna can help you make some extra cash every month for doing things you love to do online.

It is not a place to earn huge money online but you can make a good side income every month.

You can always sign up for other survey websites to increase your monthly earnings.

Doesn't it feel good presenting your close friend a birthday gift from the earnings of Toluna surveys? 

Here 5 more paid survey websites which are trustworthy and legitimate

1. Global Test Market
2. LifePoint
3. MySurvey
4. Earn Doing
5. PrizeRebel


As the day by day, more people are connecting online and starting using the Internet. More and more online earning opportunities are being explored.

Your response can be a deciding factor in forming the framework of new methodologies of products.

With those opportunities where you share your thoughts and earn money from your home, you not only help yourself financially but help the companies in delivering better products.

So, what is stopping you trying this new era of online money making opportunity and helping the companies delivering better products for you?

Start today exploring and feeding your opinions on the above best survey websites and start collecting rewards and money for your online activities.

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