How To Use The Inversion Technique to Lose Weight

“What you think you are is a belief to be undone.” ― Helen Schucman

I doubt there are a lot of people who care nothing about how they look. People genuinely want to lose weight and they do a lot within their power. However, it is often 2 steps forward and 3 to 4 steps backwards.

And as per this report, globally, billions of dollars are spent on weight loss and related products every year. And this is no way going to come down, in fact if we believe the reports, spendings are going to increase with a significant rate. And this is alarming because over one billion people on the planet are obese and this number is growing daily. This all is going to cost us a ton. And it is only we who can control it. 

But, we're either too busy thinking about how can we achieve a great look, but forget to actually put in the work. When we do put in the work, we quit halfway, or stop completely because there are no perceivable results.

Ironically, there is always a new breakthrough in weight loss procedures being advertised by so-called professionals. Yet, the statistics remain alarming, In America alone, nearly 1 in 3 adults is obese.

However, the only way to get a fit body is to burn the extra calories in our bodies. A better way is to simply stop eating too much food that builds up excess calories in our bodies. The latter is a method of losing weight by avoiding what gives weight. This is called the Inversion Technique.

Inversion Technique

Ordinarily, when you want to lose weight, you make a list that points out all the things that can help you to achieve your goal. You brainstorm and talk to many people who have successfully achieved it.
Your list would look something like this:

- Eat more veggies
- Exercise regularly
- Drink a lot of water

However, if you are like the billions of people who make resolutions for a new year, you would soon get tired. This is totally normal. Forming new habits can be really hard. Most of the items on that list require you to change.

Also, doing these things by themselves does not guarantee weight loss. Because, as we all know, there are other habits ready to totally destroy a great day of workout.

Here is a simple example; you have planned to run in order to shed weight. You go to the ground and run. You're happy that finally, you did it. You have successfully burnt some calories.

However, you are thirsty after all that workout. So, you go to a nearby shop to buy a cold beverage. Unfortunately, that very drink is high in sugar. And, you are right back where you started.

Will you see any results? I don't think so. This becomes a pattern with you, and soon after weeks of putting in effort and not seeing any result, you give up.

So, the thing is you have to find out how can you gain weight if your aim is to lose weight. It is not only burning calories that could help out in losing weight. You should instead focus on stopping those things that add up to unhealthy calories in your body.

So, What is an Inversion Technique?

The inversion technique is an innovative way of achieving the best we can by identifying all that will make us fail in the first place and then avoiding them totally. It is revolutionary and in many ways, a more easy way to do things.

So, rather than thinking about what you can do to lose weight, instead think about all the things that add excess weight and stop doing them.

So, what are the things that make you obese?

-Sleeping more and doing no exercise;
- Consistently eating unhealthy food and taking sugary drinks;
- living a sedentary lifestyle,
- sitting in front of your laptop all day long without thought of basic stretches, etc;

The above list is not comprehensive, as there are other causes that are unique to individuals, so you would have to study yourself.

As Marion Milner said in the book A Life of One's Own “Not only did I find that trying to describe my experience enhanced the quality of it, but also this effort to describe had made me more observant of the small movements of the mind.”

Some questions to ask yourself include:

What do you eat for your breakfast?
- Is it nutritious and complies with your goal?
- Do you drink enough water?
- Do you prefer drinking black coffee or white coffee?
- Is your breakfast oily?

Armed with this knowledge, all you have to do is avoid the things that make you fat. It is really that simple. So, instead of being obsessed with simply exercising, you start out by simply changing what you eat.

Instead of sitting down all day long in front of your laptop, get an adjustable standing desk, one that will allow you to work while standing.

Instead of suddenly changing your diet to full veggies, start out by just avoiding the usual places you go for fast foods and sugary drinks.

Following this method, you would realize that over time, you have without doing any exercise or completely changing your diet, you have reduced the intake of calories to the barest minimum. And this is going to change everything.

How reliable is the Inversion Technique?

As with all techniques, the inversion technique is solely dependent on who is using it. If you follow it with discipline you will see the results you want.

However, I propose it because it is less demanding and a tad bit more practical than techniques that require you to cultivate new habits.

Execution is simple. It doesn’t require you to begin exercising or suddenly stop eating what you like. It only requires you to make a bit of adjustment; makes it a little bit harder for you to keep doing what makes you fat.

Mary Oliver said in the book Upstream that “You can fool a lot of yourself but you can't fool the soul. That worrier.” In essence, success is largely dependent on you.

So, if you ask me how reliable it is, I would tell you, it is! But you would need to be true to yourself. If you follow the process aligned in this article truthfully, you will get results. May be it take little bit longer to see results, but if you persevere you will be successful. 


One thing I want you to leave this article with is that it takes more than just exercising and cultivating new habits to become fit. Sometimes, all you need is to gradually find a way to stop doing everything that made you fat in the first place. So, start using the inversion technique for achieving all your key goals and start seeing the results you want.