Review of Survey Junkie

Review of survey junkie: Legitimate or Fake?

Survey junkie is a platform where you can earn money without even thinking that you are earning it. It is that simple online platform which pays you for your time and activities.
And the review of survey junkie from the people who’re using it can help you in knowing it better.

Review of Survey Junkie

Here are some of the stories that worth going through for anyone who just wants to get up and earn her first cash. Like;

Margarita Ramos earned $46; it was a reward she could not forget because she got it doing things she liked. She just participated in some activities, shared her honest opinions and earned points. 

This is a place where Trent Costello earned his first $30 at Survey Junkie in just two days doing things he did not even imagine could help him earn money.

Nathaniel Bosh was excited sharing that he earned $20 in just a week while waiting for a car ride, standing in a queue. Is not it the best use of someone’s idle time?

You would find many such stories about Survey Junkie that describe using Survey Junkie is a good way of using someone’s idle time. But this is not a complete story because unlike Margarita and Trent, many people are not happy with Survey Junkie and they have many reasons that justify they should be so.

You cannot get all the people praising it. But, at the same time, you can’t avoid the opinions of people who are comfortable using it, praise it and recommend even her friends and relatives.

And it is true because you cannot decide without using it.
And there are millions of people who’re using it, are active and loving it. As of today, if I just look at Google Play, I find that Survey Junkie app is installed 500000+ times, gotten 4.4 stars and praised by thousands of people.

The picture is not different if I glance at Apple App store. It is reviewed by 32000+ people and has gotten 4.5 stars.

For the people who are active at Survey Junkie, this is what they say about it: “Using Survey Junkie is like enjoying your time and making the best use of it”.

So, let us look at some of the key aspects of Survey Junkie and find out if it is an online money-making platform that worth your time and efforts.

How does Survey Junkie Work?

Until you know how Survey Junkie works, you can’t be confident in joining it. Knowing it better would be fun working with it and earning gift and rewards.
Actually, Survey Junkie works like this;

You use many products and services; you know them better;
You have gotten the pros and cons of the products and services.
You’re a good source of reliable and honest opinion.

Survey Junkie now works as a medium between you and the various brands and companies that want to know more about the products.
They want it from the people who use those products. This information straight from users helps those companies in making necessary changes to deliver better products.

Survey Junkie collects that information from you through surveys and questionnaire.

The information collected from those surveys helps the companies to work on real problems rather wasting money on useless things that may fail.
So, when you’re writing your surveys, you’re not only earning money for yourself but also you’re helping those larger companies in saving money.

Is Survey Junkie legitimate?

With a community of over 10 million loyal members, survey junkie becomes a big community of satisfied and happy people.

So many people may not be wrong in rating it 4+stars. Those stars prove the legitimacy of Survey Junkie. 

If you’re working and putting your time then it is your right to get most of it. And Survey Junkie delivers the same. However, you can find many apps that don’t satisfy the legitimacy criteria but Survey Junkie is not in that queue. If you are an active member at Survey Junkie who participates enthusiastically sharing honest opinions, your time and efforts will be honored for sure.

How much I can earn at Survey Junkie?

You’re not going to be rich at Survey Junkie. But, it is sure that you will not be wasting your time if you use Survey Junkie at times when you feel to see your Smartphone and browsing multiple sites which are ready to rob your time.

However, you can earn enough at Survey Junkie to pay your weekly restaurant bills. 

If you like to read books, you can earn enough here to buy books every week at Amazon. 

You can earn enough to pay for subscription charges of popular weekly or monthly magazines of your interest.

You can also earn enough for buying some evening snacks to enjoy with your friend and colleagues. 

If you love watching movies, Survey Junkie can help you earn enough for paying the charges. 


Here, you would not find any example of a person who got rich joining Survey Junkie because there is no such person. It is also not a replacement of your 9-5 jobIf you had heard any such thing, you either daydreamed or someone has made fun of you.

Margarita, Trent and Nathaniel had earned their real dollars. And those are true examples.

However, you can increase your payout at Survey Junkie if you participate actively in various surveys and keep updated your profile.

 How are the surveys at Survey Junkie?

Surveys at Survey Junkie are easy and you can easily complete if you have good reading and writing skills of English. On average, you can complete a survey in 15 minutes. 

Your opinions matter and you should participate because you not only help the companies in delivering better products but also you’re too benefited with those products.

So, you must log in to your Survey Junkie account regularly to complete surveys.

How can you get paid at Survey Junkie?

First, you can’t redeem whatever you earned until your earned points are less than 500. And when you have anything above 500 points you can redeem your points and;
Get paid in cash in your PayPal account
You can also choose direct bank transfer
You can also earn e-gift cards of popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Starbucks, Sephora etc.
Once you have successfully redeemed your points, then you could be confirmed by a pop-up message “Congratulation”.
If you want to check how many points you have accumulated till now, you can find it on the home page of the member’s area.
Your membership to Survey Junkie may end if you don’t log in to account for 12 months.

Who is eligible to join Survey Junkie?

If you satisfy below joining conditions you’re eligible to be a member of Survey Junkie.

You’re 13 years or older and is a citizen of United States (except California), Canada or Australia. You must be 16 years or older if you reside in California to join Survey Junkie.

Some of the user responses that could help you know more about the Survey Junkie App.

1. Ms. X earned $10 in just two days of using the app. However, it is not a big amount that could replace her 9-5 earnings but it is also not so insignificant considering the time invested. Ms. X has never encountered any such problem where she has struggled to redeem her points or felt helpless when she had any query. One thing she disliked the most about the app is sometimes she completed a 20 minutes long survey with a response “This survey is filled up or is not available anymore”. However, such instances or a few if not NIL. Ms. X is happy and recommends everybody who just wants to use her time more efficiently that could earn her a few bucks. Ms. X wants to end her response about the app with just one line; Survey Junkie app is legitimate, pays you on time, and has a constant source of money-making interesting surveys.

The name is omitted in the review. Ms. X has rated the app with 4 stars.

2. Now lets us see what this person wants to say about the Survey Junkie app. Ms. Y is not happy what Survey Junkie offers and rated it with one star. Ms. Y has a valid point. There are surveys which take over 5 minutes to complete and pay only 20 points or 20 cents. Considering the time taken to complete the surveys, it is not worth your time. This is true because not all the surveys pay well and there are even some surveys which do not pay anything because you get a response that the survey is no more available.

Here are the voices of people from Trustpilot that can help you learn more about Survey Junkie.

Some frequently asked questions about Survey Junkie;

How can I contact the customer care of Survey Junkie?

You can send an email to detailing your queries. And if you want an urgent response then you can mention “App: urgent enquiry” in the subject.

How can you impact the products through your participation in Survey Junkie?

Survey junkie is not only a platform that can help you earn rewards and gifts for your time but also it is more of it. You help companies improve their products for us. Through your feedback, they know more about their products and take the necessary steps to get them better. Survey junkie claims that over 3000 brands and products have been improved. Through Survey Junkie, you’re working on improving the products for yourself. Is not it?

You can also visit the help section of Survey Junkie and get resolved most of your queries. 

Does it cost to be a member of Survey Junkie?

Yes, it is free. If you fulfil the basic requirement of Survey Junkie membership e.g. age criteria and citizenship criteria, you can join it at any time and start earning.

What are the other available opportunities for those who’re not eligible for joining Survey Junkie?

If you’re residing outside of the U.S., Canada or Australia you can join following online platforms that offer the same benefits of earning in your leisure time. InboxDollars, Swagbucks.