What Do You Learn From This Story?

Two kids are living in a small village. Both are good in studies and want to have a great career ahead.
One is the son of a rich landlord and the other belongs to a poor weaving family. Both are good friends.
One has got all the facilities to study well while the other struggles to show up in the school every day.

The son of the landlord performs well in all his exams and everyone appreciates hard work. But, the son of the weaver is not capable of attending exams and lagging in his studies.

One day one old man visits the village and sees the son of the weaver working hard. He asks him why does he not go to school. He tells him everything happily. Then that person gives him wonderful advice.

The old man tells him that no matter how hard you work, you can't get more than 24 hours a day to work. Also, you can't work all 24 hours.

You have lots of other important things to do in a day. The most important thing is how you utilize your hours. You can study well.

You can even work and get paid. You can also do all your trivial daily jobs in that time.

But, you must plan your day. And if you miss something, you can't blame others. You're the maker of your day and your life. You can't blame your luck, your poor parents, or anything. It is your life.