best apps for cashback

12 Best Apps for Cash Back (Save More)

Apps are now available for everything. They have not only made our lives easier but also they are now helping us saving money on shopping.
They enable us to earn on every dollar we spend. They also help us in many other ways starting from saving money, earning cashback, and keeping our finances intact.

So without wasting any more time let us talk about the 12 best apps for cashback that you should not miss trying now.

1. Drop App;

There are good reasons to join Drop like along with shopping at your favorite brands you can also earn many rewards and cash for just doing things you love.

How many people use Drop? 

As of now, there are over 3 million people who have installed the app and love it. 

Is it a legitimate way to earn cash and rewards at Drop App? 

Yes, the people who have installed the app have rated it 4.7 stars (out of total reviews of 43700) at the Apple App Store. The people who have the app love the services it offers and cash rewards.

How can we get benefitted by Drop App?

We do essential common things every day starting for doing grocery shopping, eating out at your favorite restaurant to planning an exotic vacation. And for all these things, Drop App can help you in providing you services from its single platform along with earning cash and rewards.

So the next time you have to book a flight ticket you can use Drop and earn the rewards along with the booking tickets.

What are some cool things about Drop App?

  1. You got to have over 300 different brands to choose the products from.
  2. You earn points even without realizing it if you have Drop App. Your earnings are automatic.
  3. You have many other ways to increase your earnings at Drop App like playing games, writing, and sharing your feedback about the products you love, answering surveys. And also this is not the end, and the Drop App team is finding other ways to increase your earnings.
  4. You get the opportunity to earn gift cards of all the popular brands in fashion, travel, beauty, food categories.
  5. You earn points on every purchase you do irrespective of the transaction amount.

2. Paribus

You can't miss Paribus when you're talking about saving money on shopping.

So how does Paribus work?

Paribus is your friend in helping you saving money, and it works to find out the products whose prices have come down after you purchased them.

It follows an inbuilt algorithm where it compares the price change of the products you purchased in the last 30 days.

And once a price change is found which is beneficial then Paribus contacts the retailer on your behalf or sends you the instructions to initiate the claim.
Once the claim is approved the difference amount is credited in your account.

Does Paribus charge you any fee for helping you in saving money?

No, Paribus does not charge you anything for it. You get 100% of your savings.

Is Paribus legitimate?

Yes, Paribus is admired by people who use it. It means it helps people in saving money. It has gotten a 3.9-stars rating at the apple app store.

How much can I save at Paribus?
This depends on how much shopping you do. If you regularly do shopping for high-value items then the chances are you can save more.

3. Rakuten

Rakuten is one of the most popular things in shopping, earning cash backs, and rewards.

How does Rakuten work?

Rakuten shares commissions with its members when people buy from stores, Rakuten sends them.

What are some cool things about Rakuten?
There are many good things about Rakuten that could excite you and help you in making the best use of it for example:

1. You can earn a $10 bonus when you join Rakuten; It is just a welcome gift for being a customer of Rakuten.
2. You can earn cashback for any shopping you do with Rakuten because whenever you buy something after visiting the link Rakuten recommended, Rakuten earns a commission for your purchases, and Rakuten shares some of it with you.
3. There are seasonal pages where you could find exciting deals, offers, and discounts on various products that you don't get at other platforms.
4. You have got the chance of shopping at over 2500 biggest stores, getting the things you want, and earning the rewards and cashback.
5. You can earn a $25 referral bonus when any of your friends join through your referral link. So, having more good friends is truly going to be rewarding here.

Ratuken is a sea of deals, offers, discounts, cashback, and what not and you have got the chance to make use of it fully. It is free to join.

Is Rakuten legitimate?
Rakuten has been around since 1997 and it has over 12 million happy customers who have earned over $1 billion since it has been operational. You can trust on Rakuten and reap the benefits it has for you to enjoy.

4. Fluz

It is also one of the most loved cashback apps with some extra features you may not find in other cashback apps.
You would love having it and enjoying its services. Through Fluz you would be earning more when you shop on anything. Below are some of the things that you enjoy having Fluz app;

1. You earn cash back on top of the 1-2% you already receiving through your credit card when you shop.
2. You can shop and earn on your favorite stores for everyday things like foods, clothes, and entertainment.
3. You can also invite your friends and earn even more. You would also earn on purchases of your friends so Fluz is different from other cashback apps and can increase your earnings. Your earnings increase every time your friends' purchase something. Everyone earns here; Its social earning app.
4. You can join Fluz free and start earning immediately and get transfer your earnings to your PayPal account anytime you want.
5. You can also enhance your earnings through different types of earning challenges. You got so many things to do at Fluz that can help you earn even more.

Fluz is a great way of making money online even working from your home. It is an app that just helps you get paid for things you do every day but were not paid for. So, no more wait, no more second thought, just get the app now and start earning now.

The app is available for Android and iOS users.

5. Swagbucks

It would be unfair to not mention about Swagbucks when we're talking about cash back and savings on shopping. Swagbucks is one of the most popular medium to earn by answering surveys, playing video games, shopping online, etc.

Some of the cool things that make it popular and mostly used earning tool from working at home are;

1. You can get paid for shopping at your favorite retailer
2. You can write your feedback about the products and services you use and earn the points which you can redeem later for cash and gift cards
3. You can earn points for watching videos
4. You even get paid for referring it to your friends
5. You can also earn a joining bonus
6. You can earn points for playing games

Is Swagbucks legitimate?

Swagbucks has over 100 million happy customers and paid over $400 million since it has started. The people love it because it has added a new way of earning while doing nothing like a job.

You can earn $1-$2 dollars every day for 15-30 minutes of work. You can also increase your earnings if you continually participate in activities and complete them. For every activity, you earn SB points and 100 SB points equal to $1. There is a new app for each activity like SB Answer for answering surveys, Shoply for cashback on shopping.

6. GrabPoints

GrabPoints can add more income to your online activities if you use it along with the above recommendations.
At GrabPoints you earn points for watching videos, taking surveys, completing offers, downloading the apps, etc.
And once you got enough points you can redeem them for gift cards or cash in your PayPal account.

7. Earny

Earny has a wonderful slogan that defines what it does for the customers "Shop Smarter. Never miss a way to save". And the best thing about it is you can earn up to 20% cashback on your purchases which is amazing.

And Earny comes with some cool things that make it different from other cashback and saving apps like;

1. You can track the price of an item in your watch list and get notified when there is a price drop.
2. You can also get a refund if the price of the item drops after you purchase it
3. You can earn cash back for the purchases of your friends when you share a link. So, the more friends you have, the more you can earn through Earny.
3. There are over 5000 brands where you can shop for your daily requirements starting from the daily essentials to the latest techs.
4. Earny also enables you to earn for the packages which were shipped late.

With so many features that make your shopping amazing along with earning from various resources, you can't wait for using Earny anymore. This is the reason, the CBS News has praised Earny with this slogan" A shopping app that makes every day Black Friday".

So what would you prefer?

Join the Earny now and start saving or wait for another comment from your friends who always poke you.

8. Panda Cash Back

You can't miss using Panda Cash Back if you shop often and want to save money on your purchases.

How does it work?

You create a free account at Panda Cash Back,
You shop at the partner retailers, pick up the product, or the retailer ship the product to your home
The store pays the commission to the Panda Cashback and in return, Panda Cashback shares the commission with you. It is that simple.
The more you shop through the Panda Cash Back, the more you can earn.

What are some cool things at Panda Cash Back?

You can get the information about coupons and deals that can even save you more

You also got the chance to earn double cash back every week on some of the special retailers
You got a big list of categories starting from accessories & jewelry to tours and travels to get your things at Panda Cash Back
Panda Cash Back is free to join, and you can also earn $5 joining bonus
Panda Cash Back has lots of things to make you happy, and you just need to give it a chance. Your shopping experience will change for good once you get panda cashback.

9. PointsPrizes

PointsPrizes is another popular cashback app that can increase your monthly earnings.
At PointsPrizes, you earn points for doing online activities like;
Answering paid surveys
Discount, deals, and free offers
Sharing the link of the app to your friends and when your friends join it you get paid. You can know how much you can earn through referrals through a calculator on the website
You earn points for watching videos
You have chances to increase your earning by daily bonuses and giveaways if you don't find enough surveys to earn

That is way more than enough to get used to doing things you love doing along with earning for your time and money spent.

10. BeFrugal

BeFrugal has been a well-known name in cashback for over 11 years. Along with being free to join, BeFrugal promises with you to earn the highest ever cashback on all your purchases.

Some of the cool things about BeFrugal are;

1. BeFrugal has over 5000 retail stores you can choose for shopping

2. It promotes coupons and deals of over 50000 stores, and it is rare if any of the coupons does not work for you (lucrative coupons and deals on different products are posted on the site daily)

3. You are welcomed by a $10 joining bonus

4. You get several tools and resources that could make you financially strong and help you in saving more money in the long run

5. You earn $10 on every qualified referral (so the more of your friends join it through your referral link and start using it, the more you can earn)

6. BeFrugal has helped its members save over $130 million ( and this number is increasing every passing minute)

7. BeFrugal has a robust team of customer support and your queries are resolved on priority

How to earn cashback at BeFrugal?

Once you have accumulated enough cashback you can redeem for cash in your PayPal or Venmo account; Request for check or direct deposit to your account or eGift cards

11. Ibotta

5.Ibotta helps you earn cashback and rewards on every online or in-store purchase. It has been around us for more than seven years and has paid over $600 million to its members.

Some of the cool things of Ibotta;

1. More than 35 million people have this shopping app making it one of the most popular shopping and cashback app

2. It has partnered with over 1500 top brands of the world

3. You earn the cashback instantly if you use the Ibotta app to pay for the purchases

4. Whether you're using your computer or your mobile phone for shopping you can earn cashback on any of your purchases

5. If you're moving around and want to shop you can turn on the nearby store alert function on the app and get notified

So why do wait to join the app? Get it now and start earning every time you spend.

12. InboxDollar

InboxDollar has been around us since 2000 and paid a total of $59 million in rewards and cashback to its customers.

Some of the cool things about the InboxDollar:

1. At InboxDollar you can get paid for multiple common activities like playing videos games, answering/writing surveys, sharing the feedback about products, cashback for shopping online, reading emails, and even for watching TV

2. You also earn a $5 welcome bonus when you join InboxDollar

3. It is recognized by Inc 5000 for its outstanding growth

4. It has been featured in popular and reliable online platforms like Forbes, Mashable, Bustle, etc

5. It is A+rated and accredited at Better Business Bureau so you can trust on it
InboxDollar through its multiple money-generating activities can help you earn money online from your home by participating in simple and common daily activities