best ways for teenagers to make money

50 Best Ways for Teenagers to Make Money Online Now

If you're a teenager who just does not like to depend on your parents for your everyday expenses then you have come to the right place.
There are several reasons you must start earning like;

You can experience financial freedom;
You would learn the importance of money in your life
You would learn new skills or enhance the existing one
You would give more time to compounding on your investments
You can be a role model for others
And there always comes a basic question and that is;

Can I start earning money without investing any money? 

And the answer is; if you have some money then it is good, but if you don't have any money then don't worry because there are still some things that could be started without any money.

Here we would disclose 50 best ways for teenagers to make money online without even investing anything. You also don't need to acquire any special knowledge to earn money online and all these ways are legally safe.

So, if you're creative, have basic computer skills, and can communicate well then you can easily work on these jobs and earn money in your leisure time. Also, these activities can be done from home and so you don't need to report anyone for earning money.

So let us start with;

1. Swagbucks;

Swagbucks is a great place to start earning for a teenager. So, if you are of 13 years or older you're eligible to join Swagbucks and start earning by answering surveys, watching videos, playing games, searching on the web, etc. You can earn $1-$2 per day doing the easy stuff online. Swagbucks is one of the most popular, legitimate and easy ways of making and saving money.

2. Start a window cleaning business;

You have gotten several opportunities around you if you search from them. Why do you not start offering your window cleaning services to your neighbors? You may not know how rewarding and fun this job would be until you ask your neighbors.

3. Start your own class;

You always know something that many don't know.
And if you think you have nothing to teach then don't worry because you can learn something worth teaching to someone. And as someone said it" if you want to learn something then you must start teaching it". You would have a skill now that is always with you.

4. Start washing the car;

As a kid, it is fun doing and you also don't need to search for this job because you can already get it in your neighborhood.

5. You can join Toluna and get paid for your time;

Like Swagbucks, Toluna is yet another teen-friendly survey website. And you can join if you're 13+years old.

6. You can walk dogs of your neighbors;

People are busy in their jobs and they don't get time for this. You can help them and earn in your time.

7. Get a scholarship;

It is a truly great way to show your caliber and prove that you have something that not everyone has. If you get a scholarship you not only earn money but also you prove you're intelligent.

8. Use InboxDollar;

If you're 18 years or more and living in the United States then you're eligible to join InboxDollar. InboxDollar is a survey website that pays for participating in small yet entertaining activities like answering surveys, watching videos, shopping online, etc. You also get a $5 joining bonus at InboxDollar.

9. Earny can help you too;

Earny is a shopping app that helps you earn cashback on your purchases. And the money saved is money earned. You would love it if you use it.

10. Survey junkie is another great option to save money;

Survey websites have been quite popular nowadays because it is easy to become a member and earn money while doing fun things. Survey junkie is one such website where anyone who is 13 years or older can become a member and start earning immediately.

11. Start your youtube channel;

You can get many teens who're earning serious money through their YouTube videos. It does not cost you a lot of money starting your channel and once you have a YouTube channel you have a platform to share your things you love doing. If you do it right, you can make money you did not think of.

12. Start blogging;

We have always something to share, something to tell to the people around. And blogging is one such medium where you connect to people globally. It is also a great way to earn money and living your dream life. Today, you can start your blog in no time. And you have got all the good resources starting from registering your domain for a few bucks, to hosting and SEO at a very affordable price.

13. Start photography;

You have got this hobby then you don't need to worry about money anymore because you can earn money through photography. You can sell your prints at Etsy. You can sell photographs at iStock, BigStock, Shutterstock, etc. There are a ton of opportunities for photographers and you could easily find one that suits you the most.

14. You can get paid for watching videos and playing games;

Now you can get paid for even watching videos and playing games online. Like survey websites, you can get paid for doing this you like and have fun doing. iRazoo is one such popular website that pays you for watching videos.

15. You can earn as a graphic designer and make a portfolio for larger future assignments;

Graphic designers are in great demand. They are required for multiple purposes like; designing the logo, blog images, infographics, social media arts, etc. Today, there are also websites where you can make beautiful graphics without having a working knowledge of any tools. You can use Canva, Snappa for designing many types of graphics.

16. You can learn to code and work as a web developer;

Bill Gates learned the coding when he was less than 13 years of age. And You can too do the same. Well, you can even learn faster now because there are multiple wonderful platforms available that could help you out like Codecademy, etc. There are also apps that can help you learn to code like SoloLearn. Once you have it, you would never wait for a job you want to work.

17. You can help others making websites or solving those WordPress issues;

There are over 1 billion websites and 35% or more use WordPress. So learning WordPress is a wise decision. And once you have acquired enough skills you need to start offering your services. You can get assignments at, Upwork, and other freelancing websites.

18. Try 20cogs;

20cogs has paid over 2.4 million euros to its happy members. It is a great way to start earning money online in your spare time. If you never heard about it, you missed the opportunity. You also earn a 5 euro joining bonus.

19. You can become a cashier at your local restaurant;

If you need a job immediately then the best thing to do is just talk to your nearby places if they require someone to help them out. If you search for it you would get it for sure. You would have many restaurants nearby.

20. You can work as a data entry person;

A data entry job does not require any formal education or skills of a high standard. If you can manage a large amount of data and have good knowledge of MS office you are qualified for this job. However, the pay will not be attractive but it is better to get paid for doing something than sitting idle.

21. You can get a typing job;

If you have got a good typing speed (if not then you can always increase your typing speed at Typing Club for free) then you can easily earn $5-$6 or more for typing 2000 words. This is one of the easiest jobs if you have a good typing speed.

22. You can get paid for writing;

Writing is a wonderful profession. If you can write well then you can earn really well. There are many places where you can earn as a writer; Fiverr, Upwork, Warrior Forum, etc. You can always improve your writing skills through courses and online writing competitions. If your work is published on some popular online platforms then you're really going to be one of the busiest and highest paid writers.

23. You can earn for logo design;

Every website needs a logo. The logo has been a trademark for a website. You can make a logo in no time if you know some basic skills of Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. You can also make a logo through Canva or Snappa where you can use online templates and get the work done without any expertise. You can get logo designing jobs at Fiverr, Upwork,, etc. You can get paid if you have a skill which is in demand.

24. You can earn for voice-over;

Today you can even get paid for reading something. You can get voice-over jobs at Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, or at

25. An SEO expert is needed for every website, you can be one;

The job of an SEO expert is very important because it can make or break a website. An SEO expert works to increase search traffic of a website by doing audits, resolving issues, and earning links for the website. A website without visitors is nothing and if a website has good traffic then we can say it is commercially successful.
You can learn SEO fundamentals at Google Digital Garage. You can also learn it from veterans; Brian Dean, Neil Patel.

26. Offices now need a virtual assistant;

You can work as a virtual assistant which does not require you to have any special skill. If you have good communication skills and can work on computers you are eligible for this job. A virtual assistant is required for doing some easy and everyday job like handling emails, organizing meetings, attending calls, and working as a personal assistant.

27. Storyboard creators are in demand now, can you do this?

This is easy to do and you can get assignments for your skill easily if you have got that skill which can impress others. You can also use websites that have free storyboard creators that could ease your job.

28. Car washing;

You don't need any skill for this and it is also one of the easiest jobs for you to find. However, this is not a work at home or a job you can do online but it can pay you better for your time and efforts.

29. Have tried Costco?

If you're 18 or more you eligible for a job at Costco with minimum pay of $8/hour. If you fulfill the requirement and Costco has any open position then you should not wait anymore. Costco is a well-known employer that offers other attractive perks and benefits.

30. Read these books, you would be smarter in earning and keeping the money;

Reading is a very good and recommend thing for anybody whether you're a teenager or an old man who has been retired. If you read you can learn anything about finance, relationship, savings, investing, and even earning more money. You can read these books that could help you a lot in learning things and you would never be the same person you were before reading them.

31. Trader Joe's pays well;

Trader Joe's is a chain of grocery stores in the United States which is going to help it out in earning money. They have even a special career program only for teenagers which is popular as "My First Job". You could easily make $8-$12/hour at Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's has over 500 stores spread across the United States, which makes finding your next job quite easy. Is not it?

32. A book store could be a great place for earning money as well as knowledge;

If you love reading then working in a book store is something you will be searching for. Here you not only make money but also become more knowledgeable on every passing day.

33. Have you tried as a gas station clerk?

You can also consider working part-time as a gas station clerk. If you want to work you get the work.

34. Call centers also hire teens, you could try there;

Now there are more opportunities in call centers than ever before. And also the number of call centers is increasing day by day so the number of jobs for teenagers. You can try here.

35. Daycare, Try it if you love having fun with Kids;

You don't love kids. Don't worry you don't need to change your things. But, hey you can get paid for playing with kids for a while. And no doubt you would love doing it after some time.

36. You can operate a lawn mower and get the job next door if not at your home;

This is one of the easiest jobs and also in very much demand. Everybody has gardens and they need a lawnmower to get their gardens in shape and looking good. Just ask your parents if you could help them out. You can also get a job next door.

37. Have you tried Boom Gift?

It is also one of the easiest ways to earn gift cards for doing the things you love. It is a safe and legitimate money-making app that can help you earning money even working from your home.

38. You can sell your graphics at CafePress;

Today, you can learn anything. I repeat anything. And making graphics is also an activity you would love doing. And once you love doing something it is no more a thing that can bore you. It is also an activity where you can earn some big buck if you're creative and produce something people love having.

39. Pest Control services are easy to do with the minimum setup but high earnings;

Who does not need a pest control service? You can offer your services and get paid enough for your time and investments. The more the customer you serve, the more you can earn.

40. You can sell your greeting cards;

Those who have skills that are in demand will never worry for money. You can design greeting cards and sell them to your school friends, neighbors, or any local stationery shop.

41. You can teach at Cambly if you're proficient in English;

There are over 2 billion people who speak English. It is also 2nd most spoken native language in the World. It is also a very popular language in all the developing countries where everyone wants to learn it. And if you're native English you can easily teach English at Cambly. Cambly is an online platform that helps people learn English.

42. Did you ever try Qmee?

Qmee is a platform where you earn cash, not points or swags. You get paid for shopping, sharing your opinions, searching for things, etc. It is free to join and you can work through your mobile or laptop/desktop.

43. Have you tried selling stuff online?

Selling stuff online is a really cool thing. You might have heard someone talking about the kid who sold things for 10x profit which she bought from China. Not all these stories are fake or scam. You can buy things cheap from local marketplaces in off seasons and sell them online in seasons when they are in demand. You can sell your stuff on your website. And if you don't have your website you can still sell them through Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.

44. Shoveling snow is fun doing;

You can always have new opportunities in a different season. And in winter, you can try offering your shoveling services. It is a job you can do without any skill and can easily found in your neighborhood.

45. Join PrizeRebel;

PrizeRebel is another way to add more earnings to your monthly income. You can sign up in just 10 seconds and start earning money online working from your home answering online surveys. Your points can be redeemed for gift cards of Amazon, iTunes, Roblox, PlayStation, etc. You can also get paid in cash in your PayPal account.

46. You can repair small engines and bikes;

This is a lot of fun doing such creative jobs if you have the interest to learn and get the things done.

47. Look around your house and neighborhood and figure out anything you could offer as service;

You have always more resources and things to do than you ever think. And if you visit around your place you would find many things where you can help others and get paid for your time and activities.

48. Sell study sheets in school;

Are you good at making notes? If it is yes then you can earn from your skill. Lots of lazy candidates are there who don't make notes and rely on smart people like you who just love doing it. This skill is also very rewarding for you because if you make notes for you then you are many steps ahead from your classmates and earn good grades. So tomorrow go to your school with a mission to study well, earning good grades, impressing your classmates, and helping yourself in earning money from your skill.

49. Start dropshipping online;

The Dropshipping model is a new type of selling where you don't own the product until you sell it. It is a business with high growth potential with minimum investments. You can have a store at Shopify and sell the products even having them physically.

50. You can get a job at a food truck;

You can help the small business owner and get paid for your services which you can easily offer without any special talent or skills. Food trucks are mobile restaurants and there you could work as an accountant, waiter, or anything where you could fit well as per your experience.