how to live peacefully

How to Live Peacefully: 5 Successfully Tried Tips

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” ― John Bunyan.

How to live peacefully? This is a question each of us often asks. But, do we try to really find it? Actully, the answer is always with us and we all know it from the beginning.

The modern world is a result of the sacrifices of great minds. People have toiled hard to make our lives easier without a doubt. The earth rotates today on the many goodwills of the many before us. 

The mobile device or PC from which you are reading this article was invented from the works of many people, many of whom gave their all for innovation. According to Scott Bolinger, innovation requires sacrifice.

The multitude of apps installed on your phone, which have cut off stress, was created by people. You can book a flight, do video conferencing, run mobile payments, and book a taxi through these apps. These are all luxuries you benefit from today. 

Therefore, we must ask ourselves: “What would I love to leave behind me when I am gone?”

And, in answering this question, you might think you don't have anything anybody would want. And my reply to you is that you look around you!

how to live peacefully

1. We All Have What To Give

Elizabeth Gilber, in her book, goes in-depth into the power of being generous. The truth is a great deal of peace and happiness can be found in living for the good of others. And the fantastic thing about being generous is we all have what to give.

Look at your cupboard, and assess the number of clothes you no longer wear. You might have several pairs of shoes rotting away in your rack. And when you audit your material possession in full, you will be shocked at the number of things you no longer need.

These are things you can give out. They may have no value to you, but someone out there is dying for just what you do not need.

The only obstacle to you not giving is if you allow thoughts like:

Will they accept it?

Will they find it helpful?

What would my neighbor say?

But trust me; these are just minor distractions- completely useless. So, give them away, make people happy and reap the rewards of your generosity by being happy. Try it now. 

2. Helping People Helps Us: Another Easy Way to Live Happily and Peacefully

During my days at the University, I consistently encountered other students who needed a way to feed themselves and cater to basic academic necessities. I wasn’t a rich kid, but atleast I had a degree of help from family and friends.

I have had to share my meals and my textbooks several times and even sacrifice the comfort of my bed for these students. Ironically, these were some of the best days of my life. My mind was consistently filled with peace and love and I felt happiness all the time when I made someone happy by helping them.

Research has proven that helping others feels good and is a significant key to having great happiness. A feeling of fulfillment only comes from seeing someone smile from the good we do for them.

Today, there are several fundraising websites you can access to help millions of people around the world. One such platform is ketto. 

A quick review of some of these types of websites will surprise you with the number of people in dire need of your generosity. 

I love to give out money who need it whenever I am troubled in my mind or body. And after donating, I feel happy. No matter how big or small contributions I make (most of them are usually less than $10). Most of my donations are done anonymously. Try it.

3. Family Is Key 

Another way I keep myself happy and engaged is by playing with my daughter. I love playing with her. She always tries to defeat me when we play games. This is a beautiful experience. I never realized it earlier, but now I do it often. 

And if I don't have more time for playing with her. I talk to her and ask her about her school, teachers, friends, and what is going on in her school. She likes to share it all with me.

This book by Benjamin Alire Saenz shares a profound message on the importance of family and the irreplaceable role they play in our lives.

4. The Power Of Great Memories

When I feel depressed or feel very low, I lose myself in the great memories I have had in my life. My go-to memories are:

● Times I spent growing up.

● My early days as a student and how I secured good grades in my exams.

● My school friends and, 

● Time spent with family.

If you have never tried this before, you should do it right now. Beautiful memories can surely boost your confidence. And the day you feel blue, you will find yourself laughing out loud as you remember great times.

It is scientifically proven that great memories significantly help boost moods, fight depression, reduce anxiety, and make us more confident.

So, why don’t you take advantage of your beautiful memories to increase your confidence, boost your mood and relieve your stress with no investment? I dare say it is the cheapest form of therapy! Don't forget to try it when you need a sudden boost. 

5. Conquer Your Fears

Most people live with fear all their lives: the fear of getting fired, of not getting things they deserve, and a host of other things.

Unfortunately, instead of fighting our fear and self-doubts, we often surrender ourselves to them, condemned to a circle of sadness and bad mood!

Worse still, we are surrounded by events and occurrences to feed our fears. You turn on the TV, and you are greeted with bad news. It is therefore not surprising that over 275 million people globally suffer from anxiety".

However, with all this fuss about anxiety, you would be surprised to realize that most of what people are anxious about is a complete waste of time. If there is a problem, solve it. If you cannot, then leave it. Anxiety is a waste of emotion.

And as it is wisely said:

"If you face a problem which has a solution, then why do you worry about it, and if the problem is not solvable, then worrying about it is not going to do anything good for you."- Dalai Lama XIV

Now it is your choice to stay with a non-solvable problem and be worried or move ahead and be happy.

Jodi Picoult explains it better in the book: "Sing You Home: A Novel" that anxiety is doing a lot of activity with zero profit. Anxiety is a waste of creativity and ability. 


If you desire peace, live for others and tap into the joy of helping others. Also, remember you don’t have to fight your battles alone; your family is always there for you. Cherish great memories and use them when you feel overwhelmed. Finally, conquer your fears and self-doubt. And live life to the fullest because this is the only goal of this precious life. 

Which one you will try first? Leave your thoughts.